The Akashic Journal of Lord Yeshua

Chapter 5: Tiberias’ Hot Mineral Springs

The group arrived in the village of Emmaus which was famous for its seventeen natural mineral hot springs useful for curing of skin and other ailments. It was the month of Elul (September) and the hillsides surrounding the shores of the Sea of Chinnereth (Galilee) were covered with green grass and yellow daisies.

Thomas and Matthew found rooms for the group and I went to the village center to speak with the residents. I carried Ariel and her crutch to the town well and sat her down. After the others arrived, I entertained questions from my disciples so to draw the locals into the discussions.

At last an old Rabbi arrived with his wife and listened to the discussion. At a break, the old man asked, “Rav, how did Adam sin when Eve gave him an apple to bite from the forbidden tree?”

I answered, “Rabbi, the sin was not to have taken a bite of the apple. Adam could have eaten three, five, or seven apples and still have not sinned before God. His sin was that his pride caused him to arrogate the knowledge which came with the apple rather than seeing that it was of the Father. Every fall from grace, Rabbi, is the resultant of self-conceit, greed, and power. Do you agree, Rabbi?”

The old Rabbi replied, “Yes, my son. I agree though I have never heard such a cogent explanation. What is your name and where are you from?”

I answered, “I was originally born in this land, but lived many years in the lands of the Indus River Valley. I have returned so to show our people how to return to our Father and our Mother. My name is Yeshua. The pretty female is my beloved wife, Ariel, and the men new to your eyes are my brothers in God.”

The old Rabbi was a truly righteous man and saw Ariel in both her heavenly and earthly forms. Even without knowing, the Rabbi saw that I was not a normal man. He turned to me saying, “Truly, you understand that there is but one commandment?”

I replied, “Yes, Rabbi. The commandment says that we shall love our God with all of our heart, all of our mind, and all of our intention, but more importantly, we shall love our neighbor no less than ourselves, and even more if possible.”

The Rabbi took his sleeve to wipe his eyes for they were full of tears. When he was finished wiping, he said, “I see that the old prophecy is true that one day an old Rabbi will meet the Son of God, a simple Rav, who will answer questions, unlike the others.

“I would very much like for you and your friends to come to dinner at my house after sunset. We never had any children or grandchildren and having young people will do us both good. I will hurry home. Come, my sweetie. If you would return to the town center, I will come and fetch you.”

I agreed and the old Rabbi hurried off. I suggested they have a day of rest and sample the baths. I was sure that they would relieve Ariel’s near-constant pain.

We went to one of the less popular springs, removed our clothes, and entered into the hot water. As Ariel was very shy about her body, everyone closed their eyes as she undressed and entered the mineral waters. She closed her eyes when they entered the water too.

Simeon the youngest of the group asked, “Rav, are you the Son of God?”

Smiling, I answered, “Simeon, do not the Scriptures proclaim that all of us are the Sons or Daughters of God?”

Simeon replied, “Yes, such is true, but I think you are being indirect with me? I would like a simple yes or no.”

I answered, “Yes, I am the Son of God and Ariel is a Daughter of God. And one day, she will bear ‘little godlets’ for her and me.”

Simeon did not know what to think, other than his Rav was too clever for him.

We enjoyed the bath and were able to drink some local fruit juices while bathing.

Simeon went to Thomas and asked, “Thomas, why won’t Rav answer my question?”

Thomas replied, “Simeon, he did answer your question, but you feel that you still do not know for sure. It is better not to know for sure for all of us. If we knew that Rav was the Son of God, all of us would be afraid to be his friend and in fear of making him irate. So it is best to call him ‘Son of Man.’

Simeon replied, “Still, I know he is the Son of God. One day, he will tell us, Thomas. My only wish is that it is on a good day and not an evil one. Thanks for putting up with my questions, Thomas. You are a great older brother.”

After a while, I turned to Ariel and asked, “Darling, do you want to feel me inside of you again?”

Ariel answered, “Yes, Yeshua. I look forward to many such a grand days, then we shall truly be two bodies in one flesh.”

I replied, “Are you ready to carry and care for a child, Honey?”

Ariel responded, “Oh, I wish for our child so very much. For all my years of being tortured and degraded may be, but a just prepayment to deliver a beautiful and godly child from my womb. Moreover, it will show that Mother’s life was important for God’s Plan.”

“Ariel, you really love your mother, don’t you,” I stated?

“Oh, yes, honey. If you would have lived with us, you would love her also. I think she would have liked for you to be my brother. We could have all traveled together, studied together, and played games together. If you would have been my brother, all three of us would have made love and her fear of men would have gone away.

“And if you were my brother, we would keep your penis very clean and healthy. We would suck it and we wouldn’t have needed Mother’s dildos. Oh, Husband, I love this thought for then Mother would still be alive and living with us. You could have made the sweetest love to her as I watched and given her seed so she and I could have babies together. She was only thirty when she died. I loved to see Mother happy, Honey,” she nonchalantly said.

I admit that I was taken by surprise by such talk, and thought, “Never assume any act of true love is inappropriate nor immoral.”

I took Ariel’s hand and we walked to a more secluded part of the mineral spring. The water was just under two and one-half Hebrew long cubits in depth. After we arrived at a proper place, I took Ariel into my arms telling her, “I am going to place you underwater so close your eyes and hold your breath. I will bring you up for a breath when it is necessary, I will dunk you three times.”

Ariel replied with complete faith and trust in me, “I trust you, my sweet Husband. Your will is my will. So dunk me as you desire. I am yours to do as you please,”

I said, “You will feel much discomfort during this procedure. Do you still trust me?”

Ariel replied, “Honey, I gave myself in my entirety to you for it is the price of my love for you. I can tolerate pain, darling. Dunk me now.”

Ariel took a big breath and I forced her underwater. Her body moved in my arms and when I returned her to breathe, she said, “I love you, Husband. I love you.”

She took another breath and I forced her underwater. Her body shook more violently in my arms and when I lifted her out of the water to breathe, she said, “My life belongs to you, my husband. It would be better to drown in your arms than live without you on Earth or in Heaven.”

Ariel took one last breath and I forced her underwater. This time I held her under until the violent movements ceased. Ariel felt she was going to drown and let go of everything except her love for the man who was willing to marry and love a cripple just because she wished. She passed out and I returned her to the surface so to breath.

I carried her back to the others. I asked Daniel to get some strong wine. Daniel left the spring and quickly returned. I keep Ariel’s body underwater but made sure she could breathe. I sat Ariel in the spring and woke her and told her to drink the strong wine.

She quickly recovered and I requested, “My dear Wife, I wish that you step out of the spring and stand on the sand. Do not cover yourself.”

Ariel did as I commanded and stepped out of the spring without any difficulty. She looked down at herself and saw she was no longer crippled, no longer lame. She could stand up straight.

She did not know what to say exactly. So she blurted out, “Look, everyone, now I can have babies with my husband. He totally reshaped my body so it matches the heavenly one you all saw.”

Ariel jumped back into the spring and hugged and kissed me in pure joy. Her brothers were amazed and almost as happy as she was.

