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Creation and Its Energies (3)

I would like each of you to focus your voluntary attention and listen fully to this beautiful exposition of the history of Cosmic Creation taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (translation by Normandi Ellis, AWAKENING OSIRIS, Phanes Press, Grand Rapids, MI, 1988).

“At first a voice cried against the darkness, and the voice grew loud enough to stir black waters. It was Temu rising up–his head the thousand-petaled lotus. He uttered the word and one petal drifted from him, taking form on the water. He was the will to live. Out of nothing he created himself, the light. The hand that parted the first, the beginning, then all else followed, like petals drifting into the pool.

It was in a world out of time, for there was neither sun nor moon and nothing to mark the night from the day until Temu reached down into the abyss and uplifted Ra. The sun shown on Temu’s bright face, day began and Ra lived with him from the beginning of time. That was the first day of the world. In gratitude, the sun raised itself and marked the days’ flow.

But on the first day, when Temu held the sun, a spark flew out from him. The globe he held caught and reflected first light. The light flew back and he saw the light was himself, he saw that he was god and only after Temu created Ra was he visible even to himself.

In the beginning the earth languished with the sky, nothing lay between them, neither height nor depth, and they were not separate. Each encompassed the other like a lover, and the power of life pulsed between them. At a word, Temu parted them and they became heaven and earth so that the sun might move between, that it might ride over and under the bodies of two worlds giving both its light. There was space above and below and between and on all four sides so that all of the things Temu thought might take shape–beast and stone and season…

… Man he gave the power to create himself, to name himself and his destiny and to be in it, living eternally in the company of the gods. And Temu is with him.

Of fire returning to fire, he cannot be turned away, unless a man extinguishes his light himself, unless he casts out god. If he casts out god, he shall die. He shall be nothing, and will have been nothing. He will never have existed.

But there is more to this story than the world’s creation. There is its destruction.

From fire, out of fire and into fire, Temu takes back what is given. One day he’ll destroy what he has created–from nothing returning to nothing. Time shall swallow itself, the lesser days and the eons. How can one remember what never existed?”

Creation and Its Energies (2)


During the period in which you attend voluntarily to this treatise; I am going to discuss the subject of energy and its various manifestations, exploring this area scientifically and mystically. I ask you to listen carefully to what is being said so that you can begin to learn to see how energy or Being manifests in your life rather than just thinking about it. The information being presented can guide you into a path integrating these concepts of energy or Being into your life–making them your own by observing and responding to the events transpiring through application of this knowledge. I am taking time to discuss energy, because everything that we do, is done to us or happens in us occurs through the transformation of energies. We cannot walk or talk without expending energy, food sources must be metabolized by the body to provide energy for the brain to think or the heart to beat, psychic energies must be utilized for astral projection or conscious work.

Realize that the many technologic advances of the 20th century are the result of man’s much improved understanding of how to more efficaciously transform physical energies. As we will see presently, when we look at the many equations and theories introduced over the past several hundred years explaining how physical energy works, mankind has accomplished much.

However, outside of genuine esoteric schools, mankind has fared less well in recognizing and adapting the vital and cosmic energies to the needs of life. For example, there are several levels of vital or life energies surrounding and within us whose proper accumulation and transformation will lead to a successful and happy life. Misuse of these energies because of ignorance, as to their existence and mode of operation, results in unnecessary sickness and premature morbidity and mortality. Our deeper spiritual and psychological well-being depends upon proper accumulation and transformation of the psychic energies. Nearly all the suffering and pain experienced by mankind is the result of failure to utilize psychic energies rightly. The proper control and transformation of certain energies is of utmost importance to the man or woman actively working upon Self.

The avant-garde, Russian mystic Gurdjieff (1872 – 1949) clearly stated this esoteric law when he said, “man, like all things, is a cosmic apparatus for the transformation of energy”. The Sufis speak of this when they teach that God himself cannot act in this world because this world is too dense, there are too many laws, not enough room to maneuver to actually accomplish anything. If God actually dwelled within the created world, his infinitely, compassionate essence would cause him to destroy the world to prevent suffering in even one small child. Therefore, separate living forms are needed, some of which are called humans, to act an instruments for God for the evolution of this less than perfect world.

The fact that energies and their anabolic transformation from one state to another is of critical importance for the growth of the mystically-inclined student is clearly demonstrated within the Rosicrucian ontology in which Being is described as the fundamental energy source.



