The Akashic Journal Of Lord Yeshua

My latest spiritual adventure detailing the actual life and actions of Lord Yeshua (Christ) and his Holy Sister, Mother, and Father in another sister universe.  Some may disbelieve, but this is sacred scripture from another time and place.

I am attaching the First Codex from The Akashic Journal Of Lord Yeshua.  It is quite long.  It is an interesting book of scripture and quite broad in my opinion.  The major theme is the same as my other teaching tales–unconditional love, though rich in new knowledge as to the true nature of the Trinity and the issue of Gender.  The major characters understand the real spiritual purpose of carnality.

I hope you find it enlightening.  My close associates tell me it is brilliant.  It is copyright so you are not permitted to do anything with it.

The Second Codex is moving along nicely.  I imagine the story will take some 5 or 6 codices depending upon how detailed the transmission.

Codex One: The Beginning






Michael Jon Kell, 11/03/08
A perfect marriage occurs when both partners have committed themselves to work towards what is commonly described as the ‘ideal marriage’. I do not think I did define such since when it is present, even for a magic moment, you know it.

The secret to achieving such a marriage is for each partner to realize that no human being can truly be perfect–for the perfection of self is only an ideal equivalent to our ideal of our God. We are all imperfect in some way.

However, the wonder of imperfection is that in a true marriage of love our lack of perfection allows use to become more than we previously were, We learn about the goals, desires, and needs of our partner. Knowing such allows adaptation and tolerance to grow in our hearts and minds so we become capable of learning how to adapt ourselves so to work fully towards the physical, mental and spiritual growth of our lover. No perfect person can do such.

So it is a truism that working so to manifest an ‘ideal marriage’ consciously and purposely is the best spiritual work to immerse yourself. For someday, you learn how to love your lover more than you love yourself–then, you understand God.

EsoHomilies: The Making of A True Soul (7)

Hello dears, haven’t left as yet so I give you this story which I hope brings the Holy Family’s sweet tears to your eyes so to turn down your egoism.

The Why of Man’s Existence (7)–The Simple Priest

After breakfast, the group was magically taken to the flat top hill with its circular arrangement of granite seating. From the top of this hill, one had a spectacular view of the lush countryside and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. The sky was without clouds and the sun lite-up the greenery below. A small breeze was blowing out toward the ocean. Everyone chose a chair and Tristan began to speak.

“Last night, I promised to tell you a teaching tale about duty and obligation. I first heard, this tale many, many lives ago from my essence friend and benefactor, Gabriel Baaleyt. I have not mentioned him to you for a number of reasons, but I will tell you that he is a full Elf from the central universe of universes. Yes, Anne, elves really do exist. Here goes.

“A very long time ago, parents often brought their firstborn children to the Great Temple so to offer them to the Hierophants so to prepare them as scribes, physicians, counselors, and priests. Many came, but only a few boys and girls were accepted after knocking upon the pylon doors and presenting the child. It was a great honor if the Hierophants chose to take a child into Temple Service.

In order to be allowed to knock upon the pylon doors, children must be presented on their ninth birthday. The Hierophants would speak with the child in private and ask them simple questions and give simple tests. Afterward, they would vote, as to accepting them for a one year probation period. In order to qualify, all three Hierophants had to agree. This process had been conducted without interruption for untold centuries.

After the probation period concluded, every child who did not want to stay was allowed to return to his or her parents. Those desiring to remain must commit to Temple Service for another eight years. After the second atrium period concluded, every man or woman, who did not want to stay was allowed to leave. Those who desired to stay must commit himself or herself, by a solemn oath, to serve the Temple for the remainder of his or her natural life. Each understood that his or her future was now totally in the hands of the Hierophants. Only those chosen by all three senior Hierophants were allowed into the higher Work.

So the Hierophants voted as to whom they would accept unanimously. However, one young man was declined by two of the Hierophants and accepted by the most senior Hierophant. They discussed the pros and cons as to his qualifications. The senior Hierophant agreed that he was not the brightest student of the current lot, in fact, he was not so very bright at all. After much discussion, as to why the young man should not be rejected, the senior Hierophant exercised his personal privilege of accepting one student by fiat every five years–and the five-year period was ending in a few days and the Hierophant accepted the young man.

The senior Hierophant assigned the young man to the maintenance of the Temple and caring for the vineyard. The young man was happy to serve the Temple and performed his simple job very well. He did not care that he was not permitted into the higher studies for he was content to serve the Temple and its Hierophants. He was permitted to the Sunday lectures and he listened and thought about the messages most carefully. He asked simple questions and was given simple answers for everyone in the Temple liked their simple and unpretentious friend.

