Michael’s Very First Poem Revisited, Sumatra, Age 8

The Purpose Journey completion is delayed one day, as I have been busy fighting for our inalienable, and God given, Constitutional Rights against our demonic government.  As my friends sometimes say, “Never fear, Michael is here.”  It is better to do honest battle against the agents of Evil, at the expensive of mortal life, and attain a permanent soul , then die as a slave and without a soul.

So I will entertain you withe the very first poem I ever wrote.

A solitary grain of silica sand,
Dwarfed by the deep, blue sea,
Seems to itself, nothing very grand.

But, Lo, it can imagine still,
That to a wee droplet of big sea,
It must seem huge indeed,
a mountain reaching sky high,
Poised, so gallantly, ever ready, when called,
To change the course of human history.



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