Following a suitable period of preparation, Gurdjieff, like a mature oak shedding its acorns, appears to abruptly discharge his senior students into the world–to succeed or perish based upon their own merits. The need to ‘let go’ of one’s students at the proper time and place, so to sever any final fragments of attachment to the Master, is a fundamental tenet of stewardship in all legitimate mystery schools. Knowing exactly when to discharge a student into a new octave of work (crossing the Si-Do interval) does not come from intellectual knowledge, but is more a ‘feeling or taste’ from contact with Higher Wisdom. The point of discharge should occur at that moment when the Student has the greatest number of opportunities to be of use in the fulfillment of the needs of the Source. This period is a time of hazard for both Teacher and Student. Hazard is a term coined by Bennett to describe those moments of decision when a person has to choose a course of action without full knowledge of the consequences. It is a moment when the Teacher must have full confidence in the Cosmos.

At all times, the student’s actions determine the proper moment for the teacher to discharge the student, peacefully or forcefully. Peaceful discharge occurs whenever the Student has succeeded in subduing the false personality sufficiently (attained non attachment) such that the true self is obtained (center of gravity is in the higher centers, man # 7). Such students are ready to serve others entering upon the ‘ladder of salvation’ as a high form of Teacher.

Other times, such as appears to be the case with Gurdjieff’s more well known students, Gurdjieff was forced to discharge his students because each had lost the battle between false personality and true self. Consequently, the only option available to Gurdjieff to ‘shock’ the Student was to terminate the official Teacher-Student relationship in the eyes of the Student. In actuality, on a deeper plane of experience, such bonds are never severed; for each Teacher has committed, as a true and trustworthy friend, to work eternally for the Student’s final salvation. Gurdjieff’s commitment to his former students is evident throughout the written material upon Gurdjieff.

In conclusion, I would recommend that anyone interested in studying the Teacher-Student relationship avail themselves of William Patrick Patterson, STRUGGLE OF THE MAGICIANS: WHY USPENSKI LEFT GURDJIEFF, Arête Publications, Fairfax, California, 1996.




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Dedicated to John Godolphin Bennett (1897 – 1974), a student of G. I. Gurdjieff. Among other things, Mr. Bennett taught that books, read with voluntary attention, are a contact source leading to an understanding of the ageless knowledge available from the Ancients.

Liber I. Way of the Gallant Heart (1.2)

The Ancients have a saying, “As to things of this world, the Devil is exceedingly generous, much more generous than God. Moreover, Satan provides many gifts to satisfy human concupiscence and human desires are natural, correct? His generosity comes with a very small price, a price which human evolution makes easy to pay. All He asks is that you ignore working on your ‘soul-seed’ and die a natural death. Do not worry. There is no Hell.”

“God on the other hand is stingy and rarely gives gifts to human beings. Now and then, He finds one sincerely working to mature his or her soul-seed; hence, earning the attention of the Angels. What does the High One do? He begins to send onto such seekers increasingly more intense and complicated hardships and travails which must be ingested and digested. By suffering these gifts, one catabolizes his or her concupiscence and uses such food for anabolic processes necessary to awaken into true consciousness and compassion. The price asked by God to continue His Succor, for the benefit of making a true Soul, is to accept as much Necessary Suffering as He gives. Do not worry. There is no Heaven.”

Contemplating this wise aphorism, one quickly comprehends, ‘why souls are a very rare commodity in our universe.’ A mystic will tell you, “Happy is the man possessing true Soul. Happy is the man who cares nothing for Soul, but much for concupiscence. But, pity the man Working on making such Soul.”

Satan’s capacity to fulfill human concupiscence, perverse as it may be, is beyond imagination. It is almost unlimited, but it is not infinite, for naught is infinite in Creation. Fortunately, for Satan, the innate human desire to escape worldly suffering by dangerously focusing on worldly distractions and living in the dreamworld are readily addressed by human fascination with electronic gadgetry. Why? Technology is the new ‘opium of the masses.’ This opium is not a biological, but it is an electronic hypnotic spell. This hypnosis of our technological world is not conducive to gallantries.

Finding ways to avert or break such hypnotic spells, for the benefit of the general population, is most improbable. However, some very small fractions of H. sapiens are psychoistically advanced and represent a transformation of our species (perhaps, one out of a million persons). These are the students that esoteric organizations seek to find and guide upon the path to true consciousness, true compassion, and immortality of Soul. A fraction of such transformed beings is ready too trod the Way of the Gallant Heart–the surest route to Finality.

