The Purpose Journey (47)©

As the kiss of sunset onto the heather fen was still some hours ahead, Gabriel continued, “Now, I will speak to you of the Good, the Beneficial, the Altruistic, the Merciful, the Compassionate, and the other 94+ names theologians have used to categorize a common conception of Divinity. By Divinity, our Order refers to the Unknowable Source from which emanates the Divine Qualia, the 5Q+1. Usually, in discussing the Divine Qualia, we use the term, ‘5Q+1.’ It has another name, the Exikleidi, the Six Keys, referring to the Keys to Heaven as the Source.

Although, our Order was the first to fully explain the operation of the Divine Qualia, each Quale was understood by our ancient forebears. As was, the custom during such times, the ancients preserved esoteric knowledge by concealing it in myths, sacred art, and sacred books. I doubt, if anyone outside our Order is aware of the reason why Jewish Tradition states that the first five books of the Old Testament are ascribed to Moses. The true explanation being, that each book of the Pentateuch is a reminder of the contemplatively observable Divine Qualia, ‘Knowing-Observing-Presence-Intending-Caring.’ The ancient Hebrew Initiates purposefully excluded the most important Sixth Qualia, Transcendence, as a second clue to the actuality.

In our Order, we refer to the Divinity by the phrase, ‘That Which Bestows for the Sake of Giving Alone.’ And what does Divinity bestow? Divinity bestows, upon all life forms, the Divine Qualia, without distinction or judgment; just as each and every physical Sun bestows light and warmth upon its orbiting planets. By analogy using the Law of Hermetic Correspondence, we state that ‘Divinity:All Life::Sun:Planetary Life.’ What is bestowed is called the Good.

Yet, our explanation is incomplete as bestowal requires an agent upon which Good can be bestowed. The natural benefactor for bestowal is a living creature capable of receiving. So once again, we discover another purpose immanent within the animate physical universe, the need for creatures capable of receiving the Good. One sound explanation, as to why organic evolution appears to be driven toward complexity over long time periods, periods punctuated by aperiodic and severe environmental cataclysms causing near total extinction of planetary life, is that the more complex the organism, mentally and emotionally, the stronger the compulsion to receive. Complex creatures are able to take and hoard, to receive proactively. Unfortunately, such creatures are poor at transforming what is received so it can be bestowed upon others. Our brethren of the Lurianic School of Kabbalism call the later, ‘receiving for the sake of giving.’

I remind you that the Good are not the opposites of the Evil, as Evil is the intentional funneling, or receiving, of all things beneficial into the operational, the imagined, the false, or the self-aggrandized self rather than assuring a fair distribution to others. In neoKabbalistic terms, Evil is synonymous with selfishness, or the evolutionary trait displayed as overly zealous and compulsive desire to receive solely for personal benefit. Conversely, Good is synonymous with intentional altruism for the benefit of others. Good and Evil are two orthogonal psychoistic dimensions, a dimension of receiving for the sake of giving and taking for the sake of egoistic hoarding. Questions or comments, asked Gabriel?

Morgana noticed that the quietest and the most shy member of Tristan’s group, Calliope, wanted to ask a question very badly, but hesitated, as she had stuttered all of her life. Morgana favored Calliope for Calliope’s heart was the purest and kindest of the twelve. Moreover, Eleanor seemed very fond of her. Secretly, Morgana and Calliope had been working with Magick to see, whether it could be a cure for her stuttering. When Morgana and Calliope spoke to each other in private, they found that the stuttering was gone. But, sweet Calliope was still afraid to speak in a group.

Tristan, noticing the conversation, said,

“Calliope, Calliope,
no Heart is more True,
no Soul-Seed more Pure.

Calliope, Sweet Muse,
our needs have you tended,
in silence and Love.

Calliope, Sweet Muse,
speak now, without fear,
words sweet, lingering Angel kisses.

Calliope, Calliope,
your words are Winged Angels,
words we need to hear.”

Morgana nudged Calliope to get up from her seat. Calliope, began, “Gabriel, may I make a comment. May I, please?” Each and every word was distinct and flowed smoothly from her mouth without hesitation. She looked back to Morgana and tears filled the eyes of both. “Morgana, I can speak like everyone else now. Oh, Morgana you the best Mother in the whole universe.” Turning back toward Gabriel, she stood up tall and said, “Being that I have been afraid to speak all my life, I learned to listen very carefully and remember all the words. Just like you advised earlier. Later when I am alone, I would think about all that I heard and when I needed I could replay the conversation in my head. I never stuttered in my head. So I have thought about many things on this journey and this is what I would like to say to everyone.”

Calliope looked around at the faces of her friends and everyone began to clap and stood around her until she had a hug from everyone. For a moment, she thought to herself that with all these feelings, I am sure to stutter again. But, she began anyway, “The universe may be too large to ever reach its end, if it has an end, but everywhere I look, I see bits of purpose and meaning hiding in every nook and cranny. The universe is chock full of hidden Easter Eggs, each painted shell holding another bit of purpose. Usually, we cannot see the Easter Eggs for the Easter Bunny knows how to hide her eggs from the rascals and the profane. She knows that her precious Eggs will be discovered only by those who care enough about the universe to open their eyes and search relentlessly until they find an Egg.

The situation is very much like that the banishment journey of the roundheaded boy, Oblio, and his faithful dog, Arrow, to the Pointless Forest. Every point-headed person in the Land of Point knew that the Pointless Forest had no point and so no one went there. After being banished to the Pointless Forest, Oblio and Arrow returned to the Land of Point told an amazing story to the townspeople that the Pointless Forest was chock full of pointy people and plants. And so Oblio explained to the townspeople that everything has a Point when you study it.

Well, finding a Point in a Pointless Forest is just like finding a Purpose in a Purposeless Universe. The Universe seems purposeless and meaningless because hardly anyone cares enough to discover all the small truths held within the Purposeless Universe.

All those persons who yell that the Universe has no Purpose are like the Evil Count living in the Pointed Village who had Oblio as his nemesis. Or, those who fabricate stories about imaginary purposes, so to hide from their inner fear, that the Universe has no purpose. I say to everyone, every day, take a little purpose journey into the Purposeless Universe and look for some Easter Eggs. They are there, and I promise you.”

Turning so to address Morgana, Calliope, stated with absolute determination, “Morgana and Merlin, my biological mother and father died soon after my birth. I have no memory of either. I was raised by the nuns in an orphanage. I am not complaining, though, I do believe that this is the reason I started to stutter as soon as I was old enough to speak. But, now I have a real family who loves and cares about me, as I love and care about them. I am not going back. I am staying here,” looking now at Tristan, “is it possible Rav, can you bring my body to me so I can stay? I cannot leave Morgana and Eleanor, or old Merlin?”

Tristan, replied, “Of course, you can stay Calliope. Your body will manifest in Camelot after the group returns in the near future. As I said earlier, some will stay with Gabriel and myself for the Great War ahead, and the rest will remain on Earth so to forward the goals of our Order. I will not return to Earth for many lifetimes as I am now mainly Elf, as is Gabriel. We will hide the Earth from Ahriman so to aid you in the Great Work of the Good.”

As Tristan finished, Merlin returned everyone to the library in time to hear the dinner chime ring. Everyone went into the kitchen for what appeared to be a most special meal. The kitchen elementals had decorated the whole place with endless flowers.

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