The Purpose Journey (50)©

Merlin looked at everyone, “Will you please sit down. I am getting tired of looking up at you.” Everyone immediately sat down and took a few sips of Dragon’s Blood.

Celestine piped up, “Of course, we are ready to continue Working. I don’t think any of us has any other option?”

“Great. Listen carefully to what I have to say,” replied Tristan.

“The purpose of the mirror experiment was simply to show you that everything in the physical world changes, whenever you compare one energy distribution with another in units of revolving cycles–earth rotation, earth revolution or by counting peaks in emissions of gamma rays from a star source, atomic transitions, or plain ticktocks of Grandfather’s hall clock. If one wants, we can convert time to a distant measure by multiplying it by the speed of light in the appropriate units.

As we possess many different kinds of biological clocks, situated throughout our bodies and nervous systems, we are naturally creatures of temporal time. Therefore, it should not be surprising that our operational selves, which are products of the imagines operators working with real time and real space to create virtual images and a sense of being present, perceive themselves as affected by the seeming flow of time. The operational self perceives birth, growth, maturation, and death. It may claim that it is more than a machine, but, it knows that it is no more than a transient. All creatures restricted to physicality and normal psychoism are immersed in time flow and have no respite. For Temporis aeternum is foreign to them.

As I mentioned a long time ago, Albert Einstein demonstrated using his Special Relativity Theory that clock or temporal time can be treated as a pseudospatial dimension orthogonal to the x, y, and z geometrical axes. This pseudodimension is constructed by simply multiplying a time increment, say in seconds, by the speed of light in a perfect vacuum, in cm per second, so to get units of length, that is cm. Einstein demonstrated that using four dimensional spacetime and his equations observers occupying different uniformly, moving laboratory frames could correlate each other’s observations. The details are not important, except that clocks tick differently and objects change in apparent size depending upon the relative motion between two laboratory frames. Still, the observations only tell us something interesting about the physical observation process.

Remember, I mentioned that the physical universe actually has four spatial dimensions, but one is collapsed to Planck’s Length so we only live and experience three space. An analogous situation exists between clock time and eternity–the two are orthogonal. If we think in terms of spacetime, we picture a long line stretching from the beginning of this universe up to the present moment. This line continues to lengthen as the future transforms into the past. The dimension of Eternity moves synchronously with this line and always at right angles to it. However, Eternity cannot be given a pseudolength, as can temporal time, for it is collapsed so it can occupy no more than one polyhedron. In Eternity it only takes two Plancks’ Time constant for information to travel from physical space into Eternity and back again. Most curious, eh?

I am sure I have confused all of you, right? You can think about this later, as we will discuss it again. It will make more sense after I explain what Eternity actually is and why it is important to be established therein.

Normally, people observe their worlds and themselves via the operational self, that is, from the temporal dimension of past moving into the future. People believe they exist in the present, but the physical world does not have a present. For the next future is just ahead, the actualized future has already occurred, and is only observable sometime in the future. In the world of temporalities, the present represents a variable portion of information actualizing in the physical or mental.

Like a computer screen, each distinct event you experience is composed of sensory information being fed to the brain for x milliseconds causing the pixels of the imago operator to fill, images remain for additional time, and then are erased from the screen so to refill. I would venture that a full moment of the appearance of an event in time and space is about three seconds, plus or minus.

We believe in the past, present, and future because new images appear in our minds stemming from a temporal nowhere, the future, to be present for a short time period and linked together as one distinct event, and then disappear into the past as our minds are cleared. As only ‘the present image’ resides in our minds, this is the temporal period we know–though, in truth, our present is about three seconds in the past. Curious, eh?

A knowledge of the true Present requires that an observer learn how to move his or her center of observation from the temporally-limited operational self into the Eternity of true self. The apparatus existing at the intersection of Time and Eternity is what I have called the ergoegotic center, an apparatus somewhat like the triune Greek goddess, Hecate. One face gazes from this temporal moment into the temporal past, one face gazes from this temporal moment into the temporal future, and the third face gazes from Eternity onto the fullness of Creation.

A man or woman having moved his or her center of being so to coexist at the Node of Time and Eternity, views Existence differently than those without a true self, or real I. I am going to demonstrate an inkling of how things appear when you observe yourselves from Eternity. With Gabriel help, we will shift your vantage point so you may experience Eternity,” finished Tristan.

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