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The Purpose Journey (46)©

Elaine, looking rather serious, asked, “Gabriel, are we to address you as Baal or as Gabriel, to be proper, I mean?”

“Elaine, it does not matter how you address me. In exoteric circles, names are more for the benefit of the person addressing, than being addressed. What is important is that you listen and remember my words exactly as you hear them. It is a good practice to learn, as it removes confusion in day to day communication, but is critical when discussing Sacred Knowledge. If you are a sloppy listener, one of your personas will substitute false knowledge into the instructions, making it difficult to properly contemplate and absorb such Teaching later. More questions,” Gabriel responded?

“Gabriel, I have never read or heard a similar explanation as to the relationship between Good and Evil. I understand that the Occult Schools teach that Evil personalities, usually conscious inhabitants of an astral plane, consciously chose to be in active rebellion against the Good. I grew up with the teachings of the Western churches concerning Adam, Eve, Satan the serpent, Eden, the Apple, and so on. I know about Iblis and the Djinn. I am familiar with the tales from Egypt, Sumer, Persia, and the Indian continent. But, what you are teaching is something much bigger and much more important. As you have provided a rational and simple explanation, which is directly linked to conscious creatures. So my question is, ‘Why hasn’t anyone discovered such in the past, or if they did, make it known to the world,” asked Celestine?

Tristan and Gabriel could not help laughing. Tristan spoke, “We are not laughing at you, dear Celestine. We are laughing, because this question eventually arises during serious study with a group of students. And when the answer is provided, no one wants to believe the simplicity of the answer. Surely, the answer must be more than this? We started laughing, because a long time ago Gabriel and I made a bet as to which of you would eventually ask the question. I chose you, Celestine, Gabriel chose another. The reason we started laughing is that we simultaneously remembered such bets and how ‘human-like’ it really was. We always find it funny when such competitive humanness arises, even in Cosmically Significant Beings. Celestine, without humor and surprise, immortality would be bland and intolerable.

The simple answer is twofold. First, Sacred Knowledge is not frequently divulged to seekers in its pristine form. Some Schools say they are concerned that it will be misused by Satanic Egos or misunderstood. Some Schools do not possess the Sacred Forms, but only the theological or philosophical approximations. Some Schools feed pabulum to the students, keeping the meat for the Hierophants. Many Schools tend toward dogmatism, honoring past thinkers more than recent ones.

The reason Gabriel and I are different is that our School is the first School properly understanding the true version of the Tower of Babel, both metaphorically and scientifically. Remember, our discussions about signal-noise averaging and human ideas? This discussion was based upon insights introduced into our Order by our Gabriel himself. Such insights opening our eyes so too more clearly see the hidden structure and purposes,” finished Tristan.

“What my friend says is true. But, our Order owes much to Tristan for his original concepts as to the structure of space, notions of time, discreteness, transfinite and not infinite, and so on. Without his understanding, our Order would not have risen so to occupy the position of a ‘Pristine Esoteric School.’ Our Order has merged scientism with mysticism,” noted Gabriel.

“Celestine, the second answer to your question is, oftentimes, Sacred Knowledge is placed within a mythical story so to not be lost over time. This is done by introducing an obvious internal inconsistency into the story. Many thousands of years later, when the Schools are forgotten, a man or woman hears such stories and for some reason attunes to the inner message. He or she studies and finds the error and so is able to accurately reconstruct said messages. The proper preserving of Sacred Knowledge in the physical is important,” said Tristan.

Gabriel began speaking again, “I am sure some of you may believe that my explanation of the fragmentation and rebuilding of the Original Godhead, eliminates the possibility of an Absolute God. I want you to understand something very clearly. Whether an ultimate GOD ‘exists or does not exist’ nor ‘neither exists nor does not exist’ outside of this universe is an unanswerable question for everyone. All that we know for sure is that the Grand Metric contains the Ever-Radiating 5Q+1 Qualia. Some of our Order believes that the 5Q are the five fingers of the Unknown God touching our universe; and the last Quale is the path to what is forever Beyond. At our level of consciousness, the question is not relevant or useful.”