Many years passed and the young man was no longer young. His hair was grey and he used a staff to balance himself when he walked to tend his beloved vineyard. He had learned how to make fine wine which was sold and brought monies into the Temple coffers.

One summer day, the old priest saw that a large palm leaf had fallen upon the vineyard’s eldest and most productive grapevine. The grapevine has bent over and its trunk would soon break if something was not done. The old priest removed the palm leaf, scolding its parent for hurting the queen of all the grape vines. The old priest wrapped the trunk with wet clay and cloth. He tied a small rope to the trunk so to begin to straighten it.

The old priest walked to the vineyard two or three times a day so to keep the clay-cloth wet and adjust the rope. Eventually, the queen stood upright and regally greeted the sky above. The old priest was happy and glad he did what needed to be done.

That very night, the old priest passed through transition in his sleep. As his kesdjan body left his physical body, he was met by the old Hierophant who had passed many, many years previously.

The old priest was delighted to see his old friend saying, “Master, why have you come to guide me ?”

The old Hierophant replied, “Child, I am taking you directly to the Field of Reeds for your heart does not require to be weighed on the Divine Scales. Come, take my hand and we shall depart and board the Bark of the Dead and sail into the West.”

The old priest did not understand, “Master, I know I was never very wise and I know that I would have been denied service to my beloved Temple, if not for you. I am not a great and wise man as you, Master. I am just a simple and unimportant priest.”

The old Master just laughed, saying, “Child, our brethren know of a faraway Temple possessing much wisdom. They declare, Sreyan svadharma vigunah panadharmat svanustitat. In our tongue, it reads ‘ it is better to follow ones own destiny, even without merit, than to follow the destiny of another.’”

“Allow me to explain. Your destiny was to a simple one, to save the grapevine which has been with the Temple since its beginning. This grapevine was given as a present from the Sky-goddess to the Earth god so to symbolize their marriage for the benefit of all. If the grapevine had died so too would the Sky-goddess and Earth god and all would have been lost in our world. This is why you came to be, dear friend. It was your choice to save the grapevine or let it die. As you saved its life, the universe shall continue. This was your destiny. All who find and fulfill his or her destiny are above judgment. This is the Law for our destiny cannot be accomplished unless one places himself or herself under the Law of Love, Love directed by Wisdom. Come, Child, let us depart.”

And the old priest and the old Hierophant left for the Field of Reeds. And the old priest discovered he was not so simple anymore and was happy.”

Tristan stopped and wiped some tears from his eyes. He saw that everyone had shed some tears hearing the story and so knew that the message was clear to all. “Merlin, take us back home, please.”

And home they went, each now possessing a more complete understanding of what is truly meant by ‘unselfish service to what is Higher.’

News Bulletin

Dear Friends, I am going on a sabbatical for about a year so to further my spiritual journey towards understanding all of Creation and permanence within the Kingdom of the Holy Family Within.  I need to discover how to allow the Kindness, Peace, and Love of the Holy Family to better manifest within my heart.

I will be back and rebegin my posts.  I will leave you with the First Codex of Scripture known as The Akashic Journal of Lord Yeshua.  I will also post the full Freedom Exercises.

Enjoy and learn.  Michael


A Moment of Reflection

As it is Thanksgiving Weekend, I think it is important for all of us to remember how our grand government consciously practiced genocide on the original settlers of North America over the past 300 years.  I imagine such activities are continuing in foreign countries so to fed Mammon’s rich in America and Europe, directly or indirectly. Activities our citizens refuse to oppose or even care about (with a few exceptions).

Reviewing the websites below, I think we all must concede that nearly all humans lack anything Divine within their hearts and have not earned heaven or even hell for repentance.  Clearly, human quality is not related to any one religion.

Those superior persons who opposed genocide from our earliest days are to be thanked for keeping some semblance of Divinity within our species.  I believe that the earliest Christians and martyrs and the desert fathers of the first three centuries CE had such.

Personally, I am deeply ashamed to have been a member of our species once upon a time.

Mankind has been continually warned about violating the Holy Laws, generally without sufficient response.  The time is soon to come when our species will pay once and for all for listening to Ahriman rather than Ahura Mazda (to use a Zoroastrian concept).  The first elimination by water, the last by fire.

The Good Doctor

United States[edit]

President Abraham Lincoln ordered the mass execution of 38 Native Americans in Minnesota for revolt against the government in 1862

During the American Indian Wars, the United States Army carried out a number of massacres and forced relocations of Indigenous peoples, acts that some scholars say constitute genocide. The Sand Creek Massacre, which caused outrage in its own time, has been called genocide. General John Chivington led a 700-man force of Colorado Territory militia in a massacre of 70–163 peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho, about two-thirds of whom were women, children, and infants. Chivington and his men took scalps and other body parts as trophies, including human fetuses and male and female genitalia.[85] In defense of his actions Chivington stated,

Damn any man who sympathizes with Indians! … I have come to kill Indians, and believe it is right and honorable to use any means under God’s heaven to kill Indians. … Kill and scalp all, big and little; nits make lice.

