Response to a Thoughtful Fratre

My dear Fratre:

I much appreciate your comment to yesterday’s post concerning the Path to Liberation.  I would agree that being “self-willed” in an overbearing sense is contrary to spiritual growth.  I want to expand upon this blog (though logistically, I have already explained my understanding earlier).  Today, I will use more common terminology.

When I refer to the self, I am referring to what I have called “operational selves,” “false personalities,” “egoism” and so on.  These are psychological entities we created as we matured–including, adaptations of Jung’s archetypes.  Because such personas are epiphenomena of the mind-brain, they will disappear at mortal death.

“True self” is really not a self but is the potential pattern resulting from proper development of  the “soul seed” or that part of our being which can be developed so to reach beyond the angelic hosts or sink into the depths of the soulless qlippoth.  Rosicrucians would call it the Soul Personality, but this is a misnomer for many reasons.  I will give more detail in latter blogs–initially as I continue the mystical tale called the Purpose Journey.  I will also explain how the concepts of Good and Evil are misrepresented.

Though, to be frank, I have the feeling that such stories may be too advanced for many as they require much contemplation–and generally, human nature is not to do work, if possible.  This is one reason why humanity does not seem to move ahead from one generation to another.

Temporal Immortality occurs whenever a potential soul seed has been purposely grown so to finally blossom. If a person feeds his or her seed with altruism, benevolence, compassion, and mercy it will grow into a beautiful and immortal Rose Bush–it’s fragrance comforting what lies around it.  If a person feeds his or her egoism by hoarding materiality (greed) and by aggrandizement of the False Personality (Satan’s fallacy) such that he or she no longer resonants with altruism, benevolence, compassion, and mercy (relative to the neutral state of common humans), the soul seed will grow into a disfigured, ignorant, and harmful weed with thorns and not flowers–the fragrance poisoning what lies around it.

Both are permitted to grow the seed upwards toward the manifest Trinity (I will explain this one day also as it is much misunderstood) or downwards toward the abyss of pure emptiness.  If the Soul Personality is sufficiently resistant to survive the time interval between rebirths, it will gain an increasing stability over long time periods.  The ones growing towards the Trinity are as angels, the ones descending towards the Abyss are demons.

No demon survives the end of time for their is no goodness within them, Angels do survive the end and go onward for more Good Works.

A little radical perhaps, but the universe is radical.

Much was given in the last 120 blogs, but it is  a Spiritual Law that only those who are ready for meat will ingest Sacred Knowledge and Models of increasing Truth.

A reminder:

Liberation requires the death of self,
and such death must, in lovingkindness, be done.
Death of self is not by knife nor arrow,
nor poison, suicide, nor an accident,
death of self is in mind alone.
Kill this self with crystal-clear realization,
kill this self in meditation deep,
seek and find when all this began.
For immortality is the petit liberation,
I had a beginning, but now no end.
Immortality is only forever, post-beginning.
So why keep the beginning?
The grand liberation is without beginning nor end,
and such is found by awakening within the Unborn.

Ciao, Michael

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