The Purpose Journey (45)©

Gabriel continued, “Yes sir, the universe was free of war for a very long time. True, social insects will fight to protect their mounds, raid other mounds for eggs which will hatch within their mound as workers, ‘domesticate aphids,’ and so on, but this is not war for all these activities are evolutionary adaptations and exaptations controlled by sensory data and without conscious intent or direction. Social insects are excellent examples of highly programmed biological machines (mainly hardwired into their nervous systems). But, such activities are the evolutionary, biological basis for aggression of one biological group against another. It is really quite amazing how Nature reuses successful behaviors in so many novel ways.”

The ‘key ingredients for making war’ are conscious awareness of the distinction between the author of an action and the recipient of such action, a rudimentary episodic memory, a rudimentary theory of mind, and an imagined, immaterial self owning the human machine. Psychoistically, a creature fit for war must possess a unified group identity and distrust other groups, as I discussed before. The only ‘warmongers’ residing in this sector of the universe are sociopathic human beings, their bureaucrats, and susceptible members of the ingroup. Perhaps, the universe could move ahead satisfactorily with only one war-group, but, there are many others for it is a problem common to all evolving civilizations throughout Creation, as you already have learned from your Rav.

Morgana, asked, “Baal, given your analysis of humans and their contributions to the Great Mind–which I presume includes unconscious contributions from every species possessing simple imago operators–how does one differentiate, between a local war organized stemming from a lack of females, hunting territory, or cultivation space versus a Great War instigated by sociopaths in sympathy with the Satanic Egos so well established in the Great Mind? Small local wars have come and gone for a few million years. Great Wars of conquest seems a recent trend in human history, suggestive of fixing a date for the emergence of Satanic and Angelic Egos, say around 4000 years ago.”

Gabriel, smiling said, “Morgana, if human aggressions had remained local, resource-related skirmishes, it is unlikely that the Great Evil would have arisen in the contribution of humanity to the Great Mind. But, man is not alone in the universe–and if man had not added his own form of Satanic and Angelic Egos to the Great Mind–another race somewhere else in the universe would have. Every universe goes through a period of eventual war between Good versus Evil.”

The Final Battle of Good versus Evil cannot be always be averted. The fight continues until one side triumphs by either crushing or converting the other. The Final Battle is an Aryan concept and is well preserved in many of its geographical branches. Ragnarok of the Norsemen is a great example–where Loki and the Frost Giants, or Evil, wins. Revelation is another example, though modified such that Christ is triumphant and Good prevails. The battle between Zurvan’s twins, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman is fought over a 12, 000 year cycle and all human souls must choice a side to fight upon. Ahriman fights even though he knows that he will lose in the end. Moderns say that this Battle will be so at the ‘end of time.’

Most everyone fights on the side they believe is Good, but, most battles, even world battles, are fought between two powerful Satanic Egos. The eternal weakness of Evil is that it cannot long remain unified within, alliances begin decaying quickly and lead to infighting. Satanic Egos are not easy to terminate as they find many hosts and affiliates on your Earth. Though, I no longer have much interest in my home world, I will tell you that during the past 2000 years or so, most of the pain and misery are caused by three and maybe four warring Satanic Egos and their family lineages. Surprised? Your virtual ego occupies your body, and a Satanic Ego can also occupy a body. What you are entertained by in novels, tales, and movies are not all rubbish!

The adherents of historic, people’s religions intuit such a war, but error, imaging that their gods are the ones at war–such belief going back far into the pre-Vedic times. Moreover, each religion believes it’s personal god or goddess shall see victory in the end of times, i.e., Good always triumphs, right? If your side loses, it was because you were betrayed, angered your god, or somehow messed up. So both sides remain convinced that they are Good and the other is Evil, when, in truth, Evil comes in many guises.

The only significant battles between Good and Evil occur when one Satan, or group of allied Satans,  grows sufficiently in power to subjugate large populations and attack the enlightened beings and Angelic Hosts, incarnate or not. Your WWII was one such war, in which Satan controlled most of the armies and the Angelic had a strong influence over the final victor–though, even in the victor, a Satan was working for his own benefit.

Remember, Cosmically Significant Beings rarely intervene in planetary conflicts between Satans. Direct intervention is only required when Evil is well unified and the alliance endangers conscious evolution of a race and the reconstitution of the Original Godhead.

If a Great and Final Battle is allowed to occur, the Original Godhead may be lost and only a few Cosmic Beings will be able to seed the next universe. Evil disintegrates at the end. And imagine that such occur in a transfinite number of other physical universes without ending. It has always been so.

