The Purpose Journey (26)©

NB:  Some of you may not appreciate that the energies raised by gender union are very powerful in the occult world.  There is much to this ritual which I shall not explain.

Everyone closed his or her eyes, including, Merlin and Morgana. In a short moment, all were standing at the doorway to the Temple. Merlin began, “This is the First Temple of All Temples constructed so to be the Source of all future physical universes. It is here that the Unfathomable created the Pool of the Deep Magick–a pool from which all magick flows outward–be it white or black. What seems to be and feel like water is liquid Magick. Come, we have little time and much to learn.”

Everyone followed Merlin into the Temple. The Temple was bare of furniture or accouterments. In its very center of the Temple, surrounded by flat stones was a pool of living water. As they approached the pool it seemed that it produced barely audible melodies without words. At the edge of the pool stood Morgana and Tristan, both transfixed completely upon the other. They were standing inside of a large enneasagram inscribed upon the floor. Surrounding the pair was a golden honey colored fog of the palest intensity. As Morgana looked upward to Tristan’s head, he bent down and kissed her passionately upon her lips. A spasm came to life in her pelvis and spread through the frame of her body. Her knees collapsed and she fell into his arms.

Merlin commanded, “All of you pick a pentacle to stand within at the edge of the pool and wait silently for what happens next.”

Rav asked Morgana to undress herself as she stood within the enneasagram inscribed upon a large flat floor stone next to the three steps leading into the Pool of Magick. Morgana dropped her cloak and then unbuttoned her dress so it to fell to the floor. She stood bare before everyone. No embarrassment could be seen in her ever-sparkling eyes.

The student’s eyes could not turn away from her bare body for she was undoubtedly the most beautiful woman they had ever looked upon. She was perfectly symmetrical, left to right. Her breasts were full and her nipples firm because of the chill inside the Temple. She had little if any body hair so that all appreciated the richness of her alabaster skin. She was perfect. As they continued to watched her, the original honey golden fog vanished, being replaced by a faint golden-pink aura beginning to shine forth from the area of her pelvis which is anterior to her elf-filled womb. Soon one could see golden-pink swirls of light-fog moving around her so to envelope her in a faint cloud from head to foot.

Tristan, who remained clothed bent his head to kiss her again and another spasm shook her body, interrupting our revelry upon Morgana’s beauty. Tristan saying, “Sweet Love, walk down into the pool for the water is warm.”

Morgana seemed to be in a trance. She placed her two hands over her womb and carefully descended into the water. She moved so gracefully that it seemed that her feet never actually touched the stone steps. She went to the middle of the pool which was some 9 meters in diameter and found a seat formed of stone upon which she slowly sat down upon. As she rested all of her body was underwater other than her head. She closed her eyes.

Rav remained standing within the same enneasagram as had held Morgana. Merlin moved so to stand diametric to Rav, himself standing within another enneasagram. Rav began to chant, softly and melodiously in Enochian. Whenever, Rav stopped his chanting, Merlin would continue. Soon the water in the pool began to swirl in two currents. The inner current rotated in a clockwise direction such that the water flowed into Rav’s right. The outer current flowed effortlessly counterclockwise and in opposition to the inner stream. Morgana remained in her trance.

As Times daughters marched onward, the water in the outer stream took on a soft yellowish hue and the inner turned indigo and was soon filled with golden-pink droplets of water. As the water continued circumambulating around her naked body, she started to sing an unknown melody in a language none of the students had heard before. The melody changed in pitch and in intensity in a way impossible to describe. The timbre of her voice surely must be Angelic for it seemed to resonate with the highest portion of each soul standing around the pool. Soon everyone found themselves above the pool and looking down at Morgana.

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