The God Conundrum (9)©

                                 THE ETERNAL SEARCH FOR GOD©

The importance of an image can be immense when it is a really sacred image. Even though, Saint Theresa, the little blossom of Jesus, was not seen by anyone during her life to be at all extraordinary, through her writings and actions, an image was created that had an extraordinary power after she died. Her image was so powerful that for a long time thousands of people were converted and healed simply by visiting her shrine. The power wasn’t in the girl that died young and more or less unknown, but in the image that was created by the intensity of her own faith and love and complete conviction that she did converse with and know Jesus as a person. This was so powerful that the image that came out of her conviction had really extraordinary power–literally the power to perform miracles.

Another form of a Sacred Image occurs whenever a Sacred Individual incarnates in human form with a very high and special mission, the working of which is not visible in this world and which can only be perceived by specially prepared disciples. This mission is not performed in this world, except insofar as the Being who is engaged in it is incarnated in human form. A certain possibility which was absent on this Earth is introduced from a realm where the impossible can exist. It is something new that doesn’t belong to the previous filaments of cause and effect of this world, therefore changing the future. Though the doing of this and how it is done is unseen, it is necessary that something should manifest in the visible world amongst people with ordinary perceptions. To fulfill that second part of the mission a Sacred Image is created; an Image having near Unlimited Power, because its source is beyond the confines of normal existence. Men see the Sacred Image as the founder of a religion, as a prophet or as an incarnation of God, introducing new hope into the life of man.

The Sacred Image is more than an existing thing. The image of Christ is more than any man, because Power has been transmitted to the Image that is very extraordinary. It is something that is in the world but not of the world. To bring about such Sacred Images very extraordinary things have to happen. Often those involved with the promotion of a new Sacred Image have to pay for it with their own lives, returning to the Existence beyond this world by way of a violent death.

I think it is difficult for many persons to understand that which is more than this world doesn’t have the same kind of existence that we have. If it had, it would be perishable, isolated, separated and subject to all the laws of our mundane existence. Because the Source of the Sacred Image is beyond normal existence, it is possible for each individual to have direct communication with the Being through his or her Sacred Image. It is necessary to remind you of this fact I have experienced so that you begin to realize that this is not a matter of superstition, or something that is of comfort to people because they have nothing better. This presence of Sacred Images in this world means that there is Something that is beyond the laws of this world, beyond the laws of materialism.

But for us there is a need to go further. As students in the Work, we want to go beyond the confines of the existing world, that there is Something we have to Attain. This drive does not come from our objective faculties; it comes because we feel the pull of a Higher Source. There is an action in us coming from another sphere. This Something can only be understood and approached by working with and advancing our Sacred Images.

One thought on “The God Conundrum (9)©

  1. Thank you Michael for sharing this piece with us. It’s unfortunate how some other religions try to pull people away from such practice. Sacred images are indeed powerful and can facilitate us to complete great mystical work.


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