The Purpose Journey (60)

Following the tea party, everyone was given a futon to sleep upon. Ichi-san instructed the party to find a comfortable place in the garden and sleep soundly. No need for dreams, this eve.

After the students were asleep, Rav and Ichi-san were discussing the situation in Nouseum and the Outer Worlds. Ichi-san asked, “Essence Friend, do you know who will stay on Earth and who shall remain with you?”

“Actually, all will remain with me. My beloved and Merlin taught them too much Magick in Camelot. Such doings are not meant for a normal world, as you well know. I never practice Magick needlessly when on Earth. When, I am asked, I deny it’s very existence. But, I do not relish losing some of my little ones to Ahri-Simeon and Ahri-Lilith. They are all stream-enterers so it does not matter so much, but, even the Buddha is not totally impersonal.

“Ichi-san, tomorrow, I take the students to the place of three islands so to complete this particular journey as to purpose and meaning in the universe, local and global. I appreciate your wise words on the subject.”

“My pleasure, Tristan. One day, I would like to hear about your life with Morgana and Merlin. It is one of the most actualized dream worlds, I have heard about. I find it curious. Creation is full of unexpected surprises, eh?”

“Agree. I need some rest, also, so I will say goodnight and goodbye, friend. I want the students to awaken on the Island which leads to all worlds in all universes. They do not realize that this Island exists in Nouseum. A perfect place to begin their new lives.” The two men stood up and bowed to each other with the deepest respect and caring.

Then, Rav and the students were no more with Ichi-san. Ichi-san went to bed himself.

The sun was shining high on the Island when the students awoke. Needless to say, they were surprised to find themselves on the Island. The Island from which their Purposeful Journey had begun.

Elaine asked, “Rav, why did we return to the Island?”

Rav replied, “The Ancients has a saying, ‘The difference between a journey taken by a ‘man’ in quotation marks and that of a journey of the finished soul is thus. An unfinished man never realizes that his journeys from point A to point B were illusory and so nothing changes. A finished man realizes that the path he takes is not a circle, but a spiral leading closer and closer to the Unfathomable Source. The path is not so important in space and time. It is important in Eternity.”

“On a more practical level, we have returned to the Island so to await the arrival of our most cherished Butterfly Princess. You saw her the first time we visited, but you did not realize her fullness. But, as you all are doing to stay with me, she will accompany us to Nouseum. For new ones can only enter Nouseum in her presence.”

And here, dearest friends, we have completed another rotation of the spiral. All of us hope you enjoyed traveling with our group and found personal purpose and meaning. Morgana and little Eleanor send you all the love of the Elves so to maintain your hope and progress toward the Light, the Life, and the Love of the Unfathomable.

Your humble servants,

Tristan of the Gallant Heart
Morgana the Fair (and little Eleanor, of course)
Merlin the Wise


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