So, now you are privy to another secret. The overriding, grand purpose of creation is to restore the Original Godhead and add to its Essence and Beingness by aiding conscious creatures who desire to become Cosmically Significant Beings to do so. The life of your universe is real explanation behind the concepts of Christ’s Crucifixion, Visit to Hell, and Resurrection. Another secret.”

The Purpose Journey (45)©

Gabriel, thought for a moment and answered, “I imagine one can say so. But, you must remember that the angels, demons, or djinn are birthed by human mind-brains and not by an immanent or transcendent Creator God. The actual age of such agents is an interesting question, as we have not discussed the possibility of ‘human-like’ mind-brains existing in other portions of our physical universe or in other physical universes having a humanoid-like conjoint mind which can interact with our own. Sorry, I can answer the first premise with a yes, but the second premise is only a hypothesis as far as my researches go.”

The students were flabbergasted. They did not know what to say.

Elaine asked, “Gabriel, what you are teaching us has a feeling, a taste, a flavor of correctness about it. I think this must be input from my Higher Sentience, the mega-organ, Rav continuously reminds us to be open toward. Rav says this is where true Conscience resides. It is the mega-organ which will guide us truly no matter what happens in our lives, no matter how uncertain things appear to be, how confusing, how dangerous. For Higher Sentience is in resonance with all that is altruistic in the Great Mind. I guess, based upon what you have just taught, that Higher Sentience resonates with all that is benevolent in our universe–our God in the making. Right?”

Gabriel looked over to Rav and smiled. “I see you have not been slack since last we spoke. Your students are stellar! You chose very well, Morgana, when your heart and mind chose Tristan. He is becoming more and more elfin as the years go by.”

Rav, who did his best not to feed his ergoegotic center with self-aggrandizing compliments, turned beet red. Morgana, spoke, “Gabriel, our Tristan, and by ‘our,’ I refer to everyone in Camelot, loves and respects him so very much. The townsfolk have a saying they tell children as they are learning how to become responsible adults. It goes like this, ‘Whenever you are angry, afraid, confused, or mistreated–stop and ask yourself, what would our Tristan do. And he will answer, if you listen, because he loves all of you more than he loves himself.’”

As Elaine had mentioned Higher Sentience, the words spoken by Morgana touched the innermost heart of those present–even Gabriel and Merlin. And the touching of one’s innermost heart tastes bittersweet, speaking to you with real tears. For the students realized for the very first time, the truth underlying the teachings that Gabriel and Tristan had so carefully, and sometimes so paradoxically, exposed them. A human lifetime was full of ‘moments of purpose.’ And today, a new purpose became apparent. A purpose dealing with the birth of a new mind, a new archetype, a new angel in the Great Mind. An angel shared forever more. This complex universe was beginning to make some sense after all.

Morgana jumped. “Tristan, little Eleanor just kicked me! She knows what is true and just kicked me so I would tell you, Children, that from this day forward ‘you are all one and many.’ You have taken the first sure step to make a personal soul. Right, Tristan.”

“Yes, honey. What you said is true. I think every day you are leaving the dream world and becoming my elf princess.” Morgana said nothing, but smiled so sweetly that everyone was reminded of Medieval paintings of the Madonna. Was there no end to miracles in the dream world?

“I must say that this has been a nice distraction, but back to our lessons.” Interjected Gabriel. “Since humanoid-like creatures are the birth parents for psychoistic agents in the Great Mind, they are responsible, unknowingly, for creation of the battlefield we fight upon–psychoistically and physically. When I say that such agents are independent, I mean in the same way dream world creatures are independent. Both are created by physical brains. However, dream world creatures can become independent when they are in frequent conscious contact with conscious dream egos–as is the case with Morgana and Merlin. Regardless of whether or not Camelot is lost, Morgana and Merlin will continue. So the nidus of selfishness and hoarding resonating in many brains eventually assumes the quality of an independent personality composed of parts of the personas of those minds which it inhabits. And when this happens, as it has happened long ago, Satan becomes a reality in the Great Mind, though, not an actuality as are all of you. It is rather complex and takes a long time to fully integrate.”

