A Little Reminder For All Of Us

Rav sat down and started chatting with Merlin as the morning sustenance was being placed on the tabletop. Soon, all talking ceased. Each turned to the plate in front of him or her and focused his or her attention upon enjoying the breakfast foods and drink. Each said a short prayer given them by Rav long ago, “May this food nourish the bodily and mental needs of this creature, aiding it in its progress towards final awakening. May I always remember those not having enough to eat, who are oppressed, and are damaged so not to forsake them, but to help them. For whom am I, if not them? So Mote It Be.”

Gabriel Baal’Eyt

EsoBites: Prime Rule

The prime rule of enlightenment is quite straightforward.

To attain to enlightenment the Ego needs to know what it wants, how to get what it wants. and have the resolve  to get what it wants. Of course. Unwholesome Wants  are your problem.

NOTE.  Just finished a new book called The World Tree Upanishad.  It is most entertaining and enlightening.  Institutes needs $2000 to publish and market–if any one is interested.

Ciao, Michael

Flash: Divine News Update

Being that the Earth solar system was the most pitiful place in the Universe, the Arch-Universal Overload sent his least useful subjects as inhabitants, hoping they would never return.

Contrary to all previous simulations of life upon cesspool Earth, the immigrants actually worsened the condition of the solar system by raising one egoistic monarch upon another.

After many aeons, the Supreme Monarch, Klipa Majora, succeeded in raising an army so to invade the home of the Arch-Universal Overlord.  As all the other solar systems were peaceful, the invasion was quite a success and Chaos and Egoism became the law of the lands.

Outside of this Creation, Creator turned to Sun Absolute saying, “I told you, your idea sucked.  I do hope you listen in the future.  And no more of these fictitious Ur-antia books–after all Earth is not Ur-anus

Gabriel quoting Biblio Kevou


Hello, friends.  Been busy with many projects.  Just finished a new book called The World Tree Upanishad.  It is superb, if I say so myself.

A poem from the ‘Way of the Gallant Heart’ School.  I might consider showing  those qualified how to attain to real enlightenment–but we need some large benefactors.


Oh, lucky god, am I. I have your love, sweet wife. My bubbling spring of liquid gemstone, without flaw nor taint, purest wonderment, reflecting Mother Mary’s Holy Light.

You are my angel placed upon this earth. A tender hearth to warm your family’s hearts, withholding not God’s love and light to those in need. Oh, sweet wife, I adore thee more than even I, myself.

Come to me, sweet love, clothed in naught, but nakedness natural. Nipples firm from innate desire for union, seeking your husband’s ripe lips and fondling hands. Descend onto my hardness, goddess of desire, so I may enter into you, both sharing our completeness in this Moment Holy.

Minutes pasting slowly, sweet and dreamy delight, prolonging and layering your pleasures sublime, my tapestry creation for the Divine. At last, outside time and space, immersed solely within The Infinite Bliss of conscious life, crying out to God, you beg, “fill me full, my husband eternal, fill me with the burning nectar of your love, give me child to nurse and love. Oh, divine husband of mine, come my love, come with me in Synodia Divine. Fill my hollow with seed overflowing, come dear Son of God with your chosen Daughter of Earth, fill me with your love, so we can join Morpheus together, bathed in Lady Moon’s magic night.

A Rational Understanding of the Organic-Natural Product Movement

A Rational Understanding of the Organic-Natural Product Movement

I have not published much on the subjects of rational nutrition, health, and science since I retired from my nine years hosting Mind, Brain, and Body with the Good Doctor on voiceamerica.com.  As the Institute’s web site has a Health Heading so I thought I would start.

Those familiar with my writings and radio show understand that I am a medical scientist and a sceptic naturally. Being such, requires that I operate with an open-mind, impartial observation, sound hypotheses testing, and a desire to know the truth associated with the project I am studying.

To accomplish such requires several factors: [1] a good understanding of anatomy and physiology (macro- and micro-), [2] a good understanding of biochemistry, and [3] a good understanding of external and internal perturbations to physiological systems.

The first two factors are self-explanatory and can be learned by proper study of authoritative texts, university course work and laboratories, explanatory videos by experts in the respective fields, and avoiding ‘crusaders of Mammon,’ con artists, and spin masters (media harlots and deceivers).

The third factor is not easily learned by lay persons for it involves extended, detailed study and experimentation in many areas where it is necessary to thoroughly understand how the various subsystems interact within a great whole (particularly engineering and physiology). The systems, we are most interested being: [1] the human body with its organs and tissues, [2] the human mind, as it is elicited by, and secondarily affects, its parent, the central nervous system, and [3] our human spiritual system (poorly understood today).

The area addressed today concerns the rational use of plant extracts as adjuvants to sound nutrition and preventive and curative medicine. We defer the human mind and spirituality to a later day.

First, we need to come to an understanding as to what it means to be able to call oneself, a rational creature. A rational creature is one exercising sound reasoning skill (deductive and inductive), sound judgment (impartial), and an open mind and desire for the best available answer.

For instance, Dr. Oz introduces a new herb on his TV show. He brings on the promoter of a said product, a physician for hire, or one or two individuals who claim the product is responsible for a large loss of adipose tissue. More than likely, the sponsor of the new nutraceutical is paying the producers of Dr. Oz’s show for the opportunity.

