Creation and Its Energies (3)

I would like each of you to focus your voluntary attention and listen fully to this beautiful exposition of the history of Cosmic Creation taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (translation by Normandi Ellis, AWAKENING OSIRIS, Phanes Press, Grand Rapids, MI, 1988).

“At first a voice cried against the darkness, and the voice grew loud enough to stir black waters. It was Temu rising up–his head the thousand-petaled lotus. He uttered the word and one petal drifted from him, taking form on the water. He was the will to live. Out of nothing he created himself, the light. The hand that parted the first, the beginning, then all else followed, like petals drifting into the pool.

It was in a world out of time, for there was neither sun nor moon and nothing to mark the night from the day until Temu reached down into the abyss and uplifted Ra. The sun shown on Temu’s bright face, day began and Ra lived with him from the beginning of time. That was the first day of the world. In gratitude, the sun raised itself and marked the days’ flow.

But on the first day, when Temu held the sun, a spark flew out from him. The globe he held caught and reflected first light. The light flew back and he saw the light was himself, he saw that he was god and only after Temu created Ra was he visible even to himself.

In the beginning the earth languished with the sky, nothing lay between them, neither height nor depth, and they were not separate. Each encompassed the other like a lover, and the power of life pulsed between them. At a word, Temu parted them and they became heaven and earth so that the sun might move between, that it might ride over and under the bodies of two worlds giving both its light. There was space above and below and between and on all four sides so that all of the things Temu thought might take shape–beast and stone and season…

… Man he gave the power to create himself, to name himself and his destiny and to be in it, living eternally in the company of the gods. And Temu is with him.

Of fire returning to fire, he cannot be turned away, unless a man extinguishes his light himself, unless he casts out god. If he casts out god, he shall die. He shall be nothing, and will have been nothing. He will never have existed.

But there is more to this story than the world’s creation. There is its destruction.

From fire, out of fire and into fire, Temu takes back what is given. One day he’ll destroy what he has created–from nothing returning to nothing. Time shall swallow itself, the lesser days and the eons. How can one remember what never existed?”

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