Thomas commented to Simeon, “Are you happy now? Does it matter to any of us whether Rav is man or God? All we need see is that the quality of his love and his faith above reason is sufficient to work miracles. I say we love him and learn to be as he is.”

Many persons were attending the springs this holiday and so saw the miracle. Soon the whole village knew of the miracle. Moreover, the truth would be evident when the old Rabbi returned and Ariel was seen by him and the other villagers who had listened to the discussion.

As the sun neared the horizon, our party returned to the village center which was filled with most of the villagers and some Rabbis from Tiberias.

As we entered the village square, a lady called out, “See, the Rabbi cured the crippled woman and made her so beautiful. I should know, for I was at the mineral springs all day.”

Other villagers cried out to the truth of the miracle.

The Akashic Journal of Yeshua-4

Darlings, remember such biographies are meant to be entertaining and provide deep insights to those who desire them.

Chapter 4: On The Road To Tiberias

Tiberias was a two-day trip which would require one-night camping. The route was hilly, but the Brothers took turns caring Ariel. As Ariel had not traveled much, she was very excited and asked so many questions of Rav. Rav patiently answered each and every question.

Thomas loved to watch Rav interact with people for he was always calm and collected and never seemed to get angry. Plus, it was pleasant to see that Ariel had never lost her child inside, even after being abused and degraded for so many years. Though he had never asked, he guessed that she could be no more than twenty (and he was correct).

Our group had covered some thirteen miles by high noon and so I decided that it was time to rest and have some bread, cheese, and beer. I located a nice spot under some tall trees and everyone sat and opened up the food bags.

Ariel asked, “Husband, may I give the blessing again. It is such a good blessing for it reminds all of us to be humble in all things and to consciously do this because it is the way of the High God.”

I smiled saying, “Go ahead, Wife. Give the blessing.”

Ariel blessed the food and beer and everyone broke bread and cheese within their community of friends. Ariel had never known any real community with the witches and was sure that they must be in heaven.

After the food was finished, our group was disturbed by the sudden appearance of the wicked aunts. They moved quickly so to take back Ariel, who was in a fright, but they could not grab her or anyone else. Frustrated, they turned angrily to me.

The eldest yelled, “We have come to claim our rightful property, our ugly sister. We own her and not you,”

I did not bother to stand up. In the kindest and softest voice, I answered, “Actually, neither of us own Ariel. She is a free woman and can choose who she wants to be with and where. Moreover, Ariel is not your niece nor your rightful property, as she was stolen from me originally. By the Law, she is my wife and so if anyone has power over her actions, it is me. So, you may leave any time.”

The witches were taken back by my firmness, They thought, “How would he know this? I will ask.

“Rav, who is your mother?”

Rav answered, “My mother is named Miriam. I am sure you know of her.”

The witch knew that I was the twin brother of Ariel and a deep fear creep into her heart. She knew that I could end her existence with just a thought.

So she replied, “Of course, Miriam of Nazareth. Nice lady.”

She turned and said to her sister, “I think it is time to leave. We will leave our spiteful and homely sister to her new husband.”

They vanished is a whirlwind of dust.

Ariel anxiously turned to me saying, “Are they really gone? Gone for good, I mean. I am so afraid of them, Honey.”

I put my arm around Ariel saying, “She is not gone for good, but she can never separate you from me for Holy Father and I forbid such separation. However, the witch is very powerful and will interfere in our ministry as best she can. Her only desire is to destroy my person.

“But, she is a foolish witch and foolish witches never come to a good end. Though she thinks I stole you from them in truth, she does not realize that I need her wickedness so to accomplish my mission on Earth.

“Also, I declare to you that you were ordained to be my wife and mate and I searched for you for many years. This is why you followed and listened to us teach for many days so to overcome the evils that the witches perpetrated upon your physical vehicle.
“Today, I have come to understand much more than I understood before. I cannot tell you anything more, but I will share the following.”

Turning to Ariel, I continued, “Most precious wife, the pain and suffering you experienced with the evil witches was not an accident, but a most necessary test for you.

“The Most Holy Father needed for you to be born from your mother as I will explain one day. The Most Holy Father knew you and she would suffer, but he knew you were strong and hoped that you could tolerate such without filling your heart with hate. And, my love, so you did and your beloved mother did.

“So my dear friends, remember this lesson. Sometimes, the Holy Father sends onto us great suffering, not to torture or demean us, but to overcome such suffering so to become closer to Him and Mother. To move closer in kinship to the Holy Family.  Since, most of the time we do not know whether or not, He sent us suffering, or it is just poor luck, it is good to think so for it makes you stronger.

I stood up and lifted up Ariel saying. “What I just told everyone is absolutely true, darling. I have searched for you all of my life and when we met I knew whom you were. Now, I know why Holy Father said you will regain your heavenly form one day on Earth. Still, I wish I could have saved you many years ago.”

Ariel and the others were quite confused with the turn of events. However, Ariel’s happiness increased, as now everyone understood that I had not married her purely out of pity and principle, but because I needed and loved her.

She thought, “I have found my purpose. My life is looking rosier with each passing hour. He must be the Son of God. My husband’s will shall be my will, his goals my goals, his destiny my destiny. So help me God.”

When all the provisions and blankets were repacked and Ariel was sitting in her chair, I went to the front of the carrier and Thomas to the rear. We lifted up the chair and placed one end of each pole upon our shoulders and began to walk towards Tiberias.

Soon Ariel started singing a modified popular song of the peasants during harvesting and all joined in. They sang happily, “Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to Tiberias we go, to preach good tidings to one and all. Heigh ho, heigh ho.”

The remainder of the trip was uneventful and Ariel kept everyone well entertained with stories and songs. How she knew them no one knew, except myself, and I would not say.

Journal of Lord Yeshua

Dear Readers,  remember this story happened at the age at the end of many ages (sequential universes) and not on our earth and so you only need to look for congruences between the two times the Lord appeared to save mankind.  After all, I was there for both stories but you were most likely not.  Love you.

Chapter 3: The Next Morning

As soon as the sun was shining above the horizon, Ariel quietly climbed out of the bed and put on her new gown. As she was dressing, she saw that all the burn marks and cane scars were gone from her skin. She looked at her sleeping Rav, thinking, “My husband must be a god for my skin is no longer discolored and scarred. But, why would a god agree to marry me? I will find out the answer soon, I hope.”

Ariel saw her crutch resting by the door of Rav’s room, placed there by Thomas, she imagined. Her heart knew how pure Thomas’ heart was and why Rav loved and counted on him so very much.

She decided to crawl to the door so not to disturb her husband for she knew he never had sufficient sleep. When she got to the door, she pulled herself up with her crutch. Fortunately, her room was on a ground floor so she could walk to the kitchen

When she hobbled into the kitchen she asked, “Dear ladies, will one of you bring some beer sweetened with figs and honey, cheese, bread, and some fruits to my room. I want to surprise and please my new husband so very much for he is the kindest man in the world.”

The main cook smiled at Ariel for all the staff knew that Rav had taken Ariel for his sacred wife. To them, she was homely and crippled, but surely her husband must be a god who sees her as she truly is. The cook replied, “It will be a pleasure, Mistress. If you wait, I will make a tray and follow you to your room so you may surprise your husband.”