Vlad asked, “I am delighted to hear that the battle ground and the characters warring over altruism and selfishness are human creations. Who wins is up to us, alone. It is cleaner than having to figure why God and Satan, or Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, must fight.”

The Purpose Journey (43)©

Justin noted, “Now this is what I call a very ‘spacey’ talk!” All the students laughed as to the play on words. Merlin and Morgana did not get it at all and Tristan had to explain it to them.

Gabriel continued, “Curiously, none of us can experience more than four dimensions as the fifth, and any higher ones, are always collapsed to Planck’s Length. This means that creatures centered in the third dimension are entangled by the collapsed fourth–allowing for quantum mechanical nonlocality. But, such are unimportant for the moment.”

“It is difficult to discuss such matters without getting tangential. The bottom line is this: each of our individual brains is connected, or entangled, with the brains of everyone else via the collapsed fourth dimension of space; each of our minds is merged, or entangled, with the minds or everyone else via the collapsed fifth dimension of space. A modern analogy would be to imagine our brains as laptops or notepads connected to each other via the hardware of the internet. Moreover, if I am conducting an information dense calculation, I can distribute my calculations onto your computers so to do my work more efficiently. Whenever, Tristan and I need to communicate with each other, we simply adjust the vibratory frequency of ‘our beings’ so to bring them into resonance and our conscious minds are present no differently than if we were physically together. If you read Emanuel Swedenborg writings, you will appreciate what I am saying more thoroughly. Even more so, after you experience the Group Mind Exercise; then, you can say to me, I know!”

“So, my friends, though, your dream world is independently created by your brain, in practice, each dream is no more than a local production played upon one stage nested within a vast theater possessing an endless number of stages, orchestras, and audiences (your personas not active in the dream). Moreover, the themes, characters, stage props, and dialog of our nocturnal dramas share a universal commonality as discussed by Jung using his epigenetic model of the collective unconscious. I do hope all of you are beginning to grasp the significance of what I am saying?”

“Moreover, as we create scenarios involving the collective’s common archetypes: mother, father, hero, sibling, demons, angels and so on, each dream adds or subtracts, let us say, a ‘psychoistic  vitality’ to or from our personalized archetypes. In the event, our dream activities cause one archetype to be sufficiently activated, this archetype will resonate with archetypes of similar type and valence within the dreaming mind-brains of others and be strengthened, as the enhanced archetype is a shared experience. For convenience, imagine that each one of you represents a single neuron in a vast, cosmic brain. Over time, you notice that you have become specialized so to react more efficiently to activation by one or two common archetypes. Moreover, you find you share many synaptic connections with similarly specialized neurons, such connections allowing all to fire in synchrony when properly stimulated. In other words, beings resonating together, experience together. This may sound familiar to those who have studied neuronal connectivity and memory–it is a restatement of Hebb’s Law, ‘neurons that fire together, wire together,’ for psychoism.”

“Depending upon the depth and frequency of exposure to the various archetypes in other minds, the additional material introjected into our personal unconsciousness may manifest as actual personas within. If a person introjects the archetype of a hungry ghost, he or she will tend toward greediness. If a person introjects the archetype of Satan, he or she will tend toward sociopathy, presuming his or her central nervous system is susceptible.”

“On first consideration, such resonances, in and of themselves, would not be expected to be troublesome to anyone other than the dreamer experiencing such and his or her local social surroundings. However, the process of resonance of archetypes of similar type and valence between multiple individuals is not restricted to the shared psychic connection established. Just, as these dreamers activate and share their archetypes with each other so to create a much richer and more powerful shared archetype, their activities generate a pattern in the conjoint mind. And remember, just as personal minds emerge from brains, the conjoint mind emerges from the aggregate of all brains. And here, lies the sleeping dragons!”

“For the more powerful the composite dream archetype shared between the personal unconscious sources, the more such archetypes begin to ‘live’ independently within the conjoint mind by occupying surreptitiously the mind-brains of its creators. If strong enough, such composite archetypes can become independent agents and intrude into the minds of susceptible dreamers, in the process becoming very powerful agents.”

Henry asked, “Gabriel, are you telling us that demons and angels are real? That they can enter into our minds without our permission and maybe even possess us?”

