The Purpose Journey (40)©

“You will recall that I mentioned Carl Jung and his theory of an entity he called the objective psyche or collective unconsciousness. Whenever, Jung utilized this term he was not referring to the existence of an aphysical or conjoint psychic mind shared by human beings above and beyond their individual CNS. What Jung meant was that a great similarity exists in the structure and functioning of the CNS of members of any higher mammalian species, especially, humans. Moreover, as the social evolutions faced by the various normative populations of the world during maturing are closely similar, Jung believed that the psychological world of each individual shared a set of primitive images or archetypes. I would call such archetypes, introjected personas of those figures important to our growing-up. So Jung’s collective unconsciousness was no more than similar functioning of that part of the individual unconscious which is not available to conscious observation.”

Gabriel paused to allow this to sink-in, continuing, “However, whenever a lay person is told of Jung’s collective, he or she believes Jung is referring to the actual existence of an aphysical or conjoint psychic mind shared by human beings above and beyond their individual CNS. And to tell you the truth, both groups are correct, as you would surmise from our earlier discussions of the mind-brain and the two imago operators. By possessing similarly structured and functioning nervous systems with access to the same neurologically-derived evolutionary archetypes, each of us can empower and strengthen the personal importance of such archetypes by feeding them powerful feelings and desires. If such archetypes are imagined frequently, they become sufficiently well defined so to become an actual ego-state or persona which can occupy the ergoegotic center which Rav taught you about earlier. When this happens, part of your beingness has been bequeathed to such ego-states and you are changed.”

“Any questions?” asked Gabriel.

George spoke up, “Gabriel, if we imagined that each of us possessed a meter which was calibrated negative for harmful ego-states and positive for altruistic ego-states, would such a meter be useful for determining our level of conscious evolution?”

Gabriel, replied, “Good metaphor, George. While, none of us possess a summation device as imagined in your question, our state of being, as far as moving beyond our mechanical nature, frequent, careful observation of the state of our higher feeling center by an altruistic ego-state, what we call a deputy steward or pro-conscious ego-state, will uncover a very subtle feeling related to your overall level of being. If one has spent most of his or her life feeding his or her self-aggrandizing demons or jinn, he or she will sense a ‘dark’ feeling underneath all normal human feelings. This darkness fills every part of their mind until it is supreme. If you or I experienced such a mood, we would feel trapped in a pit of poisonous vipers, horrified and terrified beyond imagination, scampering to escape a pit which cannot be escaped. We would be in Hell. For those who had chosen to feed the demons and jinn, they are happy and content.”

“Alternatively, a person dedicated to achieving true permanence of soul will find himself or herself spiraling ever-closer to the bliss of being centered within the 5Q+1. So observe the feelings which arise when you seek what the material world has to offer as contrasted with the feelings associated with the completion of good works. When deep inside you observe a dark shadow growing stronger–you are debasing beingness. When deep inside you observe a subtle light surrounding all your normal feelings–you are ennobling beingness.”

“So, George, all of us do possess a beingness meter. Anymore questions?”

Celestine asked, “Gabriel, thanks for telling us about the meter! I think I was using it, but did not have an appreciation of how to best use it. My question is the following. From what you have been teaching us, it seems that whenever a person regularly feeds, what Jung called the Shadow, the Shadow grows in stature and psychoistic mass, as it absorbs a greater and greater fraction of our daily psychosomatic energies. So we move toward what our own conscience calls evil, but do not feel evil since we have learned to be comfortable with it as natural to us. Is this correct thinking, Gabriel?”

Responding, Gabriel replied, “Celestine, you are 100% correct. If you remember, the Buddha’s Dhamma teachings, his logic system included ‘associational cause and effect.’ With this, is that; without this, is without that. In other words, if you spend your day in greed and aversion, you attract the greed and aversion of others, all becoming more and more comfortable with greed and aversion. This is the real law of karma in the daily world. There is no automatic retribution in this universe because of some higher law or god. For this kind of karma is averse to human freedom of choice and conscious evolution.”

George asked a second question, “Gabriel, will you be explaining how our personal state of beingness, or I imagine it is more accurate to say, the center of our awareness as to beingness, affects our conjoint psyche or mind?”

“I will do as you ask, George, but not today, tomorrow. For this afternoon and evening, we will go to the May Day festival in Camelot which derives from the Roman holiday associated with Floralia, the goddess of flowers. Morgana has created May Day clothes for you to wear. She actually made them by hand for you without Magick. This is why she has been missing for the past two days.”

Suddenly everyone found himself or herself back in his or her bedroom in Merlin’s Crystal Cave. Lying neatly upon each bed was the colorful garment Morgana had sewed by hand for each.

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