The two of them returned to the room and the cook placed everything on the table so it looked pretty and then quietly left the room.

Ariel sat in a chair next to the table waiting for Rav to awaken. Her heart burned like the sun giving off its Rays of Love and Caring to the Earth. For her Husband was her Earth and new focus of her life. As she sat in the chair, she closed her eyes and imagined that Rav had given her a child which was growing in her womb. And that she would be able to deliver and properly care for it after he or she was born.

In the midst of her revelry, she felt a soft kiss to her lips and opened her eyes and saw her beloved. I said, “Good morning, Wife. I am honored by your presence. I see you arranged a wondrous breakfast for your lover.”

As I sat down close to her, she replied, “Yes, Honey, you are my lover, the only lover I shall ever have. I made sure that I did not lose even one drop of our seed. By granting my wish to have you marry and love me, I am richer than any miser can imagine. Darling, I thank you for loving me and making me see that I do possess real value in the world. Value, I will prove to everyone one day. I know I have a choice in my life.”

I put my left arm around her and said, “Sweetheart, what you say is so true for you are so much more valuable to this planet than you realized. One day, I will tell you many things and you will understand.”

We turned to our breakfast and Ariel began to feed me small portions. When I protested she said, “Husband, it is my holy duty to take care of you in all matters and today such matters consist of feeding you food and my love. So be quiet and eat.”

I smiled and followed my wife’s orders. I was pleased to see her happy after so many years of abuse by her aunties.

After breakfast, Ariel asked me to see if her female organs had been healed?

Ariel looked at her skin and could find no blemishes. She asked, “Husband, is my vulva normal once again, please look and tell me, please,” as she lifted her gown and pulled it up to her breasts and laid on the bed with her legs apart.

So I kneeled down and looked at her labia and her clitoral shafts. I felt around her introitus and all was soft and firm. I replied, “Yes, Wife, all is as it should be. You are beautiful and perfect everywhere I looked and touched.”

“Can I have our baby, Darling? I want our baby so very much. Making love for our baby sounds so wonderful and spiritual, “ Ariel asked.

“Honey, its seems that it might be possible,” I replied and then lifted her up off the bed so her gown fell down and I carried Ariel downstairs to be with his disciples.

Thomas and John came up to Ariel and John said, “Sister, Thomas and I have a surprise for you. Come with us to see it.”

I carried her outside to the yard and sitting on the ground was a carrier made entirely of cane and twine which had a comfortable chair and was easily carried by two persons.

“Husband, I must sit in my chair immediately. What a nice surprise and present. This is the first present I ever received since my Mommy died. Actually, my first present sent to me by the High God was my Husband. He is so handsome, so kind, so intelligent, and I know he loves all of us more than we will ever know.”

I seated Ariel into her chair and John and Thomas picked her up, she was not at all heavy for she was not very tall and rather skinny. They carried her all around the yard and Daniel and Samuel walked in front of the carrier announcing that a Queen from a faraway land was approaching and so everyone must bow in respect. The other disciples picked up things so to make some noise as they marched around. Soon they returned and we all had a good laugh.

Everyone was delighted as they could feel how special Ariel felt having friends after being alone so many years. They knew her history for Thomas had told them and they were all a little angry with her aunties.

I carried Ariel back into the inn so to share food and beverage with her brothers. Thomas held the brothers back until Rav and Ariel had gone through the inn door.

He turned to his brother s saying, “Every day, our Rav performs another miracle of love and compassion. Although he denies being the Son of the Holy Family, I think he is God Incarnate. But, as he prefers the title Son of Man, let us continue to use it as necessary. Last one sitting down is a Pharisee.”

The brothers scrambled through the inn door and fought so to not be the last seated.

I asked, “Is anything wrong, friends?”

Daniel answered, “Nothing, Rav, we are just hungry.”

During breakfast, I always taught a lesson to my disciples. Today, was no exception. I began, “Today’s tale is about the frog who thought he knew everything.”

Once there lived a community of frogs far away from civilization. They lived in a nice lake full of fish and insects to eat and nice lily pads to sun upon with easy escape into the water if any predators were close.

Now the King and Queen frog had a single son who was extremely clever and spent most of his day traveling around the lake so to observe how all the animals passed the day. He had an excellent memory so it was most difficult to contend with as he was always correct about the lake and its living creatures.

The other frogs called him ‘Prince Know It All’ whenever he was not present. Being correct all of the time made him very proud and haughty and he looked down on most of the other frogs.

So one day, after many complaints from the court, the King swan to visit the Wise frog. He arrived, paid the necessary courtesies and explained the problem.

The Wise frog thought for some time. Finally, he said, “I have the solution. I will send your son a special dream every night until he learns how to be a true frog prince.

The King thanked the Wise frog and swam home happily. When he arrived at the royal lily pad palace he told his wife of the Wise frog’s plan. The Queen wasn’t too sure but was happy that something was being done.

That very night, the Frog Prince had a most strange dream. He was traveling in the lake and came upon another frog with a black hood over his head with eye holes. Whenever the prince tried to learn something new, the other frog interfered stopping the frog Prince from learning something new about the lake.

He had this dream every night for a month and finally went to his father and told him of his dream. The King suggested he swim to the home of the Wise frog and ask what he thinks as he is more clever than anyone else, including, you, son.

The frog Prince acknowledged that the Wise frog was much more knowledgeable than himself and swam to his home as soon as he could.

After paying the proper courtesies to the Wise frog, the Prince told him of his dream. He said that he was most upset and hoped the Wise frog could tell him what to do.

The Wise frog, smiling inwardly, thought for a very long time and then announced, “Young Prince, next time you see the frog in the black hood, ask him to show you his face, then you will know who he really is.”

The frog Prince replied, “Master, what a brilliant idea. I shall do so tonight for sure.”

The Frog Prince did as he said and when the hooded frog showed up he said, “Take off your hood and show me your face. I must know who is opposing me in all that I do.”

The hooded frog let how a big laugh and took off his hood. He replied, “Prince, the only person interfering in your life is yourself. You have never taken time to get to know other frogs nor study your inside self.”

The Frog Prince was shocked when he saw that his enemy was none other than his pride and need to be always correct. He bowed to the other frog saying, “I know you are the Wise frog in truth, but I have learned my lesson. I shall start studying my thoughts, feelings, and actions to see how they arise and unfold. I will work to be present in the here and now so I can be of use to other frogs as a true Prince should be. I will begin to look within more often than without.”

When the Prince awoke he was true to his promise to the Wise frog. He stopped studying the lake and began to study himself so to stop his unwholesome actions and encourage his wholesome ones.

After a few seasons, all the frogs called him ‘Prince Who Cares’ and all of them learned to love him as he loves each of them.

I asked for the meaning of this story. The first one to answer was Ariel. Ariel said, “Husband, what an easy question. The answer is that hubris is not wholesome and should be avoided. Moreover, love for God and man is not to be found studying only the physical world. One must begin to look within for the inner path to Divinity. I imagine you know a deeper meaning, Honey?

“ Smiling she added, “I guess you were the frog Prince in another life, eh?”