— Col. John Milton Chivington, U.S. Army[86]

A study by Gregory Michno concluded that of 21,586 tabulated casualties in a selected 672 battles and skirmishes, military personnel and settlers accounted for 6,596 (31%), while indigenous casualties totaled about 14,990 (69%) for the period 1850–90. Michno’s study almost exclusively uses Army estimates. His follow-up book “Forgotten Battles and Skirmishes” covers over 300 additional fights not included in these statistics.[87]

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census (1894), between 1789 and 1846, “The Indian wars under the government of the United States have been more than 40 in number. They have cost the lives of about 19,000 white men, women, and children, including those killed in individual combats, and the lives of about 30,000 Indians. The actual number of killed and wounded Indians must be very much higher than the given… Fifty percent additional would be a safe estimate…”[88] In the same 1894 report, the Census Bureau dismissed assertions that millions of Native Americans once inhabited what is now the United States, insisting instead that North America in 1492 was an almost empty continent, and “guesstimating” that aboriginal populations “could not have exceeded much over 500,000”, whereas modern scholarship now estimates more than 10 million.[89][90]

Chalk and Jonassohn argued that the deportation of the Cherokee tribe along the Trail of Tears would almost certainly be considered an act of genocide today.[91] The Indian Removal Act of 1830 led to the exodus. About 17,000 Cherokees—along with approximately 2,000 Cherokee-owned black slaves—were removed from their homes.[92] The number of people who died as a result of the Trail of Tears has been variously estimated. American doctor and missionary Elizur Butler, who made the journey with one party, estimated 4,000 deaths.[93] Historians David Stannard[94] and Barbara Mann[95] have noted that the army deliberately routed the march of the Cherokee to pass through areas of a known cholera epidemic, such as Vicksburg. Stannard estimates that during the forced removal from their homelands, following the Indian Removal Act signed into law by President Andrew Jackson in 1830, 8000 Cherokee died, about half the total population.[94]

Archaeologist and anthropologist Ann F. Ramenofsky writes, “Variola Major can be transmitted through contaminated articles such as clothing or blankets. In the nineteenth century, the U. S. Army sent contaminated blankets to Native Americans, especially Plains groups, to control the Indian problem.”[96] While specific responsibility for the 1836-40 smallpox epidemic remains in question, scholars have asserted that the Great Plains epidemic was “started among the tribes of the upper Missouri River by failure to quarantine steamboats on the river”,[51] and Captain Pratt of the St. Peter “was guilty of contributing to the deaths of thousands of innocent people. The law calls his offense criminal negligence. Yet in light of all the deaths, the almost complete annihilation of the Mandans, and the terrible suffering the region endured, the label criminal negligence is benign, hardly befitting an action that had such horrendous consequences.”[97] Leading genocide expert Dirk Moses attributes “the genocide of many Native American tribes” including the Mandans, to governmental assimilationist policies that coexisted with officially or unofficially sanctioned efforts “to eradicate, diminish, or forcibly evict the ‘savages'”.[98]

The U.S. colonization of California started in earnest in 1849, and it resulted in a large number of state-subsidized massacres of Native Americans by colonists in the territory, causing several ethnic groups to be entirely wiped out. In one such series of conflicts, the so-called Mendocino War and the subsequent Round Valley War, the entirety of the Yuki people were brought to the brink of extinction, from a previous population of some 3,500 people to fewer than 100. According to Russell Thornton, estimates of the pre-Columbian population of California were at least 310,000, and perhaps as high as 705,000. By 1849, due to Spanish and Mexican colonization and epidemics, this number had decreased to 100,000. But from 1849 and up until 1890 the Indigenous population of California had fallen below 20,000, primarily because of the killings.[99] In An American Genocide, The United States and the California Catastrophe, 1846-1873, Historian Benjamin Madley recorded the number of killings of California Indians that occurred between 1846 and 1873. He found evidence that during this period, at least 9,400 to 16,000 California Indians were killed by non-Indians. Most of these killings occurred in more than 370 massacres (defined as the “intentional killing of five or more disarmed combatants or largely unarmed noncombatants, including women, children, and prisoners, whether in the context of a battle or otherwise”).[100] 10,000 Indians were also kidnapped and sold as slaves.[101]

Journal of Lord Yeshua-14

Chapter 14: Our Trip to Tiberias

We are up and dressed within an hour after sunrise. Both of them refused to bath after we made love the night before for they adore how they smelt when they are full of semen. I said nothing, as I considered this a victory over their prior obstinate cleanliness. I am not sure men can even smell such delicate odors.

