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Creation and It’s Energies (29)

NOTE:  I am skipping Chapter 5 for the moment (Music of the Spheres as I am rewriting) 

The Nature of Transformation

Energy states can change in one of three ways. First, the quantity of energy in a source can change without changing the nature of the energy. a simple example occurs whenever you drive your automobile. As you drive, the combustion engine in your vehicle consumes energy in the form of gasoline. The further you drive, the less gasoline remains in the tank. Therefore, your ongoing concern is to insure that you have sufficient gasoline to complete your trip. It really does not matter whether the gasoline is purchased from Shell, AMOCO, BP or from a generic station. Nor are you particularly interested in the combustion chemistry of gasoline.

The second way energy can change is in its intensity. For example, your automobile has a specific amount of kinetic energy, the energy of motion, because of its mass and its speed. All of us have had experiences dealing with this kind of energy and changes in its intensity. You have learned from experience that the faster your car goes the longer it takes to brake; that the severity of damage from hitting another automobile increases as you speed increases; the price of a speeding ticket increases exponentially with speed. The conversion of electricity of 110 volts to 220 volts is another example of a change in energy intensity. In all of these cases, we are dealing with changes in the intensity of a particular form of energy.

The third way energy can change is to be transformed from one quality or vibratory condition into another quality or vibratory condition. For example, higher forms of energy can be catabolized or broken down into a simpler form as occurs whenever gasoline is converted chemically into a pressure energy for activating the appropriate pistons in order to eventually manifest as rotary motion at the drive wheels.

Other examples of catabolic transformations, “energy exchanges going downward”, occur whenever electricity is converted into motion by a motor or whenever the protein-digesting enzymes of the stomach and pancreas, trypsinogen and pepsinogen, selectively cleave complex proteins breaking them down into their constituent amino acids.

Energy can also be stepped-up or anabolically transformed, “energy exchanges going upward”, from a lower form to a higher by a generator. For example, the up-and-down motion of the pistons of the combustion engine are converted into rotary motion useful for getting you to an appointment on time; the hepatic enzymes combine simple organic molecules into complex chemicals useful for fueling the body machinery; emission of a photon of light of a specific monochromatic frequency during the decay of an electron from a higher energy orbital to a lower energy orbital closer to the nucleus of an atom.

Although each of these changes are occurring simultaneously within our cells, our bodies, our lives and in other engines and generators surrounding us; the transformation of lower energies into higher ones are the most important. This anabolic process was taught by the alchemists when they spoke of “separating the fine from the coarse”. The active contacting by the neophyte of the “Nine Orders of the Celestial Hierarchy” of Dionysius the Aeropagite when in meditative attunement is anabolic in nature. Modern cosmologic descriptions are anabolic when discussing the origins and consequent development of the physical universe from an astronomically hot early state (1032 degrees Kelvin with a density of matter of 1096 gm/cm3) at the Planck moment (10-43 seconds after the initiation of creation). The Vedic cosmology brought into the Indus Valley in the 3rd millennium B.C. E. by the Aryan conquerors speaks anabolically when it teaches that creation began with the warmth, or tapas, and is complete for an individual when liberation from karma and bodily existence, or Nirvana, is attained.

All esoteric schools teach that the true purpose of living entities is to serve as instruments for the transformation of vital and cosmic energies so that “something can be returned to the Source” at the conclusion of this cosmic cycle. For entities composing the organic world, including unfortunately, the majority of humans, transformation is unconscious; that is, it occurs reflexly and only serves the general needs of Nature. Reflexive transformations of energies occurring in Nature outside the sphere of man, such as when the photosynthetic agent of green plants, the chlorophyll, metabolizes carbon dioxide and water using the energy of solar radiation to produce complex carbohydrates and oxygen necessary for the food chain, function fine without the necessity of awareness. The progressive improvements in the complexity of living entities through mechanical evolution, including the higher primates, apparent in the diversity of life forms seen in the fossil record is another example of the beneficial nature of automatic transformation under Divine Guidance. In a sense, it can be said that the purpose of evolution is to bring the universe to a state where all matter is alive!