The first question, given a typical Dr. Oz show, would a rational creature accept the evidence given as the long-term effectiveness of the product? Would a rational creature trust Dr. Oz and the other presenters? Would you spend money to try out the product?

If you answer in the affirmative, you are not a rational creature. Rather, you are ignorant and allow yourself to be manipulated by industry and government. You will surely remain a zombie for the short time you have left to live dead.

If you answer in the negative, you may be a rational creature or you may be clever. If you failure to purchase is because you understand the dynamics of such advertizing ploys, you are worldly wise and clever. You are well on your way waking up from your state of living death.

A rational creature understands worldly wisdom, but is also interested in determining whether scientific evidence exists to support the product.

[1] He or she will search for scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals and not manufacturers’ literature. He or she will read and understand the limitations of the study and whether such is a valid study. How long was the study? What dose was used? Demographics of the cohort studied? Sources of the herb or extract?

[2] He or she must understand the biochemical pathways attacked by the herb or extract. What enzymes are involved? Will the drug induce enzyme production so to overcome the effects of the test product? (NB: this is a major problem with many health store products. I have seen this many times with many products.)

[3] Is the herb safe? Where is it manufactured? Has it been independently tested to assure that it is present and is not doped with other products? (NB: over half of products sold as supplements and herb medicines are mislabeled based on FDA and other independent studies.)

[4] If you know an honest and knowledgeable expert, ask him or her. Just because one is a physician or chiropractic does not mean, they are wise or knowledgeable. They are no less gullible than the lay population.

Enough for now. I recommend rationality and worldly wisdom over the alternative. Hope you change for the better.

Ciao, Michael

Love Poems of the Good Doctor 5


How the world came to be,
is not a question meant for me?

If you must, ask a light-bearing angel,
or perhaps, a demon lurking by a well.

I heard philosophers are a heady lot,
and drunkards babble about what is not.

The priest offers bread as His flesh,
mixed with wine His blood fresh.

Hedonists, ascetics, scholars, and the rest,
tout views at odds, one to the other’s best.

All I try each day is to love you God,
even though most find this quite odd.

I work to love my neighbor as myself,
even though admitting, I can find no self.

So even, if I knew the Absolute,
to you, I would remain perfectly mute.

For what benefit is such knowledge complete,
if you not help those having nothing to eat?

Love Poems of the Good Doctor 4


21 October 2009

At first, my observations upon romance’s energies,
seemed strange, impossible, an illusion,
perhaps, grandiose and egocentric;
but, now I know,
Aphrodite taught me true.

For wherever Love burns true,
its flame out shines Aten’s solar disk,
sweeter than bee’s honey,
most holy of God’s light, shining pure,
resonating within susceptible hearts standing near.

Romance is as Gemini’s twins,
opposing faces of the Cosmic Cube,
bitter or sweet, red or gold, animal or divine,
easily mistaken, often confused,
One path to Purgatory, the other to God.

The more primitive of the two,
is instinctual, an evolutionary urge,
raging, savaging, wildfires of lust,
rapidly consuming all that lives within,
dying, a living, green forest no more.

The lower romance sets its trap for the young,
whose hearts know not the true ways of Love,
this evolutionary creature promises much,
gorging itself upon innocence and trust,
fracturing the heart, hiding God’s Love.

The Higher Romance begins,
when your darling Beloved to be,
having paid the price of innocence lost and regained,
seeking to find God’s Love once more,
in the kind touch and soft kiss of a woman.

First, he engages by arousing
wee touches of much needed, human lust,
for he knows the power of the lower,
activating mothering instincts,
he opens all of heart’s doors.

Being wise from experience,
intentions noble and pure,
he plants a small seed of trust
into the deepest part of your soul,
hoping that it will take root in virgin soil.

Allowing this seed to grow at its own pace,
feeding with words of substance and truth,
watering with kindness and caring,
tending his seed with tenderness and patience,
he awaits for Love’s first green shoot.

With Love’s first green shoot,
her Lover-To-Be knows
he chose well his garden soil,
for her soil is rich and alive,
her root ball strong and wide.

His Darling is blessed with a wise farmer,
knowing full well that Higher Romance
is God’s food for the human soul,
he gently feeds her growing love
with all that it needs.

He is a patient Lover-To-Be,
tending carefully to his someday
Lover’s growing needs,
listening to questions and assuaging fears,
he is in no rush to make her his’.

Her Lover grows closer each day,
feeling safe and adored,
respected for all of her unique charms,
her Lover comes to be most dear
she sees that someday she will be his.

The first, shy, quick kiss on the cheek,
joyful holding of her delicate hand in his,
seeing growing Love radiant and pure in her eyes,
he waits wisely for the moment of magic
when she gives herself, in toto, to him.

Such a moment this is,
when your Lover gives to you,
freely, joyfully and with God’s Love,
her temple body, holy and pure,
her sacred place, to inhabit as yours, alone.

Romance burns as a flame, radiant and warm,
a holy human love betwixt two souls,
warmth and light radiating from God’s hearth,
fulfilling God’s simple plan
of unconditional love, between woman and man.

Darling Angel, will you be mine,
lover and friend, wife and partner, in times easy and hard,
to make a happy home, with laughing babies
and tender moments of real joy and warmth,
this is my wish, my Love, grant it I beg.