The Purpose Journey (41)©

Everyone was dressed and ready for the festival. The group departed the Crystal Cave around 3:00 p.m. and walked to Camelot attired in the gayly colored garments made by Morgana. They made a grand sight, indeed. The townsfolk were happy to see everyone and treated the students as family guests. The students especially enjoyed dancing around the May Pole, especially when tipsy.

Camelot had many different kinds of savory dishes to enjoy, and of course, there were mead and beer to drink. Merlin introduced the students to a potent liquor named, Dragon’s Blood. It was made by fermenting wild blackberries and raspberries with yeast and distilling the mush. It was created by Merlin for one of Arthur’s birthday celebrations, made by the laws of pragmatic alchemy and not Magick. It was very smooth and tasty and easy to drink. Naturally, everyone ended up intoxicated except Morgana who would not drink because of Eleanor.

In the morning, a few of the crew were nursing hangovers and kept quiet. One or two seemed not affected by the evening’s partying and were happily chatting away. Merlin, Tristan, Gabriel, and Morgana were no different from most mornings.

After breakfast, they found themselves seated on the mountain top and ready for more of Gabriel’s unique thoughts.

Gabriel began, “Before, we move into the human interface with angels, demons, jinn, and some unknown entities, I need to digress for a moment so to make sure I have not mislead you unintentionally. The physical worlds are neither good nor evil. For good and evil are concepts and feelings which are generated, not by the mechanical interactions of matter and energy composing the physical itself. Rather, concepts and feelings are the desired products of central nervous systems, sufficiently complex, so to allow the emergence of self-awareness and conscience, or more simply, a psychoistic system with a hierarchical layering of value and valence as to the intention and results of physical actions by an agent.”

“A new physical universe is born from the deconstructed remains of a prior universe following an inevitable, local quantum fluctuation in temperature to absolute zero, a fluctuation sufficiently extensive in space and time so to encircle a large black hole. Given a sufficiently spacious and temporally stable ‘freezing of space,’ a phase change is initiated throughout the affected universe via an entangled system of black holes separated by no more than one Planck’s Length of two dimensions collapsed into one. The resultant, a near instantaneous expansion of each and every ‘black hole horizon,’ so to ingest all existing ‘momenergy’ for concentration within the pseudosingularity of each black hole. When this happens, all ten, normal spatial dimensions collapse in a single pseudosingularity. ”

“Once shared, such fundamental energy is uncontainable within fully collapsed space. In no longer than one Planck’s Time period, this fundamental energy forces its parent single dimensional space to extend itself so to create a new spatial volume equivalent to the prior universe. The major difference being that the incoming energy is localized to a small number of polyhedrons and continues to enter, in spurts and gushes, for a very long time, relative to Planck’s Time unit. Maybe as long as 10-35 seconds.”

“For those of you having studied cosmology and learned about the ‘inflationary universe,’ I just provided a more detailed explanation.”

“Each and every physical universe operates under similar laws.”

“The First Law:

Expansion of an energy-rich universe into its geometrically empty shell results in an overall adiabatic cooling of the contained energy and the formation of quanta and the capacity for an observable world of increasingly complex inanimate and animate vessels so to generate true psychoism, the imago worlds of self-aware mind, feeling, value, and valence.’”

“The Second Law:

‘All living creatures able to survive the harshness of its geographical niche so to reproduce their kind, will prosper, their genomes serving as vessels fit for what must be Done.’”

“These Two Laws declare that everything physical is under the laws of the physical. The only good in the physical is the Laws themselves–a far cry from concepts of human valance, value, and conscience.”

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