Reminder of the Season

My dear friends, at the end of our physical (and previously I explained how such will happen and where it leads), all matter, energy, and beings disintegrate so to be utilized for the subsequent universe.  Even, the manifested Godhead allows itself to be fragmented into aphysical seeds for the benefit of the pending creatures, still yet to be. All creatures choosing to follow the path of Satan, who achieved permanence of being by strength of ego, are erased, as if they never were.  For in-the-end, all that remains is Unconditional Love, Love inculcated within by continuous exercise of Wisdom and selfless Good Works. As Evil knows only love of its imaginary self, such self cannot survive the Grand Deflation – Inflation.

So today, in honor of all persons celebrating Western or Eastern Easter, Passover, or any other related Holiday, this reminder:

The Magical Ukrainian Kissing Box©

Once upon a time, long ago, in a small Ukrainian village, situated in a beautifully, green and vibrant forest on the banks of the majestic Dnieper River, lived a widowed mother and her young, innocent and God-loving young daughter. The mother was so very poor that it took her many months to save enough money to buy some special gold wrapping paper, which she was going to save until her daughter’s wedding day, God Willing.

One day, mother discovered the paper was missing and she asked her daughter if she had taken it. When her young daughter said yes, her mother was furious. The daughter, who was very sweet and tender and close to God burst out in tears, “Oh, Mother, please don’t be angry with me for I needed it so to wrap a special present for you.” Mother was so saddened by her previous outburst and hugged and kissed and apologized.

The next day her daughter gave mother the gift-wrapped present. Inside was a box, but it was empty of mundane things. Mother again lost her temper and told her daughter that if she was going to give a box as a present then the box should contain something nice. Again the daughter burst into tears and said, “Can you not see the kisses and love that I had put inside for you, dear Mother?”

Her mother’s heart filled with a true remorse, for such feelings commonly come upon us in holy moments, for she saw that she was in the presence of a real angel given to her from God. Realizing at long last, the specialness of her daughter, how she was truly a child of the angels, she again hugged and kissed her–thinking, “Such an innocent and pure love has my daughter for me. Could I only learn to be worthy of receiving such love, as my daughter has for me, of learning how to love as she does, please dear Lord.”

The next day the daughter was playing by at the edge of the River, slipped on some wet grass, falling into the River and drowning. Mother was very heart-broken and regretted all the times she had been harsh with daughter. Then one day an angel came to her and reminded her about her daughter’s wonderful gift. So now, Mother keeps the box by her bedside and whenever she felt unhappy she opens it so to take out a kiss… and with the kiss she feels her daughter once again with her.

As time passed, her material life began to improve and her little farm prospered. Soon not only was there sufficient food for her, but also for her to share with others in her village. The widow was happy helping her neighbors, for she had found that true happiness consists only in loving and caring for all of God’s living creatures. The more she opened the kissing box, the more love she felt inside her for she was coming to understand that her daughters heart had begun to live fully within her own.

The village prospered over the years for Mother began to share the kissing box with her neighbors and their hearts too came to be filled with her daughter’s pure and innocent love.

On day a Pope came to the village, for he had heard from some travelers of a marvelous village in the forest by the Dnieper, where everyone seemed filled with the radiance of God’s Holy Love. They told the Pope of a magic kissing box filled with endless love and kisses, a box given to an old lady by a little angel. They had felt its power.

Eventually, the Pope built a church and Mother gave the box to the priest to share with everyone… and at last the true miracle of innocent and pure love passed into the whole world.

For when greed is put aside and nature’s bounty shared, all shall have enough.


Until, you have shed tears true because of  the suffering of another, the door to your heart remains closed to the One.  For tears true are the Holy Elixir, the  Philosopher’s Stone, and the Eye of the Needle leading to the hiding place of the Keys of Heaven.  The true religious path is the one of Unconditional Love, all others are false.  Blessings for each of  you and your families.  Baal Eyt



The Purpose Journey (42)©

“Anyone confused? Physical creatures without the capacity of creating a shared virtual world to function within are incapable of good and evil. The efficient functioning of an intelligent machine world may appear just and caring from our perspective, but, in truth, is no more than a ‘well-designed’ process. They may experience pain and pleasure, but as they are not self-conscious they cannot suffer. It is just sensory data. Do not misunderstand me, higher mammals and primates possess rudimentary awareness and so seem to suffer. Elephants and chimpanzees appear to grieve at the loss of a close relative or companion.”

