The Purpose Journey (28)©

But, as we wait for the new birth, I must tell you something about the overall structure of a new material universe. Such structure arising from within the supersubstantial, Entity, I called Original Soul or Original Mind. In the language of the First Born, it is named Elohim. It is my honorable duty to give such Holy Truth to all of you, as such Holy Truth was given to me by my Teacher, Thrice-Blessed, is He. May His eternal lantern burn brightly so to illuminate the path for exiting the forest of errors and even onto the Unborn. Light, Life, and Love radiating outward to all creatures who choose to allow Baal to fertilize the soul seed within.

His name, Baal Eyt, for He is the Lord of This Appointed Time. And like I, he too was a descendent of the First Born or First Ones, a human and an Elf, born into a material universe with a soul seed. After what felt like an uncountable number of lifetimes, the quality of Baal Eyt’s beingness rose above even the Cherubim.

Though none of you were conceived or born possessing the essence of an Elf, the ritual performed tonight in the First Temple has rectified such deficiency. For by entering spiritually into my Morgana’s womb with our Seed Child Eleanor, you will be reborn part-Elf from Morgana when our conjoint soul returns to the Temple and separates. At the moment of rebirth, you are more than human. You are now the sons and daughters of a First Born. A miracle performed through the union of Wisdom and Love, as animates Morgana and myself.

Baal Eyt awaits us in the First Temple. See in your mind, the Pool of Deep Magick and together make a wish to return and it shall be so.

Standing before the group was a young man dressed in simple clothes suitable for Merlin and Morgana’s world. A muslin pullover shirt, leather britches, and high boots. He was about the same height as Merlin and Tristan and of a slender build. His hair fell past this shoulders in ringlets and was dark brown. His irises were emerald green. His complexion fair. He had no jewelry other than a gold ring on his right index finger which appeared inscribed in some script. A faint, shimmering light halo surrounded his person speaking to the hearts of those present of the actuality of simple, everlasting peace, joy, clarity, and well-being.

Our Rav moved to greet the young man. Standing directly in front of the young man, both looked into each others eyes. The young man smiled and opened his arms so initiate a hug between the two men. The remaining group members were amazed as a great light shone forth from the two friends when they came together.

The young man said, “So, Tristan the Magnificent has come to call upon his old friend after so many centuries. Your aura speaks to me of great changes. I see that you are more than when we last parted and have become One with the Deep Magick. It is good, friend. Very good.”

Tristan replied, “It is as you see, Gabriel. When the Oblivion opened so to release Ahri-Simeon and Ahri-Lilith, I was called to Nouseum by our Beloved Prince and Princess so to free Prince Marduk–and for this the Deep Magick must be released.”

Baal Gabriel Eyt exclaimed with a laugh and a sly gleam in his bright eyes, “I am shocked, Tristan. Just because I have been away for a few centuries, you really believe that I don’t check on you now and then? Who do you think sent you the finding spell, you ungrateful, scamp of a son of a frog-tongued, blistering, Narnian shrew witch?” Finishing, Gabriel took the fingers of his right hand and tapped Tristan on the back of the skull.

Everyone started laughing and looking at each other. Gabriel seemed more like an elder brother to Tristan than his spiritual mentor and occult teacher.

Tristan fell to his knees pretending that the small tap was a great blow. “Oh, great Swami, Most Favored of All the High Ones, I kneel before you, this ungrateful bag of dried ogre droppings.”

Tristan stood up and both shared a good laugh together. Clearly, they were the best of friends and true brothers in the Deep Magick. “Gabriel, these are my twelve students from the physical world named Earth. This is my essence friend Merlin from the dreamworld of Camelot. And this ravishingly beautiful, everlastingly loving, genius of Magick is my essence mate and wife, Morgana. She carries our elf daughter Eleanor and twin sister to Marduk. He is released and growing up in a hidden world.”

Gabriel bowed at the waist to all those present. “Merlin, I know of your work with Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table–jolly good job. And beautiful Morgana, it is good to see that you are realigned with the forces of Light and Good. But, do not fret and feel shame as to your residence in Evil–for your journey was foretold in Elf Lore many aeons ago. The Old Books telling of All Potential Future Times carried a story speaking of the possibility that one day, a pure damsel with great Magick skills would be born in a dream world, meet a young Magus from the physical, and a great love would grow to join them forever–a love arising from a seed prepared for them in Great Nouseum.”

Morgana spoke up, “Sir, I do not understand.”

Gabriel continued, “Sweet Lady. Your turning to the Dark Side was written within these Books, which by the way are not 100% deterministic. There is a small degree of choice in all of our lives. But, you could not have turned without choosing to do so–choosing is a very complicated and misunderstood matter in so many ways. In any case, by allowing some of the Deep Magick to affect you so to absorb Evil connected you with the Oblivion is some way which I have not as yet discerned. However, such a connection was necessary for you to later be the womb which will help free Marduk. Don’t worry, Evil is no a place you shall ever return too. Right Tristan?”

“Correct! I would never allow such to happen to you, darling,” inserted Tristan.

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