However, reflexive, anabolic transformations no longer serve the Cosmic Purpose when homo sapiens are involved. Cosmic evolution here on earth will stop unless anabolic transformation advances into a new level of expression and possibility. All esoteric schools teach that the unique cosmic role for man is to serve as conscious transformers of vital and cosmic energies. Of all living forms, only man has the mental capacity to accomplish this purpose; hence, each of us carries a Holy and eternal obligation to strive to become conscious. Learning how such energy transformations are accomplished comprise the many exercises of the esoteric schools. These exercises are designed to show the student how to work with energies higher than those that normally grab our attention, the reflexive and the sensitive. Unfortunately, few choose to do the work necessary, work described by Gurdjieff as conscious labor and intentional suffering.

The Three Faces of Initiation (4)


Before delving into the question of when and how esoteric initiations can be psychologically dangerous, I need to explain my qualifications for writing upon this subject.

By vocation (at least one of them), I am a psychiatrist. As I was a Rosicrucian and esotericist, I was asked to evaluate and treat patients suffering from unusual psychoses (uncontrolled intrusion of dream archetypes into daily awareness) and for removing psychic blockades preventing the experiencing of certain psychic states. Most of my corrective work was completed using medical hypnosis, as knowledgeable hypnosis will not reinforce one’s psychopathology and is excellent for reorganizing operation of the brain-mind.

By avocation (again amongst many), I have been an esotericist since I graduated university nearly five decades ago. Subsequently, I finished studying and applying the complete set of the HSL monographs and supplemental materials; served as a member of the IRC, was active in Atlanta Lodge as a ritual officer from Chaplain to Master and founding its current Heptad, was Regional Monitor, Grand Councillor, and have participated in many, many initiations.

As far as I am concerned, my activities were of small importance personally, but have been helpful to those coming to me. Most importantly for today’s blog, my experiences have engendered a great appreciation for the power and usefulness of preparatory initiations. This is what I share today.

First, esoteric initiations designed within mystically-based mesoteric schools, such as AMORC, are unlikely to overactivate a candidate’s fantasy so to cause unwanted intrusion of archetypes into the candidate’s psychic experience (gods, elementals, demons, angels, jinn and so on). Mystical initiations are more attuned to higher powers and subject matter. Such initiations, in contrast to occultism and theurgy, are not formulated around invocation or evocation of psychoistic archetypes (originating by the dream activity of our ancestors), rather the initiatory content creates a state of attunement between the candidate and Higher Being.

In my many years of initiating candidates in the various degrees of AMORC and TMO, I have never observed any significant untoward event, even, in ‘fantasy-prone’ persons (some 5% of the general population and higher in occult and spiritual organizations.

I have found that being ‘fantasy-prone,’ suffering from a mental instability, or possessing poor discrimination as to reality, is dangerous for practitioners of the occult sciences, as they work so to objectify, or make real, the various forces existing within the collective psyche. The only practitioners reasonably well protected, psychologically speaking, are those who are able to fantasize a demon or angel with the right hemisphere, while maintaining a solid connection to daily reality with the left hemisphere. Many practitioners allow such archetypes into their personal unconsciousness, as they really believe they are independent creatures, and so they take up residence by joining with existing personas.

All of us have enough problematic personas, or egostates, to deal with, no need for other ones.

I think I have said enough about initiation. Have no idea of what will be for tomorrow.


The Three Faces of Initiation (3)

The terms, ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ initiation, are utilized so to coincide with our common life experiences and subsequent cognitive concepts arising from twenty-four hour immersions within geometrical space and successive time (temporality). More compelling is the psychological sequellae of our common experience of the earth’s gravitation pull.

For instance, common magical and mystical discussions perceive the ‘spiritual’ as higher than the ‘material’ as lower. Social systems, particularly feudal ones, stress the natural presence of a hierarchy based upon blood (see the Aryan caste system). Religious structures tend to be built so to rise above the common plain (Mesopotamian ziggurats) or be situated deep underground (Cro-Magnon cave paintings). I am sure each of you can find a myriad of other examples.

The descriptive spatial term, ‘horizontal initiation,’ can be replaced by the aspatial term, ‘preparatory initiation.’ Preparatory initiations are graded and designed so to progressively exercise creative imagining skills, explore and discover unrealized facets of your personal mental space, introduce you to the human species mind, integrate mystical knowledge with being so to raise understanding, provide transient attunement with higher spiritual states so to provide landmarks for further progress, and greatly grow your higher feeling and intuitive centers.

A good preparatory initiation requires an experienced and relatively advanced team of ritual officers. Common requirements are:

[1] The place where the initiation is held must be sufficiently spacious, secluded from the mundane world, in a physical environment which is soothing and supportive of the energies raised by the ritual. If possible, the ritual area should not be used for business, social matters, or any activity which may be conflictual. Ideally, the ritual area of the Chapter, Lodge, or Temple is restricted to sacred Work.

