No Title–For Gregg the Writer

“She’s a good hearted woman in a mean hearted land.”

1. In the beginning was naught, for naught is the source of all things.

2. For naught contains the fullness of possibilities

but a swirling, before order arose from the dark sea of swirling chaos,
I was thinking about a very serious new book to write today, it is called simply, GOD. The preface begins:

In the Beginning, after picking up a new Book and paging through it, readers always ask, “Who is this Author?”

And so, dear readers, I answer this question, “I AM.”

Simple, complete, and dignified. Moses had his answer and was satisfied.

As to your next question, “What is this Book about?”

In a very still voice, or what you perceive as such, my dear, I reply, “It is all about You and your future.”

Looking up, you protest, saying, “But the title of the Book is GOD. Isn’t the Book about GOD, really?”

I smile softly. :”No, Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve–this Book is about Man. For if your true mind and true heart remain enmeshed in silty ignorance, sticky hoarding, and murder, I cannot tell you of GOD. So first I shall tell You Who and What You are.”

“I would advise not reading this Book for reading will bring you to the first death.”

“Oh my, dear child, you cringe and grow pale with my words–so lost in the forest of ignorance. You think death will end my awareness–I will be no more. This is so very true, child, If you do not die before the physical vehicle surrenders its life energies, you should be most concerned. To continue you first die in life so that you never meet true death.”

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