Everyone had a good laugh, including, me.

“Brothers, I give you my beloved wife, Ariel. She is a keeper for sure. But, there is a deeper meaning, any takers,” I asked?”

Thomas suggested, “I think the story refers to the untapped intelligence of our personal soul-seed. If we learn how to connect with it, it serves as a channel to the Holy Spirit–the formless comforter and provider of wisdom.”

“Good job, Thomas. I suggest all of you consider the story in your contemplation period before bed.” I finished.

I turned to Matthew saying, “Look at Ariel and tell me what you see.”

Matthew, who was the keeper of the group’s monies, answered, “Rav, I see a delightful angel before my eyes. She is beyond beautiful. She is goddess-like. I see why you chose her for your wife.”

All the other brethren interjected, “It is true Rav, Ariel is the most beautiful woman in all of creation. She was never crippled or disfigured. She appeared this way only because she and her evil stepsisters believed she was ugly.”

Thomas, the wisest of the group, said, “Brothers, it is as you say and as Rav has taught us for such a long time. True beauty and holiness are not seen with the human eyes, but with the eyes of the soul. I bless our dear sister and our Rav three times for showing us such a simple truth by his and her actions.”

Ariel turned towards me with a bright light in her eyes, “Husband, you are the Son of the High God for you work miracles right before our eyes. I know most people do not see these miracles, but your friends and I do, my beloved. I cannot understand why everyone does not love you for clearly you love all of us and everyone you meet.”

I was silent for a moment. Then, I said, “If you open your eyes you will see, if you open your ears you will hear, if you open your heart you will love and love is all that is needed. Let’s pack our few possessions and leave for Tiberias.”

The group did as instructed and soon they were on the road to Tiberias with Samuel and Matthew carrying their beloved sister.


  Chapter 2: The Miracle of the Beggar Maid  Part 2

I knew Mother was speaking with her and I realized that Ariel had found me, proving that our connection was legitimate and divine. So I took a cloth, water, and soap and bathed every part of her. At first, she was very shy, but soon responded with joy to my touch.”

As I gently washed her skin, I asked her if she trusted in love with all her soul?”

She answered, “Yes, Husband, I trust in your love with all my soul. I believe your love is the key to my future in every way. I know that Holy Mother gave you to me to cherish and comfort and take care of always.”

I noted to her what I saw, “Beloved, I see that your aunts beat you on the back, buttocks, and thighs many times for you have scars. I see they burned you on your breasts and labia. You have healed rib fractures. Still, they did not damage your face. I wonder why?”

“Sweet Husband, you are so gentle when you touch me. I like it very much. I am sorry. I am sorry my skin is not smooth and unmarked. I want to be perfect for you, my Beloved. I want you to feel my love for you is pure and sweet, I want to make you the best child ever. This is the first time in my life since Mommy died that I have felt safe. Thank you for accepting such a deformed woman for your wife.

“Husband, do such wounds decrease your desire for me as a wife? I wish I could be whole and perfect for you for you deserve such a perfect wife.”

I replied holding up her hands to my lips, “Ariel, still you do not understand me very well. When I look at your naked body, I see it as you were meant to be. By washing you with soap and love, I see that you have perfect breasts with pretty nipples. You have a beautiful face and neck. Your hands are slender and so gentle with little animals–I can see this in you. I see a pure and loving heart which cannot hate anything.

“Even, as you now are, I find you to be the most beautiful woman on this planet. One day, I will give you babies for I want my children to come to life in only one womb, your womb.

“I am so sorry that they tortured and hurt you, Ariel. Like you, I have no hate or malice towards such defective and soulless creatures, but they need to be taken care of one day. But, do not worry for they shall never hurt you ever again.”

Ariel threw her arms around my neck saying, “You want me to carry our babies, in my womb. Oh, Husband, I know you cannot be human for your love is too refined. I shall honor you, dear husband and tend to your needs for as long as I live for I know you want me just as I am. Husband, I love you with all of my being. I know there truly is a God for God sent you to me to love and take care of. Yes, Husband, I shall only see myself as you see me, perfect and beautiful and this is sufficient.”

As I washed the dust from her body, I prayed to my Father to allow my touch to return her skin to its original state. As I washed her, I knew that her skin would lose its scars and discoloration. My heart thanked Father for Ariel’s sake.

Then, Ariel asked, “Husband, may I wash you?”

I replied, “Yes, honey.”

So Ariel washed me as best she could and was not shy to touch and see my manhood respond to her so heartedly. After we both were well washed and clean, I carried her to the bed asking, “Ariel, shall I make love to you as my wife?”

She replied, “I have dreamed of making love for a long time. I know we cannot have intercourse, but show me how to make love and how to please you, husband.”

I replied, “For the moment, it is my duty to please you, Beloved. So just enjoy and learn.”

And I did teach her how to be pleased and to feel the sweetness of corporeal and spiritual love. Then, we slept.

As the sun was setting, Thomas knocked on the door. I arose and placed on a clean garment and opened the door. He saw a smiling Ariel in the bed. His first thought was, “At last, this poor woman feels loved. I would say she feels loved like a beloved wife. Rav works many miracles and loves truly in so many ways.”

Thomas said, “Here is a new gown for your wife, Dinner will be served in fifteen minutes.”

I replied, “Thank you, my dearest friend. It is such a pleasure being with you for your thoughts are always kind and giving. Someday, you will sit with the Holy Family and be fully at peace. But, first, I will consecrate the foundation of my spiritual church to you so to build with your own hands and those of our brothers.”

Thomas left and I gave the gown to Ariel and helped her put it on. Then, I found a band for her hair and arranged her hair nicely.

When I was finished, I told her, “Ariel, tonight I will tell my friends that I decided to marry and chose you, for within your heart lives Holy Father and Holy Mother. Do not be shy. Brother Thomas is happy for you and so will the rest. And before we eat, I will allow you to read the blessing from my notebook.”

Ariel looked up most surprised, “Darling of my heart, I would be so honored to do this for you for I want to learn everything about your High God.”

I replied, “Sweetheart, I learned much more about your life when we made love for your heart was fully open so I could read such. Your love for me means you cannot keep any secrets from me. Do you understand?”

Ariel answered, “Yes, Husband, I understand. I will always act so you will be proud of your wife.”

I smiled knowing what she said was an absolute truth to her.

In my head, I heard Mother say, “Son, Father and I are most pleased with you for finding your sister. I do not have to worry about her anymore.”

I carried Ariel downstairs to the dining room and Thomas pointed to two chairs he had left unoccupied. I helped Ariel sit at the table and remained standing.

I said, “Brothers, I have decided to take a wife to love and cherish and she sits to my left at this table. Her name is Ariel and she is to be respected and helped when needed. Perhaps, some of you see her as homely and not desirable. I see her as she truly is, perfect of form and with a heart so pure it puts all of us to shame. Who would like to toast our sacred marriage?”

Thomas began to stand up, but John placed his arm onto Thomas saying, “Thomas, please let me make the first toast.”

Thomas remained seated and John stood up and lifted his wine saucer,

“ Brothers, today when Ariel approached Rav, I asked him to forget her and come with me to the next town. Rav rebuked me, and rightly so, for I felt that I was more important than the crippled lady.