[2] A properly decorated ritual area, reflecting the highest concepts of the particular egregore of the mesoteric school. Murals are most appropriate.

[3] Ritual paraphernalia must be properly prepared, in good condition, and should not be treated as a mundane object. Ritual robes must be of the proper color, material, and clean. For the physical condition of the ritual area and paraphernalia reflect the seriousness and inner respect of the ritual officers and will greatly affect the success of the initiation.

[4] The ritual officers must have all received the same degree as is being conducted. This is most important for each of the officers must contribute to the creation of the proper thought-form and ritual mind-set so to help the candidates merge with such egregore.

[5] As the olfactory cortex is the source of most of the frontal area of the mind-brain, attending to the choice of proper incense is most helpful and more important than commonly believed. Various aromatic oils are often helpful in raising the groups vibratory level. The use of mind-altering substances which are hallucinatory appears helpful, but is not.

[6] It is a truism that a ritual team understanding and respecting the sacredness of the ritual, shown by demeanor, practice and memorization, is a true gift of love to the Tyro.

It is true that self-conducted initiations are less effective in opening up psychic centers and exercising mystical – magical abilities than properly conducted physical rituals. However, a serious student properly approaching a ‘home initiation’ will benefit much more than a less dedicated student.

As I said previously, the primary purpose of preparatory initiations is to prepare your mind and brain so it can connect with the Higher Worlds in a progressive manner so to one day receive the first of many Great Initiations, which are ‘vertical’ or ‘consummatory’ initiations.

The Three Faces of Initiation (2)

Experiencing an initiation originating directly from the Invisible Order, while encapsulated in a human body, is an extremely infrequent event; notwithstanding, the claims of Divinity touted by many false prophets and gurus. I am sure some are thinking, “How can I tell, whether or not the person speaking in front of me is a false Magus?”

First, listen carefully to the speaker’s claims and actions. You possess reasoning skills and so can determine whether the content of the claims is consistent with what you have learned from your personal knowledge of the laws of nature and psychology. If what you are hearing is greatly at odds with what you know, ask many questions so to come to a better appreciation.

If the speaker is delighted to hear and respond to your questions, shows patience for your genuine need to understand what is being taught; tries to explain based upon your current view, and does not demean you nor act condescending, it is likely the speaker is sincere (even if he or she is in error). Perhaps, the two of you can find a better answer (this is how esoteric schools work).

Simply put, the more outrageous the claims the less likely they are true. Also, beware of accepting beliefs your various personas want to hear, rather than need to hear. Your operational self is often the most dangerous enemy limiting your spiritual development.

Second, observe the feelings arising in your body as you listen. What happens to your heartbeat, does your stomach tighten, is your posture relaxed or defensive, do you feel anxious or do you feel calm? It is important to observe yourself in daily life so to determine how your body reacts to truth and to lies. Failing to properly calibrate your observations of your body’s response to truth and untruth is the most common cause of being taken in by a false prophet.

As an aid, I would recommend studying the words of John in the Testament of the Christ, as to false prophets.

1 John 4.1 – 6: 1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that [spirit] of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. 6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

Moving on, vertical Initiation is possible, only after, an Adeptus has completed the opening of the nascent Red Rose upon his or her Gold Cross. In other words, the Rosicrucian has faced the Terrors of Human Tribulation and remains standing in the Golden Light of the True Sun forever shining beyond der Geist. The Adeptus has only one last step in securing a permanent soul and so attain to immortality as to the lifetime of the physical universe. Such persons have nothing to gain or lose by acting and doing in the world. They are complying with destiny, knowing that ‘Thy Will shall be done and not mine.’ Following the final initiation, the first vertical Initiation, the Adeptus is inducted into the Invisible Order, known as Rose-Croix in the earthly schools.

When and where, vertical Initiation is first experienced, depends upon the conscious evolutionary attainment of the individual. A few, very ancient Rose-Croix are initiated as young children during mystical dreams and so function as ripe vessels for guiding the evolution of der Geist–under tutelage of der Ubergeist, or Oversoul. Early initiates are here to open new mesoteric schools (interfaces between the spiritual and mundane worlds), to prepare teachings suitable for the new age, immerse themselves caring for the suffering of the world. Each has a different destiny to maximize. All are employed in the highest Octaves of Spiritual Work.