Our new family saw us off with hugs and kisses. The walk to the inn was much less than an hour and we found everyone at breakfast. We joined our brothers to eat and discuss our trip.

We left for Tiberias close to nine in the morning with Thomas and me in the front followed by Ariel and Ruth and the two hounds with their medicinal cart. The rest of our brothers followed in pairs.

It was a pleasant morning with a breeze.

We walked for about two hours when we came upon a man who was hitting a young woman who was protecting her dog. The man was yelling, “Your dog peed on my sandals so let me beat the life out of him.”

The young women said protecting her dog, “Please father, he is only a little puppy and did not do it on purpose.”

I ran to the man and grabbed his arm so he could not strike his daughter. I asked, “It is not proper to beat an animal nor human for any offense. Where is your sense, man?”

The man tried to pull away from me, but I was too strong for him. He replied wrathfully, “I own this dog and I own my daughter so I may beat them whenever and for whatever reason I choose.”

Calmly, I replied, “It is much to your advantage to do as I respectfully ask. I do not want to have to apply stronger measures.”

Thomas had reached me and replied, “Friend, I would do as my friend says. He is the Son of God,”

The man spat in my face and without any malice I let go of his arm and he fell to the ground paralyzed. I said, “It will only last till the sun sets, but I caution you, it will become permanent if you ever beat another animal or person, so help me God.”

I turned to lift up his daughter who seemed about fifteen or so. I asked, “Would you like to come and live with us. My sweet wives, Ruth and Ariel, will take care of you as if you were our daughter. And we have two Egyptian hounds, Poverty and Humility, to play with your puppy. What is her name?”

The young lady replied, “Her name is Sunlight and I love her very much. I will come with you as my father is cruel to me and all his animals. I cannot say I love him. My name is Hagatha and my mommy is dead.”

Ruth and Ariel came over and introduced themselves. Ruth brushing off the dirt on Hagatha’s gown said, “Hello, my name is Ruth and this is my daughter Ariel. You can trust me as I am very nice and so is Ariel.”

Ariel added, “We can be sisters, Hagatha. I will be happy having you as my sister as you are very pretty and sweet.”

As we prepared to leave with Hagatha, her father was about to say something, but was interrupted by Thomas, “I would keep my mouth shut tight if I were you. He could send you to Sheol.”

The man said, “I see that I met someone more powerful than I thought I was. In humbling me, I saw that I had sinned greatly against God’s creatures. I will not strike another living creature so help me God. Your Rav truly is the Son of God.”

Thomas replied, “Tomorrow go to your local synagogue and report what happened here today. If you continue as a God-fearing man, you will be saved. The Rav is named Yeshua and he has two wives with eyes green and hair red and is prophesied in the Book of Anne.

“I promise, Brother, to do as you ask. Even, this wretched sinner wishes all of the Kyrios’s Blessings on you. Please watch over Hagatha for me. She deserves a good husband and not a selfish father.”

As we continued our walk to Tiberias, Thomas asked me, “Rav, I see that it is sometimes necessary to oppose active evil by force so to protect the innocent. I noticed that you did a workable correction without any malice towards that fellow.”

“Yes, Thomas, whenever, an intervention will protect an innocent, the maximum Good requires that we act without malice towards the perpetrator. We can hate the sin, but not a soul-seed and since you do not know the life history of the perpetrator or whether he or she has a soul-seed, you must have compassion and mercy in your response. But, the most difficult part is eating some of the worst sins of the sinner. Then, there is a hope that he or she will turn from the Dark to the Light. This is why the man will do what he promised you.”

Thomas replied, “Got it, Rav. We should be at the city gates before the sun sets and our rooms are ready. I will find a place for Hagatha. She seems very sweet and kind-hearted and is rather pretty.”

“Well, Thomas, I suggest that you and she get to know each other for I think you and her will make a good couple. After all, you did accept to find her a good husband. I will be honored to perform the ceremony,” I suggested.

“Rav, I only said she was sweet and pretty, I did not say I was ready for a wife,” answered Thomas.

I began to laugh and so did Thomas.

“You are correct as always. I am fond of her already. I will do as you suggest, Rav,” finished Thomas.

Our group stopped for a light repast. Ruth and Ariel hovered over Hagatha as good mothers hover over their children. Hagatha was starving for the affection of a mother and so bonded quickly to my wives. I thanked my Mother for showing such kindness to this little girl and I felt Mother kick me in the butt.

As predicted by Thomas, all of us arrived safely at the house he rented for the next month or so. Ruth and Ariel took Hagatha to our room, washed her, and dressed her in a clean gown. Then, they called for Thomas and asked him to entertain Hagatha until dinner time and find her a room for herself and her puppy.