“Now, I understand how all knowing and all loving our Rav is within. His eyes saw beauty and love in Ariel, where my eyes saw deformity and ugliness. I am still ashamed for my lack of faith in Rav and his rule of kindness to everyone as best as you can.

“So, I give, and I hope each of you will give, an essence promise to Rav and Ariel that each of us will care, protect, help, and cherish Ariel as a true sister. And I further promise to give my corporeal life so to protect her from all evil.

“So I toast both of you as to your marriage and I promise to treat Ariel as my own sister forever more.”

All the brothers repeated the toast one at a time. Ariel was smiling a big smile and felt wanted and important at long last. Rav had tears in his eyes as he felt the love being given by John and the others.

After everyone sat down, I gave my notebook to Ariel and asked her to read the blessing so supper may begin.

Ariel found the blessing on the proper page and read clearly and distinctly, “May this food nourish the bodily and mental needs of this creature, aiding it in its progress towards final awakening. May I always remember those not having enough to eat, who are oppressed, and are damaged so as not to forsake them, but to help them. For whom am I, if not them? So, Mote, It Be.”

As she finished reading the blessing she knew that I was so much more than what I claimed to be. She realized that I actually believed and practiced this blessing in every encounter I made. I truly did not consider myself above anyone. My ego was without conceit nor pride. Only a true son of God could be so openly and honestly noble.

Ariel made an essence promise to Holy Mother and Father, “Thou who created everything for our benefit, I give you my essence promise that I will do my very best to learn to love as my Husband loves. One day, I pray that he and I will be joined as One, as you two are joined. Amen.”

The supper went very well for everyone and all drunk a little more wine than usual.

During dinner, a young serving maid approached Ariel asking, “Mistress, I am very shy and afraid to ask your husband for he is a great Rabbi. I have a mother who is very ill and I am afraid she will leave me soon. I have no husband and so I will be alone and I will miss her so. Would your husband heal her?  I know the High God lives in his heart and he can heal her.”

Ariel interrupted Rav’s conversation with Thomas, “Honey, excuse me, this young lady needs you to favor a request.”

Rav turned toward Ariel and the young girl saying, “Come, Salome, give me your hands and look me directly into my eyes.”

Salome did as Rav asked and he took her two hands into his, asking, “Child, do you and your mother love the High God with all of your hearts and try to live honestly and devoutly every day?”

Salome answered, “Yes, Rabbi. Mother taught me to love and trust in the High God since I was first born.”

Rav bent so he could kiss Salome on her cheek, “I think your mother is at the inn door. Go to her and hug her. Bring her to me to speak with, please.”

Salome’s mother entered the room fully healed and excited. She saw Salome standing next to Rav and ran over to them. She told her daughter, “Darling, a short time ago, I was praying that you will find a good husband, as I was not long for this world. I shall an angel standing before me.”

He said, “Arise, Mother, for the My Beloved Son has returned you to full health. Go tell your daughter for she is worried sick about you.”

So, I arose from my bed, dressed, and here I am. Turning to Rav, the lady fell to her knees and placed her head on my arm crying, “Thank you, Rabbi. Truly, you are the Son of God. Thank you.”

I smiled, as a bright light shone around my head. I replied, “Go home and pray and thank my Father and Mother for your health. Also, they found a good husband for your daughter and you will live to enjoy many grandchildren. Go now. God Bless both of you.”

Salome and her mother left for their simple home.

Ariel and everyone else in the inn dining area heard every word and all had tears in their eyes. The inn was so silent that one could hear everyone’s hearts beating.

At last, Ariel broke the silence, “Husband, I do not understand what just happened. How could the mother be healed before the daughter asked?”

I answered, “Never allow the limitations imposed by time and space to prevent you from doing good works. Remember, all of us are the working hands of Holy Father and Holy Mother. When your faith is stronger than you reason, all is possible.

“The mother is healed because the daughter had absolute faith in the love of the Holy Family and the mother only prayed to bestow a husband on her daughter. I interceded because of her faith and because of her mother’s unselfishness”

The old cook from the kitchen blurted out, “May the Holy Family bless and keep all of us safe and give us the strength to persevere regardless of our suffering.”

I said, “In the Divine Names of the Father and the Mother, I bless all who are present. Faith above reason is everything.

“I think now is a good time to go to bed. I have decided that tomorrow we leave for Tiberias. Ariel and I stood and I carried her to our nuptial bed.

While the other brothers left for their rooms, John said to Thomas, “Friend Thomas, let you and I spend this night building a light carriage so we can carry Ariel with ease up hills and through sands. I am sure Rav will approve.”

Thomas replied, “You really do love our new sister! I can feel it in my heart. Let us go get cane and twine and finish it tonight.”

The two brothers left to the yard.

Ariel and I arrived at our room and I undressed her and pulled down the sheets of the bed.

She looked up to me with her big, doe-like eyes asking, “Husband, please make love with me tonight, please. I want to become one with you so much. I want you to be in my space where two are truly one. I want to feel your seed going into my womb.

“I saw such love in the eyes of the mother and the daughter and I want us to have such in our life.”

I saw that her desire was more spiritual and carnal. I replied, “Ariel, I told you that you will die if you give birth to a child before you are totally healed. I will be able to save the child, but not you. Are you sure?”

“I am sure, Honey. I will not die for I know that I am yours forever and that Holy Mother wants us to have a son. I have as much faith as does Salome and her mother. Come and give me a baby, now.”

I marveled at her faith and trust she had for me and my Parents. I answered, “Ariel, tonight we will see if we can bring another divine soul into this universe. If you pay close attention, you will feel the presence of Holy Mother and Father, as you enjoy the pleasure I will give to you, because I love you, sweet Wife.”

Ariel and I made love more sweet and tender than any human can imagine. I was so gentle with her and did not rush her. The room was filled with orbs of light and angels singing.

And Holy Mother and my Mother brought Ariel’s mother to show her how good a job she did raising her daughter so she could enjoy the honest love of a husband. Ariel’s mother was now at peace.

Moments before I was ready to place seed into her vagina, Ariel reached climax saying, “Fill me with seed for our son. I adore you, darling. I feel your seed, I feel your seed. Come all the way into me and stop.”

As Ariel was about to fall asleep in my arms, she said to me, “Husband, I am well pleased with you for giving me such divine pleasure. I am so happy to have your seed within my womb. Thank you for accepting and loving me. I will never forget.”

Then, she turned her heart to the female voice she had heard saying, “Holy Mother, I will be the best wife to Yeshua and love him always. Soon, I will give you and Father a beautiful grandchild. Watch over my husband and Mother, please. And if I need to be sacrificed for his work, so mote it be.”

Thomas and John finished the carrier, as whatever supply they required just showed up in their hands, another one of Rav’s endless miracles.

After the carrier was finished, Thomas turned to John saying, “John. I know none of us fathom why Rav does many things. Perhaps, one day he will tell us. But, my heart tells me the Rav married Ariel, not only because he adores her, but because she is an important part of our ministry. Watching how he treats her tells me that he really loves her in a most special way.”