Other Significant Cosmic Beings, another name for the Rose-Croix, are initiated later in life, as their life paths do not begin quite right (there is much chance and perilousness in the universe). Therefore, the Masters wait for the appearance of a more opportune time for the first Great Initiation. Such was the case with H. Spencer Lewis. When one receives his or her first Great Initiation is of little importance–other than later means less time for the Work.

Such Grand Initiations may or may not occur during, or after, a horizontal initiation, as occurred most likely for H. Spencer Lewis.

Another question often asked by students, “How can you tell if your horizontal initiator is connected directly with the Invisible Order?”

There are several pieces of evidence. For instance,

You will feel a great difference in the psychoistic impact of the horizontal initiation, whenever, a finalized Initiator conducts said initiation.

First, being in front of a true Initiator generates within the candidate an ominous and foreboding feeling, a feeling that the Initiator can see into the candidate’s heart and will know if the promises made are true or false.

Second, underneath the foreboding, the candidate finds his or her heart opening to the Initiator’s heart and the Great Heart of God. The candidate sees the Initiator as his confidant and friend and is concerned for the progress of the candidate.

Third, later in his studies, the candidate will discover that his or her Initiator comes into the candidate’s dreams in times of great trouble and doubt as to the proper actions. For the Initiator understands that true initiatory bonds create inner connections so to benefit the student in the future.

A student is extremely lucky to have access to a true Initiator and should treat this as a great gift from the Invisible Order and use it to the advantage of personal Work, school Work, and cosmic Work.

I realize that my explanation is a summary, as to the nature of Esoteric Initiation, but sufficient.

As an aside, I did not discuss anthropological initiations, common with our early ancestors. These often contain religious teachings, but are not esoteric.

Tomorrow, we return to the subject of horizontal initiation and what is required for success when a true Initiate is not in attendance–as a ritualistic officer or observer.

Later, I will review the ‘darker’ side of unguided, exploratory or initiatory journeys into the psychoistic world.

The Three Faces of Initiation

As many of you realize, Esotericism and Initiation, are often portrayed by the creation of a sacred imago depicting two complementary entity or symbols. For instance, Romulus and Remus in ancient Rome, Castor and Pollux in pre-Hellenistic Greece, First Man and First Woman in Navajo creation stories, the twin flames of the Vedas, the state of original man prior to being separated into man and woman by the Homeric pantheon, ad transfinitum.

Careful study of the Zodiac of the Occident demonstrates that every astrological sign is drawn to show three forces acting within the operational world: an active, bestowing and inseminating force, a receptive, receiving and germinating force, and an unifying, cohesive and reconciling force. For instance, the triads of Father–Mother–Child, Source–Love–Wisdom, Upper–Middle–Lower worlds, and Kether:Chokmah:Binah–Zeir Anpin–Malkuth.

An immediate question arises for a student of a genuine mystery school, “If every occurrence is the resultant of three forces, then, what must be added to the dyad of Esotericism and Initiation and to form the Sacred Triad?”

The answer is simple. The third member or force is a student, but not any student. A student is not admitted through the entrance pylon opening into the temple courtyard, unless he or she possesses what true Initiates have called, a ‘point in the heart,’ ‘a magnetic center,’ ‘a small god within,’ ‘a divine fragment,’ or ‘soul-seed.’ Those allowed entrance through the temple pylon find themselves in the temple courtyard, fully exposed to the heart-searching rays of Solar-Ra.

As only qualified postulants may pass from the courtyard into the first hypostyle hall, each postulant is carefully observed as to his or her inclination for succeeding with instruction, exercises, and tasks–all given in the full light, life, and love of the Sun. Why? So to determine whether the postulant has the physical and psychic stamina necessary to succeed in ‘making a fully functional soul and gain immortality. Nothing remains hidden to the temple Masters.

Having passed the first tests and trials, the temple Masters begin initiatory work with the postulants. The preliminary initiations are designed so to open the student to the more hidden aspects of the psychoistic, virtual, or astral world of our common species mind. As I have discussed previously, even though, our corporeal body-brain resides within the physical world of Malkuth, our minds reside within a unitary dream world (though mistakenly taught that waking is different from sleeping) which can be likened to the Kabbalistic World Assiah. The initiatory work of opening the student to the immensity and complexity of our common species mind proceeds for a very long time.