“Subsequently, if the sole existence available for a living creature is material, then the experiences of that creature are material. They may share a common set of behaviors when challenged, approximating Jung’s collective, but nothing more. They lack, not only a theory of mind, but, the capacity to share information via similarly functioning minds which emerged out of biological evolution. This is why, I teach that our human notions of good and evil, though oftentimes differing due to cultural biasing, arise from two major inputs. First, every child is inculcated by the particularities of its local mores system so to encourage the assimilation of useful behaviors and values to guide its life. This is useful, but nothing special, as every machine society would be forced to establish similar educational programs.”

“The second input is much more interesting from a psychoistic view–the presence of a mental factor which we call conscience. Conscience is much deeper than the social mores engendered during the enculturation of a child. We all know conscience, as all of us have experienced it many times. Conscience calls to us, birthing a subtle feeling or by direct knowledge, that our proposed actions, overt or covert, are inappropriate and harmful. When we fail to heed conscience, we generally experience guilt and sometimes shame.”

“True conscience is a qualia which is not begotten by physicality. It arises solely within physical creatures neurologically advanced so to possess self-awareness and a theory of mind. The central nervous systems of such creatures do not create conscience, for conscience is an aphysical qualia, but can experience the ‘feeling of conscience’ as it passes into the mind-brain unit. Conscience is the very first evidence that God may exist! Conscience comprises what Christians know as the Holy Ghost or Comforter.”

“Moreover, unlike less biologically evolved creatures, human mind-brains are able to exchange information between each other without the exchange of sensorial data. You may be thinking, ‘How can he prove his conjecture?’ Paranormal experience? Spiritualism? Mediumship? Nope. Our school possesses a very unusual mental experiment in which participants are able to share experiential information between each other when joined together as a single mental unit focused upon a common goal. Technically, the Institute calls it the ‘Individuation Within the Conjoint Mind Exercise;’ in the vulgate, we call it the ‘Group Mind Exercise.’”

“Tristan will teach it one day when you are ready. Doing this experiment, even one time with a properly prepared individual, opens such his or her awareness so to encompass the vastness of the aphysical universe. Conscience is the first taste of God, and Direct Knowing is the second taste of God. And Direct Knowing is how Tristan and I stay connected no matter where we are in time and space.”

Elaine exclaimed, “Gabriel, then there is an Absolute, a Cosmic Mind, God?”

Smiling, Gabriel said, “Not so fast, little one. Intellectually, the Limitless, the Ein-Sof, the Ground, the Ultimate Nothingness, the Brahman, the Atman, the Merciful, and so on, resides beyond your grasp. We must approach the Grand Metric slowly and carefully so not to be misleading. Have patience. If you persevere, you will find what you need.”

“At last, I can return to St. George’s question as to how our personal beliefs, feelings, and desires influences our collective mind, or metapsychoism.”

“The basic structure of our peripheral and central nervous system is such that we respond to stimuli in our local environments so to survive and benefit. We each possess afferent neurons for communication of sensory data to the central nervous system for meaningful processing, and then efferent neurons to execute appropriate motor responses. The threefold design of our nervous system, input-evaluate-output, is evolutionarily very ancient. It is seen in all animals, beginning with the invertebrates, though in simple forms. Moreover, we find the predecessor system in single cells, to be a threefold information processor, ‘stimulus-evaluation-response,’ functioning through cell member receptor-enzymatic cytosol-cell membrane cilia. There are an input channel, a data-sensitive evaluator, and an output channel.”

“The reason I keep reverting to the physical is to remind you how powerful evolutionary processes really are and how nature retains what works. This is true even in the aphysical world of mentality.”

“Tristan discussed the imago operators and how their functionality grew richer over evolutionary experimentation. He also explained how the human body exists in corporeality, but the human mind exists within a virtual world manufactured by its imago operators. This means, boys and girls, we all live in a most unusual dream world manufactured by the mind-brains of conscious creatures such as yourselves. And the number of governing rules in the dream world is less than in physicality–which is why Magick works in Camelot and elsewhere.”