John replied, “I agree, Thomas. I am sure one day all of us will know why they are married. I am sure Rav will remove all her physical deformities so her physical appearance matches her heavenly appearance when the proper time arrives.

“When, I watch her, I think she doesn’t even care that her body is so damaged and would follow us on her crutch if she had too. For her, loving Rav and feeling loved by him is all that matters anymore. I am sure she would sacrifice herself, as all of us would, to assure the success of our ministry.”

Thomas nodded in agreement, “Friend John, I have never seen a purer, more authentic, and deeper love than she shows for Rav. It is almost as if she is no longer upon the physical and is with Rav on the spiritual. I think this is why we saw her in her spiritual form. She is utterly beautiful and untainted.”

John added, “Doesn’t she remind you of Rav’s mother, Miriam. Sometimes, when she is with us, I see her in her full spiritual beauty. I know she is sinless. In any case, let us share a repast together and await the surprise.

The Akashic Journal of Lord Yeshua

Chapter 2: The Miracle of the Beggar Maid–Part 1

One day, we were teaching and healing in Japha not far from Mt. Tabor. During, my late afternoon sermon, I noticed a young woman standing far back in the crowd with the help of a crutch. She was simply dressed in an old woolen gown and her face was dusty. Her head was covered with a scarf, but I could tell red hair hung down her back.

Sitting next to her was a small, two-wheeled cart with long wooden poles at the front. Two vertical poles were attached to the front side of the cart which most likely served as supports for her when she was moving with the cart. The cart was harnessed to two Egyptian hunting hounds who were well-fed and cared for. The cart was only big enough to hold a wooden chest, a barrel for water, and some provisions.

I could see that her eyes were shut and she was most intent on my words as if she saw both the surface and hidden meanings. My heart felt a deep ache living within her heart and that she was very lonely and sad.

I wanted to go to her, but I knew I should not. So, after my sermon was over and all questions answered, I told my disciple Thomas, “Friend, I am going to learn more about the crippled woman and will not be back until the morning. Go through our exercises with the rest of the disciples, please.”

Thomas replied, “Yes, Rav,” and left to gather up the others.

The young lady said something to her hounds and they stood up. She hobbled to one of the upright poles and off the trio went. As they walked off, I followed her to learn more of who she was.

It is easy for me to disappear, as I can make myself ‘unnoticeable.’ I was soon quite close and I heard her singing an old Egyptian song which was written to praise Hathor. Her voice was soft and its prosody was deferential to the goddess.

Walking for her seemed very painful and so the dogs and she would stop to rest. The cart was designed so she could lean against the sides and support her rear end without placing any weight onto the dogs. She accomplished such by dropping one of the vertical poles to the ground so to counteract for her body wait.

I saw that she was most clever and resourceful.

She stopped at two dwellings on the way to her house. She entered both and as she left gave the elderly wives instructions for their husbands. One of the houses was very small and the old people must have been very poor, as she opened her chest and gave them some bread, cucumbers, and cheese.

After about an hour, she arrived at her modest house. Her house had a big garden in which she grew medicinal plants. Close by was a wooden shed for drying the plants and preparing remedies. Clearly, she was a herbalist.

She released the dogs so they could go to the bathroom. She walked into her house followed by her dogs. I quietly entered after her. She removed her scarf and I saw her red hair. She was actually very beautiful outside being crippled and having a near useless right leg.

I watched her prepare dinner for herself and the hounds. She sang to herself as she toiled over dinner. The three ate bread, cheese, fresh vegetables, and drunk fresh beer. After dinner, she cleaned up, added new sprouting grain and water to her beer barrel, and sat in a chair away from the kitchen.

As she rested in the chair, I saw big tears begin to roll down her cheeks and she began to pray, “Holy Mother, you see my life now and you know how badly I was treated when I was young. I do my best to help the sick and the poor as I know you want. But, Mother, my heart aches for I feel so alone for no man wants to marry me and care for me. Please, Holy Mother give me a good man to love and care for. I promise I shall be a good wife always and teach our children to honor and love You and Father.

“And please remember my Mother whom I miss very much also. Please make sure she forgives herself for what happened to her as it was never her fault. I know she loved me very much and I love her very much also.”

I almost went to comfort her, but again it was not the proper time. I could feel her despair and fear that she would always be alone. My eyes were so wet with tears that I could not even see.

I saw that she was going to bathe and so I left. Her house and yard were spotless. I left and went to pray to Father and Mother so to intercede in her unhappiness. I opened my own heart so that Father and Mother could feel her great despair for I took some of it from her as I could not bear to see her suffer so. I prayed intensely all through the night so her wish would be granted one day.

I did not return to the inn but returned to see what she did in the morning. After some house chores, she restocked her medical box with her remedies, packed lunch for her and the dogs, added food for those who are hungry, and filled a water barrel next to the chest. Last, she attached the cart harness to her dogs.

As she worked, she spoke to the hounds. She said, “Poverty and Humility, I woke up this morning knowing the Holy Mother will provide us with a good and kind man. He will be very smart, generous, and handsome. Really Holy Mother told me such. Holy Mother said that she loves this man very much. So keep your eyes open and ears sharp for we do not want to miss him. I hope he is the Rav, I have been listening too. I think I am in love with him.”

Poverty and Humility seemed to understand her and barked.

My disciples and I spent a week in Japha with daily sermons, teaching dinners, and morning healing. Every day, I saw the young herbalist but did not speak to her. Though, I was most curious as to her feelings about the prayers made by both of us.

We left Japha on Thursday morning for Besara. I noticed that she and her canine friends, Poverty and Humility, were attending my sermon. The medical cart was filled with remedies, a change of dress, dates, bread, and cheese, and the water barrel.

Though she would not come up to speak with me, she followed us around every day, She did not know that every night I found her a safe place to sleep with her dogs. It was not difficult as those I healed were happy to help a crippled devotee. She would buy food and secure water in the morning for herself and her dogs. Sometimes, she would give coins to the disabled and elderly.

She traveled just behind us for the next four weeks, along with some other followers.

One day, concluding my teaching, the crowd dispersed and the young woman slowly and laboriously made her way towards me.

My disciple John said, “Come, Rav. We have a long journey ahead and no time to speak with a crippled lady.”

I turned and rebuked John, “John, have I not taught you that we must never forsake any man or woman we are fortunate to meet. Have I not reminded all of you, again and again, that who be we, if not them? Step back, John, you are not worthy to be with me and this child.”

John stepped back from his rebuke and felt a deep shame within his heart and told himself, “Rav was correct in rebuking me for I did sin because of my pride. His rebukes arise from love and not from pride.”

The young woman finally stopped in front of me. She stood up as straight as she could and lifted her head so I could see her face. Her complexion and eyes were atypical for this country. Her eyes were the deepest of blue and I saw a great determination and genuine love therein. Her cheeks were high and naturally graced with a light redness. Her nose was straight and her lips well-defined. Her hair was a deep red. She was beautiful in my eyes.

I reached out with my right hand and touched her lips most gently. Her eyes began to tear and so I moved towards her and held her in my arms as she sobbed.

When her sobbing stopped, I asked her, “Child, why are you crying?”

