The Purpose Journey (39)©

During breakfast the next morning, discussion amongst the students created a ‘din in the dinning room.’ Everyone chattered about the true source of pain and suffering does not come from Ahriman, but from the outcome of the evolutionary history of the planet. Man is a shaytan. Perhaps, Iblis and Lucifer saw something within man that God was blind to?

At last Merlin stood up, “Quiet down, please. Your din is horrendous. I can understand how it must feel to discover that your biological nature favors violence and oppression. But, until you truly understand ‘the enemy,’ you cannot attain the status of real man and real woman.”

Taking, Morgana’s hand in his, Merlin continued, “At least, our precious Morgana can now release some of her deep remorse for her past, self-centered behavior, as such was not a product of her evolution, was not intrinsic to her nature, but simply the outcome of an infection by the psychological evil of the dreamers. Which takes us to today’s chat about mankind’s collective psyche and its power for destruction or salvation.”

Merlin snapped his fingers, and everyone was back upon the mountain top of the day before.

Gabriel stood, once again, in front of the semicircle. “I am delighted that our rascally Merlin, wise mentor that he is, began today’s discussion by referring to Morgana and how she came to be infected with the Evil, which possessed the minds of the perpetrators of violence as their biological machines entered into a time of mass insanity. What humans fail to comprehend is that when committing actions of great violence and hatred, each mind is saturated with congruent and extremely ‘feeling-dense thoughts,’ particularly pleasurable at the time, associated with the torture, maiming, raping, and dehumanizing. During such times, people are truly demonic beasts without compassion, mercy, or inappropriateness. The depravity of the evil works they freely performed returns only after the insanity passes–though, for most people their prior belief that the enemy deserved what it got anyway suppresses the gravity of the insanity. After all, we can always blame the instigators and say to each other such will never happen again.”

“If such periods of insanity occurred in creatures who were no more than biological machines, who acted automatically and without concepts of right or wrong, we could accept such behavior as it involved no personal capacity to choose between right and wrong. But, this is not how we are. When the brain processes data, we find ourselves living in a world of thoughts, feelings, desires, and potential actions. We have memories helping us determine who we are and what we have done. We have consciences so to know right from wrong. We torture ourselves because of actions we took which harmed others and demeaned ourselves. Some of us feel the ongoing, consolidated suffering and pain that arises daily in our world. Our minds tell us that immaterial forces live and populate our personal and group dreams–forces for great Evil and forces for great Good.”

Gabriel stopped to judge the reactions of those listening. Even in the daylight, he saw dilated pupils and breathing shallow and rapid. The students were in a state of anxious trance. Continuing, “And these forces for Evil and for Good should not be presumed to be inherent in the universe itself, inherent in the Grand Metric of Tristan, but, must be acknowledged as being birthed by mankind during its evolution over the last million years or so. For the First Ones discovered that evil entities arising in any universe, though they come to truly be Satan, Ahriman, or Az, the Female Mother Demon of Concupiscence, are eliminated at the dissolution of each universe as these archetypes are incompatible with the inherent nature of the Grand Metric, the 5Q+1 of Tristan, pure Knowing, pure Observing, pure Presence, pure Transcendence, pure Intending, and pure Caring, as unconditional Love for All.”

“But such Evil archetypes will continue to function as long as mankind and similar conscious creatures require physical machines for expression–and this is the only way for the 5Q+1 to manifest, with the exception of Cosmically Significant Beings who have been freed of the need for a human body, but can occupy one any time the need arises. But remember, Evil and Good are human creations and the conjoint dreamworld is valence neutral.”

“And yes, dear ones, in the conjoint psychoism of mankind there is truly a battle for supremacy between Evil and Good.  Do not make the mistake of thinking the old stories of Zurvan and his twin sons, Ahriman the Evil and Ahura Mazda the Good are feeble fairy tales.  They are based upon a firm understanding of the collective psychoism of mankind.”

None of the students knew how to respond to this ‘eye opener’ that Angels and Demons and Djinn might actually exist.

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