Ruth said, “Hagatha, Thomas is our very best friend and he will tell you who we are and what we do. I am sure you will like him for I saw you staring at him during our short journey.”

Of course, Hagatha and Thomas both blushed and then left the room. Then, Ruth and Ariel undressed and washed each other.

Ariel said, “Mommy, I did not notice them looking at each other.”

Ruth replied, “Sweetheart, this is why I am Mommy and you are Daughter. Didn’t you hear Yeshua teasing Thomas about her and him getting married? Really, Honey, you must learn to pay closer attention to details.”

I came into the room and allowed my wives to clean and inspect me to make sure I was as clean as they were. Afterward, we dressed and went down to dinner.

The dining area of the house was on the rooftop which was covered by an arbor of grape plants and climbing roses which moved with the breeze.

Next to my place at the table, were places for Ariel and Ruth. Hagatha had been placed so she was next to Ruth and Thomas.

Before they sat down, Ariel went to Hagatha and whispered, “It is OK to call Mommy, Mommy. She likes being called Mommy very much.”

Hagatha said, “I would like to call her Mommy for I do not remember my Mommy at all.”

Ariel whispered to Mommy, “Mommy, but you are not allowed to breastfeed her as you milk is only for me and my brother, right?”

Mommy answered, “Of course, my breasts will only produce milk for you and our husband. Plus, neither of us will make love with her, right. She would never understand and it would hurt our dear friend’s feelings for sure.”

“I agree, Mommy. You really are the best mommy I have ever met,” and then she sat in her chair.

The first matter for the evening was for Thomas to introduce Hagatha to each of her new brothers and tell them of all the skillful things she knew how to do. One could tell that Thomas liked this girl very much. I saw that the introductions went well.

I asked, “Who wants to break bread and sip wine this evening and explain it to Hagatha?”

Timothy stood up and began. He said, “Hagatha when I take a loaf of bread and break it into pieces and pass the basket around, we are honoring Holy Mother who in her impersonal form consists of the Totality of Space, for Space is the Womb of all within the physical and spiritual worlds.

“When we share wine together, we say, ‘ The wine represents the Light, Life, and Love forever flowing from the Holy Father into the corporeal form of Holy Mother. Life is brought to each part of the body by the blood carrying air and nourishment. Grace flows into us from the Love and Wisdom of the Son and the Daughter.’

“So, when you lift up your saucer say, “This wine represents the Blood of God entering into my soul.”

So each of us ingested a small piece of bread and a sip of wine.

Hagatha blurted out, “Mommy, all of us have a Holy Mother in Heaven and she is married to Holy Father?”

Ruth took her left hand into her right hand saying, “Yes, sweetheart. Not only do you have a spiritual Mother in Heaven, but even a spiritual Grandmother in a Higher Heaven. And Father and Holy Father love and help all of the children.”

I thought to myself, “Those whose minds are simple and well focused, whose hearts are innocent and desiring honest love, understand me so very well. I will enjoy such persons whenever I can for I know my future is not in such sweet hands.”

It was Timothy’s turn to give the dinner blessing.

As dinner proceeded. I answered questions from Ariel and the brothers. Ruth was attending to Hagatha so to make her feel comfortable.

After dinner was finished, I began, “Here is my plan, feel free to improve upon it based upon your personal experience. Tomorrow, Barnabas, Matthew, and Cornelius will search for a larger house for our emancipation project. I will accompany them with our three young Rabbis so I can teach as we inspect.

“I would like to call the house, the House of Jael after the heroine who killed Sisera to deliver Israel from the troops of King Jabin. For the ladies of these Houses will deliver the Daughters of Man from patriarchal submission. Such daughters will become known as the Daughters of Jael.

“The rest of you will accompany my wives and my new daughter, Hagatha, to the markets where the harlots congregate. Ariel and Ruth will tend to the sick who can be healed by medicines. Brothers, I want you to distribute food to the hungry. Tell them, to return every day to be treated and fed and on the fifth day, a great Rav will come to preach and heal souls and bodies. Say nothing as to the House of Jael until I say so. Any questions?”

Ruth looked at me in total surprise as I had just given her an opportunity to fulfill her greatest dream. She said, “Husband, you have just fulfilled my third precious wish. The first was to love and heal Ariel, the second was to love and heal me in physical life, and the third was to find a way to keep young ladies and mothers from having to prostitute themselves as I was forced to do. I never told you of this wish, how did you know, wise Husband.”