“Moreover, physical creatures are limited to making observations in that portion of ten-dimensional space allowed for physical matter and energy–our normal three-dimensional space, though in truth our physical world is really four-dimensional. This is why quanta do not move through three dimensional physical space, but simply disappear and reappear, being restrained only by the conservation laws. For physical observers the fourth dimension is not perceivable as it appears to us as collapsed to Planck’s Length. And the objects we observe are only seen when they are stopped onto the Grand Metric, as all physical objects are so to be present in only three-space. I realize it sounds confusing and I am sure all of you are going to go bonkers when Tristan explains his physics–it is utterly overwhelming and original. If he ever publishes, he will overshadow Einstein and Newton.”

“And guess what? This collapsed fourth dimension opens up when we are in our virtual world and so we perceive all four dimensions.  This is why ‘virtual physical’ objects actually move in this four-space and our minds can make things disappear, translate, and reappear into four-space with Magick. Magick requires the aphysical and mind.”


The Purpose Journey (41)©

Everyone was dressed and ready for the festival. The group departed the Crystal Cave around 3:00 p.m. and walked to Camelot attired in the gayly colored garments made by Morgana. They made a grand sight, indeed. The townsfolk were happy to see everyone and treated the students as family guests. The students especially enjoyed dancing around the May Pole, especially when tipsy.

Camelot had many different kinds of savory dishes to enjoy, and of course, there were mead and beer to drink. Merlin introduced the students to a potent liquor named, Dragon’s Blood. It was made by fermenting wild blackberries and raspberries with yeast and distilling the mush. It was created by Merlin for one of Arthur’s birthday celebrations, made by the laws of pragmatic alchemy and not Magick. It was very smooth and tasty and easy to drink. Naturally, everyone ended up intoxicated except Morgana who would not drink because of Eleanor.

In the morning, a few of the crew were nursing hangovers and kept quiet. One or two seemed not affected by the evening’s partying and were happily chatting away. Merlin, Tristan, Gabriel, and Morgana were no different from most mornings.

After breakfast, they found themselves seated on the mountain top and ready for more of Gabriel’s unique thoughts.

Gabriel began, “Before, we move into the human interface with angels, demons, jinn, and some unknown entities, I need to digress for a moment so to make sure I have not mislead you unintentionally. The physical worlds are neither good nor evil. For good and evil are concepts and feelings which are generated, not by the mechanical interactions of matter and energy composing the physical itself. Rather, concepts and feelings are the desired products of central nervous systems, sufficiently complex, so to allow the emergence of self-awareness and conscience, or more simply, a psychoistic system with a hierarchical layering of value and valence as to the intention and results of physical actions by an agent.”

“A new physical universe is born from the deconstructed remains of a prior universe following an inevitable, local quantum fluctuation in temperature to absolute zero, a fluctuation sufficiently extensive in space and time so to encircle a large black hole. Given a sufficiently spacious and temporally stable ‘freezing of space,’ a phase change is initiated throughout the affected universe via an entangled system of black holes separated by no more than one Planck’s Length of two dimensions collapsed into one. The resultant, a near instantaneous expansion of each and every ‘black hole horizon,’ so to ingest all existing ‘momenergy’ for concentration within the pseudosingularity of each black hole. When this happens, all ten, normal spatial dimensions collapse in a single pseudosingularity. ”

“Once shared, such fundamental energy is uncontainable within fully collapsed space. In no longer than one Planck’s Time period, this fundamental energy forces its parent single dimensional space to extend itself so to create a new spatial volume equivalent to the prior universe. The major difference being that the incoming energy is localized to a small number of polyhedrons and continues to enter, in spurts and gushes, for a very long time, relative to Planck’s Time unit. Maybe as long as 10-35 seconds.”

“For those of you having studied cosmology and learned about the ‘inflationary universe,’ I just provided a more detailed explanation.”

“Each and every physical universe operates under similar laws.”

“The First Law:

Expansion of an energy-rich universe into its geometrically empty shell results in an overall adiabatic cooling of the contained energy and the formation of quanta and the capacity for an observable world of increasingly complex inanimate and animate vessels so to generate true psychoism, the imago worlds of self-aware mind, feeling, value, and valence.’”

“The Second Law:

‘All living creatures able to survive the harshness of its geographical niche so to reproduce their kind, will prosper, their genomes serving as vessels fit for what must be Done.’”

“These Two Laws declare that everything physical is under the laws of the physical. The only good in the physical is the Laws themselves–a far cry from concepts of human valance, value, and conscience.”