For it is a truism of Esotericism that none may penetrate into the hidden worlds encompassing our limited, microcosmic, and underdeveloped species mind (der Geist). Subsequently, the preliminary initiations are designed by the highest members of the esoteric fraternity, as noetic–aesthetic experiences expanding the heart and mind of those initiated into the archetypes and forces created by man and functioning within our Geist. Students need to face the demonic and the angelic so to learn the dangers and attractions of each. Failure carries a most severe price.

Such initiatory work, I label as ‘horizontal’ initiation, or initiation ab homine usque ad hominem (from man to man). Horizontal initiation requires significant cooperation between the tyro and the initiator. The candidate must desire success and trust the initiator. The initiator must possess the capacity to psychically attune with the tyro so to raise his or her vibratory rate sufficiently to traverse the astral world as planned. Clearly, some initiators are much more powerful than others.

Successful completion of a course in esoteric study and initiation will have opened a student to the full wonder of the astral world, der Geist. How the astral world is experienced is most dependent upon the expectations of the student and the genre of the school, i.e., [one] in an occult school, der Geist is experienced in demonic and angelic archetypes versus [two] in a mysticoscientific school, der Geist is experienced as opposing and cooperating forces which are largely impersonal.

However, horizontal initiation will not introduce the student directly to the higher worlds, as such Initiation flows directly from the Invisible Order to the Adept. Such Initiation is called ‘vertical’ initiation, or initiation quod a Deo in hominem (from God to man).

A student is blessed, if he or she happens to be taught by a true Initiator, as such people will automatically attune the student to higher centers of functioning so that the probability of vertical initiation will occur for the student in this particular lifetime. Horizontal initiation is most useful for it allows the student to become a ‘stream-enterer’ and esoteric student in future lives.

In R+C terminology, a successful student of horizontal initiation is an accomplished Rosicrucian. A successful student of vertical initiation is known as a Rose-Croix. We discuss such tomorrow.

Creation and It’s Energies (28)

The Adaptive Energies

The adaptive energies, E9, E5 and E1, are those energies which allow bodies and systems to adapt or adjust themselves to their environments and surroundings so to function successfully as instruments for higher energies. Without the adaptive energies, all things remain fixed and stagnant.

Following Bennett, the lowest adaptive energy, E9, is described using the term–plastic. This is the energy which allows a body to modify its internal configuration without losing it essential nature. This is the energy responsible for the mechanical property of deformation seen in plastic, rubber, metallic and organic materials. For example, metals will lengthen and deform elastically (strain) as a function of applied load (stress) up to a certain limit, after which, the applied force is sufficient to permanently disrupt the internal structure of the solid. These effects can be seen by plotting strain (elongation/resting length) versus stress (load/area) on a 2-D scatter plot. The linear region of the strain-stress diagram is characterized by the modulus of elasticity; the point of material ‘flow’ occurs at the ‘yield’ point. Given sufficient stress, the material will eventually fracture into two separated parts.

The effects discussed above exist because material objects are not continuously solid or liquid. All forms of matter, solid, liquid, gas or plasma, are composed of interacting particle-aggregates (cosmic concentrations in the language of Gurdjieff) separated by ’empty’ space or holes. Moreover, these cosmic concentrations are not rigid, stagnant points in space; but active centers of vibration, rotation and translation. These holes or imperfections allow material objects to respond to external forces since adaptive changes can only occur via movement from occupied into unoccupied space (the physical property of mutual self-exclusion of two bodies having the same spatial coordinates is one definition of space).

The plastic energy, or energy of configuration, is apparent whenever we try to bend a wire, form clay into a beautiful vase or pick-up a glass of water. Plastic energy is the energy of bodily motion. Plastic energy can be observed in the repetitive beating of the heart, in the peristalsis of the gut, in the stretching and relaxing of the arterial vessels, in the graceful movements of a ballerina. Self-organizing, living systems could not exist without this energy.

The second adaptive energy, E5, is best exemplified by the term–sensitive energy. This vital energy is what allows animals and man to be ‘sensitive to or aware of their immediate environment’; to be aware of what is happening and ones’s place in it. Sensitivity, at its highest levels of expression, is synonymous with the common level of consciousness we introduced previously.  2016 NOTE:  Please be careful using the word ‘consciousness’ when describing the workings of the sensitive energy. Real consciousness arises at E4. The difference being that the sensitive energies allows the mind-brain to be aware that one’s desires are rarely uniform and more than one alternative is possible. Conscious energies allows us to work towards changing our programming sometime in the temporal future.