“Delight of my life, after you and Ariel freely chose to do my will and not your own, to place unshakeable trust in my love for you, all of your desires, faults, and wishes became known to me. As my love for both of you, as it is for my disciples is unconditional, I look for opportunities to fulfill your wholesome inner wishes. So, I have fulfilled this wishes of yours as I fulfilled the wish you did not mention, to give you a second daughter by making love with you,” I answered.

“Sometimes, it seems that the wishes that I fulfill by the grace of Father and Mother for all of you, I was not even aware of fulfilling before I did such, Remember, that the Holy Family speaks most clearly to the heart and not the mind.”

I asked Thomas, “Sweet friend, may I share the wish I have prayed for you?”

Thomas blushed and replied, “Rav, I am a little shy about my wish, but my faith in you and your Parents overcomes all doubts. You may tell, our friends.”

I began, “We have wondered whether you wanted to be married for not. We know that you decided that your life was to be lived for our mission, as it is more valuable than any personal wishes. Now you shall find out the path that the Holy Family sees as best for you.

“Our meeting with Hagatha was not a chance event when we came across her father beating her and her puppy. When I raised my arm to stop the beating, I realized the possibility that you and Hagatha could be together in a sacred marriage. This is why I paralyzed and absorbed much of the sin of her father–so to save him and to free Hagatha.

“When, I first teased Thomas about Hagatha, he protested. Even Ruth saw them looking at each other as we walked to Tiberias.”

I turned to Hagatha, “Daughter, is it not true that you have found friendship in your heart for Thomas?”

Hagatha answered, in a quiet voice, “Yes, Father. What you say is true.”

I said, “The decision to marry is solely up to them.”

I paused and looked around at my friends, little Hagatha, and my wives. I saw tears of joy in the eyes of all. I thought, “I wish others would see that my Granny and my Mother are making thousands of thousands of miracles come true each day.”

I continued, “Time for a small teaching and then we will recap the results of the day.”

I answered a few questions and then we finished our parable and went to bed.

Hagatha spoke to Ruth saying, “Mommy, Sunlight and I am afraid to sleep alone, Can Sunlight and I sleep with you, Poverty, and Humility?’

Ruth replied, “I am sure Sister and Father will not mind. Do you like your new father, honey?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy. I love him already for he is so kind and wants to protect so many women. May I call Rav, Father, Mommy. Can I kiss him and hold his hand and tell me that he is the best father, Mommy.”

Ruth replied, “In fact, you can tell him that you love him and he is the best papa in the world. Take, my hand, we are off to bed.”

When Ruth arrived with Hagatha and Sunlight, I was not surprised for she held so much love in her heart, love that she was unable to share with anyone before Ariel was born from her womb.

As Ariel prepared a bed for her and Sunlight, Hagatha approached me without actually looking into my face. I lifted her chin and she said, “Rav, will you be my real daddy and love me all the way to the moon? It would make me so very happy. And Sunlight wants you to be her daddy also.”

I smiled and took her into my arms saying, “Yes, I am your real daddy now, just as Ruth is your real mommy. I love you more than to the Moon, I love you all the way to my Father and Mother. And I will be Sunlight’s real daddy too.”

Hagatha gave me a soft kiss on my lips saying, “I love my Daddy and so does Sunlight. I love Mommy and Sister and Poverty and Humility. Thanks for adopting us.” Then, she held up Sunlight saying, “Daddy, Sunlight wants a kiss goodnight too.”

So I kissed Sunlight goodnight also.

She went and climbed into her bed holding Sunlight in her arms and fell asleep immediately.

We undressed and climbed into bed for a quiet night. Ruth said, “Sorry, Husband, Ariel and I will make love to you in our shared dreams so little Hagatha would not hear.


PS:  There is no Chapter 13.  The exclusion has nothing to do with superstition.

Journal of Lord Yeshua-12

Chapter 12: Thomas and Matthew Return with News

After breakfast and the morning lesson, all of us went to refurbish Isaiah’s gardens and house. Ariel and Ruth helped Martha and Anne pickle fruits and vegetables for later in the year. The rest of us plastered the inside walls and mended overhangs and fences. It did not take so long having as many volunteers as we had.

In the late afternoon, we washed ourselves using water from the mikveh kept on the roof.

Ariel and Ruth prepared a substantial meal in the outdoor kitchen so that Martha and Anne had a day off, though both of them offered continual suggestions as is typical of old matrons.

As I watched my two wives in the kitchen, I saw how happy they were to be doing things together as mother and daughter. I thought to myself, “Life is really about the simple moments of joy when people are helping each other.”

Thomas and Matthew arrived before the sun had set, cleaned, and joined us for dinner. They had much information to share.

Before the arrival of Thomas and Matthew, I was deep in my daily prayer for the intercession of Holy Mother in the lives of the innocent and oppressed. Grandmother and Mother did what they could given the circumstances that the manifestation of her Love always was thru my Mother.