She answered, “Rav, no man has ever held me and the last woman was my mother. I miss her so very much that I cry every night. I know my body is deformed and twisted and I wear old clothes and am a cripple. No one has ever been kind to me just for the sake of being kind. My mother cared about me very much, but after she died, I was unprotected from her evil sisters. The abused me and made me serve them. I was not born crippled, but before my mother died she changed me into what I am today.

“Mother was always kind and loving to me. She had been badly abused by her father and made to prostitute herself to demons and wicked men. The only way, she could escape was running away and hiding from them.

“She and I lived alone when she recovered me from my wet nurse at age two until I was almost fifteen when her younger sisters came to live with her as their father had passed. Mother was very rich and was a herbalist like me.

“Her two sisters hated mother and me. They slowly began to poison mother, while pretending to be sweet and kind to both of us. It was much too late to do anything by the time mother discovered their treachery.”

On the night of her death, she and I were in our library bedroom and she said, “Ariel, my beloved. Mommy is going to die soon and I know that your aunties will force you to do filthy acts for the enjoyment of wicked persons. They will make you violate innocent children, fornicate with three men at one time, and allow males of all species to violate your private place.

“I will not allow them to do what father did to me, never. So forgive me, my sweet daughter for making you a cripple and deformed. This way no man nor beast will want you carnally and you will be safe. Escape as soon as you can and move far away and practice medicine.

“Precious, you are the only person I ever loved and I know you love Mommy. It breaks my heart to change, my beautiful angel into something ugly. But, your face shall always be pretty. Please do not hate me for changing you. Please forgive me.

“But, your father, who was a great and loving djinn, gave me one wish which I could only exercise when I was near death. So, my love, I shall make this wish to save you, though perhaps I will be sent to Hell for doing this.”

Mother made her wish and when I awoke in the morning I found I was a cripple and deformed. Mommy was dead. Her sisters were delighted for they inherited all her wealth and broke my right leg and refused to have it set. Thereafter, I was essentially a slave to them.

“It took me three years to escape to Japha. I took as much money as I could so I could buy a house and plant my medicinal plants.

I lowered my arms, stepped back, and replied, “What is your name, child?”

The young lady replied, “My name is Ariel. Will you take me with you? Every day, I fear my aunties will find me and kill my puppies and take me back.”

I thought, “How strange it was that her name was the same as my sister’s. Could she be my sister and spouse?”

I replied, “Yes, Ariel. You may come with me.

I bent down and lifted her up in my arms saying, “I will carry you to the inn and we will stay until tomorrow or the next day. I will build a little cart so it will be easier for you to travel with my friends and I. You may bring Poverty and Humility and your cart of medicines as they will be useful.”

Ariel reached up so to place her arms around my neck so to make it more convenient for me to carry her. She said, “I watched you for many days and walked a long way to see and listen to your sermons and parables. It was only today that I found the courage to show myself to you and come and speak with you. I was so afraid you would reject a crippled young lady. But, I had to speak with you for I love you with all my heart, Rav, for you are pure love.”

“Ariel, I followed you for a few days to see who you were and I saw that you had a heart filled and overflowing with love for others. You were kind and generous and did everything you could to benefit others.”

Ariel looked into my eyes and asked with trepidation, “Is it OK if I love you with all of my heart, Rav? May I pretend that you love me and are as a husband to me? Or will such an idea be repulsive?”

I smiled and Divine Love replied, “Divine Love is blind to imperfections of form and only seeks to find the Eternal Goodness within its lover. Perhaps, one day your body will no longer be crippled and you can dance and jump like most.

“But, such a cure is forbidden to me at the moment, but they are sometimes done by my Father when the time is ripe. It does not matter to me for we will do what is needed for you to birth babies. Crippled or not, you are my beloved.”

I drew her slender and tortured little body a little closer to mine, replying, “Ariel, I will be as you ask. From this moment onward, we are husband and wife, forever. The Eternal Good in my heart already loves the Eternal Good in your heart.

“I will announce such at dinner with my friends. But, you cannot birth a child at this time so any children will wait until you have returned to normal?”

Ariel began to cry with joy as I had granted her greatest wish. Her wish that a man would find her worthy of marriage, love her even crippled, and protect her from the sisters. I bent my head and kissed her on the nose and let her experience tears of joy, and not pain and sorrow, for once in her life.

Thomas had anticipated my change of plans and had secured sufficient rooms at a modest inn nearby.

I carried Ariel to the room Thomas reserved for me and placed her down so she could sit on the side of the bed. I requested that the innkeeper send up several buckets of warm water and soap. I asked one of the maids to buy a pretty linen garment and gave her money to purchase such.

When the water and soap arrived, I helped Ariel move to the bathing area and I removed her dirty gown. At first, she tried to cover herself, not her breasts or pelvis, but her crippleness. I placed her arms to her side saying, “A husband needs see his wife as beautiful in all ways. To my eyes, sweet wife, I only see you as you were before your beloved mother had to change you. The deformity of your body does not distract my desire for my wife.”

Ariel stood there, unable to say anything. In her mind, she heard a voice tell her, “Yes, child, he does not see you as crippled, but he sees your wholeness. He finds you desirable. He loves you for who you are within. Accept what he is giving you with all your heart, child. Let him wash and clean you. Take delight in his touch, as you took delight in Mommy’s touch.”



A draft copy of a  new teaching novel by the Good Doctor


Copyright by Michael Jon Kell

Chapter 1: The Tale Begins

The First Ones live in a very special universe created by Most Holy Father and Mother outside of Time. This universe is unique in that it has always been and always will be and is the only universe which never suffered from inherent evil. Inherent evil refers to selfishness, greed, and power over others so to make oneself Master of Others. It does not refer to an eternal rival to the Holy Father and Holy Mother for they can only create that which is Good.

But, human evil serves a purpose in the universes, in which it came to be, for it forces conscious creatures to choose which one to follow. Oftentimes, dealing with evil helps a God-loving creature discover and grow closer in spirit to Holy Father and Holy Mother.

Now, the First Ones are called angels by some people and gods by others. However, in truth, they are deified souls who travel into universes with evil inclinations so to experience what the conscious creatures are such universes experience. They do this so they can understand how to rise above the evil inclinations given the restrictions of the universe they chose to inhabit.

Once, they have succeeded in freeing themselves, they can teach the indigenous creatures how to find the Holy Father and Holy Mother. They have been called many different names, Sons, and Daughters of God, Avatars, Incarnate gods, Bodhisattvas, and so on.

Now, as to the story at hand, it begins with a wise Elf King and an all-loving Elf Queen who ruled over all the planets in their universe. They had been married forever and loved and cared for each other more than you can imagine.

In fact, this Kingdom is where Most Holy Father and Mother placed Nouseum so they would watch and protect it when the Prince and Princess came from another universe after the Miracle Had Occurred.

The Most Holy Mother loved beyond measure the Elf King and Queen for they were her first children. As the first children, the King and Queen were brother and sister, husband and wife, essence friends, and sacred lovers. In fact, all the other Elves called them Holy Son and Holy Daughter of the Most High, or just Holy Father and Mother for short.

