The Purpose Journey (8)©

After finishing his piece of cinnamon-sugar toast (and Rav had to admit that it was a might tasty piece of toast at that), he turned to the White Rabbit, asking, “WR, do you happen to unknow the nowhere location of the Cheshire Cat? I need him for my travelers?

And before the White Rabbit could open his mouth, comfortably resting in the air above the table, appeared a wide grin followed by the complete body of the Cheshire Cat. “Here I am, I heard the non-ring of the non-bell that was not-rung and came promptly.”

Settling into an empty chair at the table, His Catship, quipped, “What’s up, wild and crazy guys? Any one ready for a quick game of Find the Red Queen in the Cards?”

The Mad Hatter piped up, “Slow down, you appearing and disappearing Kittyship, the knight in the yellow tunic needs your help. And if you want some shortbread, be a kind pussy cat, please”

The Cheshire Cat turned to the Rav, holding out a paw so to shake paws, saying politely, “Nice to meet you, in a sort of non-meeting way. Sorry for the funny phrases, but such are the genre of this table. I will cut it out for the moment. What can I do for you, you can I do. Sorry.”

Rav explained about what had transpired on our journey to date and what had been learned. Twirling one of his whiskers, Rav saw that Cat was mildly miffed, as we had not come to him first. Being a self-observant Cat, he quickly spread some unmiffing jam on a piece of shortbread, gobbled it down in one bite, smacked his lips, and was back to his normally, irritating good mood.

Stroking his chin with the index claw of his right paw, he thought for a moment, or maybe a non-moment or two. Lowering his paw, he said, “Let me tell you a short story about my stewardship of Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They are certified dimwits and so I check up to see that they are OK . . . and for some entertainment, I must confess. One day, I watched them and here is what happened. Below me on that day, saw I, our two dimwits arguing, and so I wrote a short poem which I shall recite right now:

Not once and not again,
the rolly-polly twins of Wonderland
were spouting off their foolishness.

One, the graduate of the Wonderland Institute of Technology.
One, the graduate of the Wonderland Theological University.

“Information is solely physical; pure mathematics reigns supreme,”
insisted Tweedle-Dee.

“No, brother!
Information is solely aphysical; contemplation is the royal road,”
argued Tweedle-Dum.

Hearing the twins from faraway thereness,
the Cheshire Cat could not but appear out of close-by hereness.

Materializing in front of these quarrelsome twins,
with his big, toothy grin and humor-filled eyes,
he said, most wisely and with full authority,

“Information must be seen as either,
information must be seen as both,
information must be seen as neither.”

And with regal thusness and smugness,
he took a lengthy toke upon Caterpillar ’s ever-present hookah,
exhaling seven interconnected smoke rings,
vanishing back into the hereness which is thereness.

His yellow-black striped body disappearing,
leaving only his grin to be seen,
he spoke, “You two nits need to get stoned sometime.”

And with that, he was no more.

“I think this is what your students need, my dear Rav. Tut-tut, must move along. Got a visit with the Red Queen and she is so unpleasant if I arrive late–though, I make sure to arrive exactly 3 minutes and 3 seconds late every time. So you see dear Rav, by being not on time, I am on time. Cheers.” Raising from his chair and into the air, Cat’s yellow-black striped body disappearing, leaving only his grin to be seen, and then nothing.

And when the Cheshire Cat disappeared, Rav and the travelers started moving again. Quickly thanking everyone at the tea table for such a jolly good time and apologizing for such a hasty departure, with a wave and a grin the travelers disappeared to their next rendevous. I wonder with whom?

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