In a few hours, the sun was setting and all of our family were ready to share bread and wine together. It was a perfect evening for the courtyard was cooled by a fresh breeze and the moon was going to be full.

Tonight, Ruth was to give the blessing, as she and Ariel shared everything with each other. As I looked at them, I thought, “People think I have two wives, but really I have only one wife. For Ruth and Ariel are so psychoistically connected that they are one soul seen from two different perspectives. They are the ultimate example of complementarity as if each were as obverse faces on the two sides of a single golden coin.
“Then, I heard Mother say, ‘Honey, it is as you say for my own Father informed me that when your Divine Sister’s Soul was placed within Ruth’s Womb, Ruth’s and Ariel’s Souls fused together in an inseparable pair in the physical.

‘I am so very proud of you for loving your sisters so truly and caring for them as your complementary wife. You are the first fruit of my spiritual womb and so I am closest to you. I love you, Zahar-el.’”

As was expected of me, I was to make the first toast as the eldest son. I arose from my seat and took a piece of bread into my left hand, “Whenever, you take a piece of bread into your hand, remember that both Ruth and my mother, Miriam, provided the corporeal wombs for Ariel and myself so to incarnate. Their wombs represent the entrance of souls into corporealness and the return to spirituality, for without wombs and bread there is no life.

“Pick up a piece of bread and say, ‘For this bread is the Womb of Eternity, Infinite Space in the impersonal form and Holy Mother personally,’” I said.

Everyone took up a small piece of and ate it.

I lifted up my wine saucer saying, “This wine represents the Light, Life, and Love forever flowing from Holy Father into the corporeal form of Holy Mother. Life is brought to each part of the body by the blood carrying air and nourishment. Grace flows to you from Ariel and me, without Grace there is no eternal life.

“So, when you lift up your saucer say, ‘This wine represents the Blood of God entering into my soul. Everyone took up his or her saucer and drunk some wine.”

When the saucers were on the table, I said, “Remember this blessing so to use it when I am gone.”

I turned to Ruth, “Darling, say the blessing for all of us.”

Ruth said the blessing and she and Ariel got up to serve the food.

As we ate, Thomas and Matthew reported on their trip to Tiberias.

“It is a rather nice city being quite new. We did not find any residents who were Jewish. We found many Samaritans, Canaanites, Greeks, and other nationalities. The city seemed gayer than Jerusalem as the better to do did not wear their piety on their sleeves. We did locate suitable dwellings near the public square where the philosophers held their discussions.”

I allowed them to describe more of the city and its peoples. When they were finished, I asked, “I imagine this city has many harlots?”

The world ‘harlots’ immediately caught the attention of Ruth and Ariel”

Thomas replied, “Yes, prostitution seems quite prevalent in Tiberias, most of the ladies being quite young. Why do you ask?

“For, I have decided to change the purpose of this visit. I am not interested in Alexandrian philosophers, but I am interested in the ladies who must prostitute for a living,” I said.

Turning to Ariel and Ruth, I continued, “I would be most pleased, dearest Wives, to free these young ladies from their current profession so they can pursue a more healthy one. I want to buy some property in this city so that these ladies can live together and share a trade so to support themselves.

“I would like that these ladies, after their home is established, to introduce more women, especially orphans, to the option of becoming a house-member and working together so to protect the equality of all females.”

Ruth stood up and ran over and threw her arms around me saying, “What a spectacular idea, Husband. I agree to fulfill your wish to help abused women. I have a great understanding of all the factors which make women harlots. Do you have a plan already?”

“Yes, Precious, I have a plan. I shall teach to the harlots a simple faith above reason and gain their trust by curing many of them of their sexual diseases. You and Ariel, accompanied by two brothers, will speak of your lives and how you found a way out, how the Son of God found and married you, and gave you children in your womb. That Holy Mother loves each of them most dearly and it is her that we are helping.

“Matthew will purchase a large house with rooms for weaving, baking, preparing herbs, sewing, and other needed activities. He will also buy sufficient tools and material. Matthew will stay so to manage the funds of the house and he may marry one of the rehabilitated ladies if he wants when I return to get him.

“During our stay in Tiberias, we will find some god-fearing widows to help with training the young ladies. They will be taught about Holy Mother and Holy Father every day as they will attend prayers in the morning and the evening.

“No women will leave the house alone, but only in threes. This is my wish.”

Ariel asked, “Husband, will I stay with Mommy?”

I replied, “Yes, my love. For the first house must be self-supporting and self-ruled in six months. I will return frequently as I know you and Ruth will miss me very much. I wish for a group of older ladies to make these types of houses available in all cities and in all countries.

“Finally, Matthew will employ good, God-fearing soldiers to guard the house and the inhabitants.

