The Purpose Journey (48)©

Each took his or her accustomed seat. Before each were 29ml shot glasses filed with Merlin’s utterly famous and utterly strong, Dragon’s Blood, which is dark red in color, as it is distilled from a musk containing blood oranges and magical dyes. Merlin stood up, saying, “I think we need to toast our most efficient and talented kitchen elementals for arranging our dinner this evening. We may not be able to see you, but we all appreciate your special skills and sociable hearts. I say, jolly good show, jolly good.” The others stood up and clinked shot glasses with those in reach and downed the first cup of the elixir in unison. The kitchen elementals smiling at each other, as they are visible to each other, naturally, and silently drunk a toast to their charges. Tonight, all would be quite intoxicated and happy.

Everyone sat, except Merlin, who placed his shot glass on the table. Each shot glass was immediately refilled with Dragon’s Blood. Merlin said, “I have another toast to make,” at which everyone arose, glass in hand, “I want to celebrate Calliope overcoming her stuttering problem and at last showing us how totally brilliant she is. Jolly good, Calliope. Jolly good.”

All of Calliope’s friends, said, “Jolly good, Calliope,” and downed the Dragon’s Blood.

Calliope, turning just a mite red, replied, “Thanks. I love you all.”

Merlin, still standing said, “Tonight, is night of fun and so we just eat and drink for the sake of friendship and the future–no need to worry about self-observation.”

And with that the first appetizers were served, boiled shrimp served over crisp asparagus with some capers and a mildly sweet mayonnaise sauce. It had been a long day and everyone started eating.

Over the evening, our happy Diners enjoyed two courses of appetizers, a course of chilled musk melon soup, grilled boar and river trout, boiled potatoes, string beans, carrots, and a Camelot wind torte which are basically a large shell of meringue filled with fresh whipped cream, blue berries and blackberries. It was the grandest meal to date.

After the meal was over and the plates cleared, coffee was served. Tristan said, “As our journey is coming to an end soon, I want to tell you something about the essential and existential nature of Time. The first, I call, temporis aeterni, for it is eternal time, and the second tempus influens, for it is flowing time. Time is a very tricky concept to understand properly, as it is the opposite of what it appears to be for consciousness. So it is fitting for all of us to be filled with Dragon’s Blood for it will help you absorb my words more accurately. Funny side-effect, eh?”

“We shall begin our discussion with temporality, or flowing time, in the physical world, as this is how your minds perceive time. The physicists call this time, ‘clock time,’ as it is originally measurable by observation of the daily rotation of the earth about its polar axis, the revolution of earth around our sun, the revolution of the moon around our earth, and the circumpolar movement of the stars. The importance of the heavens to mankind is well documented by the megalithic astronomical structures built many thousands of years ago, in Europe, South and North America, Egypt, India, and Mesopotamia.

Moreover, the first realization deriving from observation of the earth and the solar ‘time-clocks’ is the high degree of cyclic regularity. Every day repeats, every year repeats, every precession of the equinox repeats, every spring the plants return to life and produce . . . and so on. The existence of cyclic regularity is so common that eventually people applied it to the animate world generally, and specifically to themselves. Birth begins a cycle and death ends one cycle and initiates another.

People observed that they changed in physical appearance from birth to maturity to senility. That humans and other animals aged as the earth cycled around the sun, year after year.

Many hundreds of thousands years after the birth of rudimentary self-awareness and theory of minds arose, man created physical instruments so to break time down into smaller increments. They invented the sundial and the water clock and later mechanical clocks of many sorts. Only recently, we learned of the existence of biological clocks in plants and animals synchronizing reproductive cycles and seasons. Now, we know that we all possess both circadian and ultradian clocks methodically synchronizing our physiology to our environments.

I imagine, we have become obsessed with the measurement of time, and without time, we would not have developed science. But, our fascination with temporal time and its uses was not without cost. We live our lives as semiconscious creatures, as I have discussed many times, creatures who are conditioned to believe that his or her body has an associated mind. By simple observation and schooling, we have been imparted a cognitive concept that all biological and mechanical constructions eventually wear out and stop working permanently. Animate creatures are born, grow more feeble, and die.

So when we observe ourselves over the years, we see that our hair turns grey, our skin thins and wrinkles, our endurance and strength decreases, our memories are not as good, and we do not recover from illness or injury as easily as we did when we were in our primes. In other words, primarily because our bodies change our time, reproduction stops, memories decline, we come to share a most detrimental belief, we believe that our mind ages as the body clock ticks onward.

Or more succinctly, we believe that somehow the markings of a clock accumulate, as shown by our bodies, and we acknowledge temporalities. This may be true for most people, but it is not true for those who germinate his or her soul seed so to be able to take on a new physical vehicle in the future. Let me discuss a simple exercise to prove my point.”

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