Institute Statement On Dogmatism

“The Institute is well aware of the harmfulness which results when one group actively attempts to force its religious and social beliefs onto another. Homo sapiens history–an endless and valueless series of failed attempts mandating acceptance of ingenious forms of unsound, irrational and dogmatic belief. So to discourage such behavior, the Institute has chosen to provide an intellectually-open forum for discussion and criticism of ALL ancient and modern models [religious, philosophic and scientific] describing Man, GOD and the Universe.
The Institute continually evaluates [using scientifically-sound methodologies for studying the bidirectional nature of mankind’s experiences] and comments upon the rational reasonableness of such models. The Institute understands that scientific knowledge is dynamic and progressive, requiring modification of earlier models or adoption of brand-new models more consistent with objective evidence and experience. We also understand that all forms of philosophical and spiritual knowledge and understanding must be held to the same standards of validation as is science and mathematics. Intellectual discovery can show no favoritism nor sloppiness. Our students are encouraged to become skeptics and walking question-marks.
Using the results of rational analysis and objective exploration, the Institute presents position statements to our students concerning the intellectual reasonableness and internal consistency of each world-view, including an opinion of how probable each world-view is of being objectively correct and complete. We leave it to the discretion of each student to choose a useful model befitting his or her level of development.
The Institute does its best to avoid dogmatism and encourage rational inquiry amongst our teachers and students. Our goal is providing guidance to those persons desirous of finding a personal path of purpose and meaning in life.”


Baal Eyt

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