Everyone was quite surprised at my change of heart. Thomas said to John and Daniel, “It is impossible not to love our Rav. Houses for wayward females is a wonderful idea.”

“This evening, I have a fairy tale to share called ‘The Three Sisters.’

“Once upon a time, a prince had three beautiful daughters. He raised them himself as their mother died after the youngest was born.

“The eldest daughter had blue eyes and blonde hair. She could play the flute and had a melodious voice. She was well read and spoke several languages.

“When she reached a marital age, she fell in love with a good prince. They were married and she moved away.

“The second daughter had dark eyes and dark hair. She was very interested in sports and won many contests on foot and on horseback. She was excellent with the bow and with a javelin.

“When she reached a marital age, she fell in love with a good general. They were married and she moved away.

“The youngest had green eyes and red hair. She loved animals and spent much time looking for orphans and hurt creatures. She started an orphanage and hospital for animals and learned all about animal medicine. She did not like fancy clothes, jewelry, and parties like her sisters. Her best friends were the children who helped her and her father who loved her the most as she was more like her mother than the other two.

“When she reached marital age, she said she was too young to get married.

Her father did not pressure her, though she turned down many men.

“One day, a very polite, but poor prince came to the palace. He said that he had heard of a princess who loved animals and took care of them. He asked if he could live at the palace and help the princess.

“The father was very astute and realized that this poor prince was nobler than the husbands of his elder daughters and he allowed the poor prince to move into the castle.

“When the princess met the poor prince, she was very happy for she had always wanted to be married, but, not just to anyone. So the princess taught the prince all about doctoring animals.

“One day, the poor prince and princess came to ask Father if they could get married. Father was overjoyed and agreed and arranged for a simple wedding for them with only close family and friends.

The poor prince and princess were very happy helping their animal friends and soon began helping their human friends. They had some children who were very much like them in heart and mind.“One day the old prince called his daughter, his son-in-law, and his grandchildren to his room. The old prince told them that he was going to leave soon for his other kingdom. He said he would leave this one to his other daughters and they will be satisfied.

“But, I want to take all of you to my big kingdom for it is far richer than this one. There was no point telling you about it until now. Let me show you my real kingdom.

“A large door opened onto a beautiful land with trees, flowers, bees, butterflies, birds, and other animals. As you see, I have many animals which need to be cared for as well as many human friends who could use some help by all of you.

“The princess said that we would like to go to the other kingdom if there are people and animals to help. She turned to her children and husband and they nodded yes.

“The royal family could not be found anywhere the next day and what happened to them is a great mystery. However, one old lady knows. When she was asked she said, they are in Father’s Heaven, where else would they go.”

When, I was finished I said, “This fairy tale is not difficult to understand, dear family. For one day, I will return and take all of you to the Grand Kingdom so to live in peace, joy, and love for an imaginable time.

“As our meal is over and we have a long day ahead of us, I suggest all of you return to your home or the inn and pack for tomorrow as we leave three hours after the sun rises. I will stay here with Ariel and Ruth. Godspeed to all of you.”

The Rabbis stood up with the brethren and everyone said goodnight.

Ariel, Ruth, and the rest of our family went inside to sleep.

Rabbi Isaiah said, “Goodnight, my son. I guess you make up your parables and stories spontaneously? And your idea of creating spiritual houses for the protection of ladies where they can work and live is brilliant. How did you think of this?”

I replied, “Yes, Isaiah, I do create my stories and parables spontaneously. As to spiritual houses for ladies, such a project arose out of my deep love for Ruth and how she took care of Ariel, despite her abuse. Moreover, Ruth truly understands the pain these poor harlots feel within and so I know she can make this happen.

“I tell you, Isaiah, I listen to the soft Voice of Love for this Voice guides my actions. The Greeks might call her my daimon. But, really the Voice is my Mother’s. Goodnight, Isaiah. Godspeed.”

I found my two wives already in bed and awaiting my tender caresses. I had come to terms with Ruth’s and Ariel’s physiological state of lust for me as I knew underneath it was supported by unconditional love. Though, I knew they had not as yet figured out how I could make love to them, separately and at the same time. Another sweet mystery of life.

Still, I have discovered that the more I love Ariel and Ruth, the more loving and less judgmental I am becoming overall. I see why the ancients recommended that married couples practice love between themselves so to blend their soul personalities together into one mind, one will, and one altruistic love. When this is accomplished, they can work with the rest of the family, then neighbors, and finally all mankind.

As our bed was on the rooftop and our lovemaking was finished for this night, I turned onto my back to look at the moon and the stars. I said, “Goodnight, Moon Maiden, goodnight Stars so Bright,” and I fell asleep in the arms of my wives.