Every time, a new universe comes into being within Most Holy Mother, Most Holy Father and her enlisted the help of her Son and Daughter so to establish a plan for the salvation of the conscious creatures which would develop one day.

Enough explanation. Onto the story.

One day, the Elf Queen and King were walking in their flower garden arm-in-arm. The couple stopped by an old apple tree and sat on a little granite bench.

The Elf Queen whose name was Miriam looked deeply into her Husband’s eyes and took his hand and kissed it. She asked her beloved, “Eesa, I have such a strong desire to carry within my womb, a little girl and boy. I have desired this silently for many universes, but now I must mention it to you, Husband. I want you to give me twins to raise and love like normal elves.”

Eesa smiled at Miriam, “Yes, my love. You may have the children you so desire for it is fitting to become a physical mother. I am sure that your desire is given to you by Most Holy Mother for she would like grandchildren. I see that you have ovulated and released two eggs. So, we make love this evening of the full, autumn moon.

When evening came, Eesa and Miriam made love together in the moon’s silvery light as Krishna and Radha or Buddha and His Consort. Each partner forgets himself or herself and only knew his or her partner. Unconditional Love is only interested in pleasing Its Other as taught by the Christian Mystics.

The months passed pleasantly for Miriam as her offspring grew and developed in her womb. She spent much time in the palace garden speaking with the flowers, grass, and trees, as well as the birds and the bees.

The kitchen staff made sure she ate the purest and healthiest of foods and beverages. She spent time each day in the presence of Most Holy Mother so to ensure that her children would be pure and compassionate. She read spiritual literature and listened to the music of the heavens.

Eesa was always attentive to his Beloved and listened to her belly and felt for kicks. He told her many times a day of his Eternal Love and Need for her Love. How special and important she was to him.

Miriam was so content and happy and felt very much loved and needed by everyone.

At last the birthing day came and she delivered two beautiful neonates, a boy first and a girl second. When they fed at her breasts, she knew for sure she was, at last, a real mother and thanked Holy Mother who was at the birth.

Holy Mother said, “Oh, Miriam. Such beautiful babies you have delivered with the purest of souls. I knew motherhood, but now I know grandmotherhood. Thank you, dear child. I am very proud of you and so is Father.”

All went well for the next few months.

On the night of a dark new moon, someone or something appeared in the nursery and took the sleeping girl, Ariel. Her brother, Kor-el, did not awaken and so knew nothing. There were no guards for all the elves loved the two children and wished them well.

In the morning, the nurses ran to Miriam and asked where Ariel was for she was not in the crib with her brother. For both twins would sleep in each other’s arms.

The Queen called her husband and the King ordered that every room is searched in the palace and that an edict issued to the elves of their missing daughter. He sent ambassadors to all of the planets, but none had any news of his daughter.

The Queen was heartbroken and Mother had to attend to her. The Holy Father sent out messengers to all of the known universes for news of Ariel. No good news was returned. However, the family did not think of looking into future universes for only the Holy Ones could travel in time.

Eventually, the family had to accept that Ariel had disappeared into a place unknown. The Queen passed a Royal Order that no one was to speak of her anymore, especially to her brother.

So her brother grew up with no memories of his sister. However, he would often ask his mother why he felt that something was missing in his life and she would answer, “Darling, nothing is missing so stop worrying.”

One day on his eighteenth birthday, he saw an old lady trying to get water out of a well. As she was ancient, he took the bucket and retrieved some water for her. They sat down for a drink and the old lady said, “Kor-el, I am your grandmother and you have a twin sister named Ariel. Now, is the time for you to go find what happened to her. Your grandfather has found the universe in which she is trapped and I will send you there to retrieve her.

“It is a very dark and evil universe which has never received the light of the Holy Family, even though we created such. No Elf has visited and so none have found the Love we are able to Give. You must save your dear sister and this universe.

“Tell your Mother that Grandmother has spoken to you and you must do as I ask. She will allow you to recover your sister, Ariel, for her heart was broken when she disappeared. Go now.”

Holy Mother disappeared in a flash of golden light and Kor-el rushed to his Mother’s chambers to relay what he was told.

I found my Mother in her chambers, “Mother, Grandmother told me what happened to Ariel and where she is. Grandmother told me that no Elf has ever visited this universe for it is far in the future. I shall go and teach them and find Ariel and bring her home. Mother, why have you and father never told me about Ariel?”

Mother responded, “I am sorry, dear son. But, Father and I decided that you would pine too much for your sister if we told you and do something most unreasonable. Now, you understand why Father and I have been so very unhappy all these years. You have my permission to go and retrieve Ariel and bring her home. She is your natural spouse, my son, and needs to be with you so she is fulfilled.”

Mother and I went to see Father and his counselors and Mother told him that I knew and I was ready to do whatever must be done to free her. Father and his counselors understood immediately and said that I would be born in the morrow to God-fearing humans on Earth named Yossef and Miriam.

Father continued, “For tonight, your Mother will travel back in time nine months and tell Miriam the True God will join with her so to produce a Son by Immaculate Conception. I will send your soul into her womb with my Divine Seed so to beget a human child. Your name will be Yeshua. This name means to deliver or rescue, for you will rescue the population from Evil and Darkness.

“Your life shall be most bitter, dear Son, so never forget that we sent you to this universe to deliver them from evil and return your spouse to you. Her absence is the reason why your heart has never felt whole.

“Go to your bedchamber, my Son, so to prepare for the transfer of your essence to Miriam. She is a wonderful lady and you will love her very much, as you love your natural Mother. We shall watch out and be with you so never forget this.”

I did as instructed and when I awoke I was feeding at Miriam’s breast. Father had told me truly for I felt that Miriam loved me with all of her heart and that her soul was the purest upon this Earth. Because she loved me, I drunk her milk and I was content.

My life as a child is unimportant to this story. My father and my mother loved and cared for me.

When I reached a responsible age, I left my human parents and went East to study with the esoteric schools operating therein. I spent many years studying in various Eastern schools so to perfect my heart and my mind so to accomplish my two assignments of finding my sister and creating a nidus of goodness and holiness in this forsaken world. I spent time in Athens, Alexandria, and Chaldea.

In my twenty-ninth year, I returned to the land of my human parents and began to teach as a mendicant to the common folk.


Response To Comments Upon The Freedom Exercise (1)

Dear Friends,

I have studied most of the major religions and philosophies (and did their suggested exercises) so my thoughts are dependent upon what I studied and expanded (See my post of the Library at Babel).

I was not thinking about the 4 Noble Truths when I developed the article as I find similar recommendations in many different places.  Returning to the early Buddha and Jesus, I say the exercise is a fusion of both teachings, including my own reflections.

This technique is quite efficient in our experience and is a useful with or without vipassana.  I think that vipassana can place you into the Kingdom of God Within, but does not allow you to recall such.  Plus, this is an active technique with a clear goal and so is more resonant with the human mind and its therapeutic transformation.

Personally, I am a mixture of Gurdjieff, Christianity, Taoism, Theravada, and Neo-Platonism.  Though, as to good Works I prefer Gurdjieff and Jesus as I am a pragmatic.