So today, I will introduce the Cosmic Hierarchy of Love, Caring, and Compassion employed by the Institute. But, this will end your introduction to the Way of the Gallant Heart for a little bit, as first, we must learn about Creation and Its Energies: Material, Vital, and Cosmic. This is going to take a long period of study. Our text will be a canon, I began in 1996 and put aside until today. Patience is a great virtue to learn early in the mystic path.

Clearly, the goal of practitioners of the Way of the Gallant Heart is to seek completion through such hierarchy.


The Hierarchy of Loving

Self love–me first, evolutionary psychoism                 wisdom of David

parental love–biological based                                          wisdom of Abraham

martial love–first stage of unconditional love             wisdom of Mary

social love–unconditioned love to your neighbors     wisdom of Paul

generalized love–unconditioned love to humanity    wisdom of the Christ

Godlike love–unconditioned love regardless                wisdom of the Godhead

Tractate 1.2 Significance of the Appearance of Neurons and Cardiomyocytes

Previously, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of asexual and sexual reproduction. We found the primary evolutionary advantage to sexual reproduction, by a halving of the chromosome number in the gametes, was genetic recombination so to form somatic cells behaving in new and unique ways. However, this selective advantage did not allow evolution to move beyond simple multicellular animals, such as sponges.

What was needed to generate more organized bodies was a nervous and circulatory system allowing [1] sensory information and motor commands to be transmitted over long distances via nerves, [2] a heart to pump nutrients to and remove wastes from organized tissues, and [3] an extended hormonal system.

As I am extremely busy this week, I am going to ask the serious seekers to read two good articles.  Consider it as an occasional exercise of good faith!

[1] Evolution of the Nervous System and Brain by Gerhard Roth and Ursula Dicke at

Article Evolution Nervous System

[2]  Evolution of Circulatory System

Article Evolution Circulatory System


The Purpose Journey (60)

Following the tea party, everyone was given a futon to sleep upon. Ichi-san instructed the party to find a comfortable place in the garden and sleep soundly. No need for dreams, this eve.

After the students were asleep, Rav and Ichi-san were discussing the situation in Nouseum and the Outer Worlds. Ichi-san asked, “Essence Friend, do you know who will stay on Earth and who shall remain with you?”

“Actually, all will remain with me. My beloved and Merlin taught them too much Magick in Camelot. Such doings are not meant for a normal world, as you well know. I never practice Magick needlessly when on Earth. When, I am asked, I deny it’s very existence. But, I do not relish losing some of my little ones to Ahri-Simeon and Ahri-Lilith. They are all stream-enterers so it does not matter so much, but, even the Buddha is not totally impersonal.

“Ichi-san, tomorrow, I take the students to the place of three islands so to complete this particular journey as to purpose and meaning in the universe, local and global. I appreciate your wise words on the subject.”

“My pleasure, Tristan. One day, I would like to hear about your life with Morgana and Merlin. It is one of the most actualized dream worlds, I have heard about. I find it curious. Creation is full of unexpected surprises, eh?”

“Agree. I need some rest, also, so I will say goodnight and goodbye, friend. I want the students to awaken on the Island which leads to all worlds in all universes. They do not realize that this Island exists in Nouseum. A perfect place to begin their new lives.” The two men stood up and bowed to each other with the deepest respect and caring.

Then, Rav and the students were no more with Ichi-san. Ichi-san went to bed himself.

The sun was shining high on the Island when the students awoke. Needless to say, they were surprised to find themselves on the Island. The Island from which their Purposeful Journey had begun.

Elaine asked, “Rav, why did we return to the Island?”

Rav replied, “The Ancients has a saying, ‘The difference between a journey taken by a ‘man’ in quotation marks and that of a journey of the finished soul is thus. An unfinished man never realizes that his journeys from point A to point B were illusory and so nothing changes. A finished man realizes that the path he takes is not a circle, but a spiral leading closer and closer to the Unfathomable Source. The path is not so important in space and time. It is important in Eternity.”

“On a more practical level, we have returned to the Island so to await the arrival of our most cherished Butterfly Princess. You saw her the first time we visited, but you did not realize her fullness. But, as you all are doing to stay with me, she will accompany us to Nouseum. For new ones can only enter Nouseum in her presence.”

And here, dearest friends, we have completed another rotation of the spiral. All of us hope you enjoyed traveling with our group and found personal purpose and meaning. Morgana and little Eleanor send you all the love of the Elves so to maintain your hope and progress toward the Light, the Life, and the Love of the Unfathomable.

Your humble servants,

Tristan of the Gallant Heart
Morgana the Fair (and little Eleanor, of course)
Merlin the Wise