For mechanical creatures, sensitivity represents the normal upper limits of consciousness and the highest energy which can normally be controlled. Based upon quantum mechanical explanations of brain function, it is reasonable to speculate that the sensitive energy and its qualities of feeling arise in conjunction with the hierarchical neural circuitry of the brain.(3)

All expressions of multicellular life require the working of the sensitive energy to some degree or other. At its simplest level, manifestations of this energy are observed during the continual reorientation movements of the stem and leaves of a plant so to obtain maximum exposure to the sun (phototropism). More complicated manifestations of the sensitive energy occur as one moves from plants to simple vertebrates (snakes) to mammals to men. Expression of the sensitive energy flowers in the actions of mankind.

The sensitive energy is responsible for providing functional information to the creature as to the consequences of following one alternative behavior versus a competing behavior. In the non-primate mammals this energy manifests primarily as a sensitivity to what is good to eat or not to eat, locating a place which is safe to sleep and not to sleep in and so on. This energy enables a living creature to come into useful contact with its physical surroundings. Sensitive energy works via the functional activity of the brain by empowering alternative pathways, such that the more energetic normally prevails.

I would venture that humans and the highest primates are sometimes aware of the presence of alternatives, but are unable to effectively influence which alternative will manifest as true choice is not available using the sensitive energy.

In mankind, the sensitive energy enables us to be cognizant of the thoughts, feelings and bodily states arising within our brains due to associations, reactions and sensations from the external world. The operation and transformation of this energy explains why, when given two choices, we choose vanilla ice cream over chocolate, we like Ann better than Jennifer, we prefer yes over no. Inflows of sensitive energy allow us to be aware of the current choices and actions available in the situation; truly conscious energy, E4, allows us to initiate new, original choices and actions outside of our normal programming

Normally men and women exist only as thoughts, feelings and bodily states subject to each and every fleeting contact with the world and the resulting triggered desires and wants. For these people, making choices really reduces to only an automatic or reflexive response to situations using programs stored within the lower brain centers (the formatory apparatus of Gurdjieff). Most persons do not use the sensitive energy so to be aware of the details explaining why they are choosing one alternative over another; why do they prefer A over B; why do they prefer yes over no! Most people are not even aware of the words or concepts they are using in the midst of a conversation.

The energy state associated with reflexive responding was well described by Carlos Castenada when he related how his benefactor, Don Juan, said that most people were surrounded by a luminous egg having an organizing center. Gurdjieff described this state as a cloud drifting along with the body lacking in any kind of definite organization. Whenever it is interested in something, the energy concentrates in that direction. When we find something we like to eat it becomes a mouth; when we want sex it becomes a sexual organ. The capacity for such temporary organization is about the only manifestation of the sensitive energy in most persons.

Intentional use of the sensitive energy can provide an arena for contact between our physiology and our worlds. We can ask ourselves what do these words coming from my mouth really mean? What are the ‘facts’ underlying my feelings? Why do my neck muscles get tight at work? Why do I always respond the same way even though I regret my actions later?


Intentional use of the sensitive energy can provide an arena for contact between our physiology and our worlds. Intentional use of the sensitive energy (mind-brain processing) requires resonance with ‘conscious energy’ or E4. Whenever, we are present to the moment, we can ask ourselves what do these words coming from my mouth really mean? What are the ‘facts’ underlying my feelings? Why do my neck muscles get tight at work? Why do I always respond the same way even though I regret my actions later?

Working with this energy means that whenever our attention is pulled towards an object, such that our emotional or instinctive interests cause this energy to concentrate like a mouth in the direction of the attractor, that we pay attention before responding. If we are to become that which we can be, we need to learn how to arouse and work with this energy in our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations and allow conscious energy to guide it.

Working with this energy means allowing the higher conscious energies to blend with the automatic energies so to actualize the sensitive energies.

The last of the adaptive energies, E1, is the transcendent or transfinite energy responsible for the Totality. This is the master energy of all energies. This energy is something that cannot be described since it is outside the scope of any being existing within the near-infinite boundaries of Creation.

Naught, but a Simple Bard

Oftentimes, people I met during my mundane day, ask me what I do. If I believe the question to be an honest one, as they have a functioning soul-seed, I tell them:

“In truth, I am just a bard who was asked to bring some new stories to help mankind transform itself, For the virtual narratives which are created for us and by which we live, and not verbatim, factual history, are what leads to lasting and useful truths. The real truths are found within our hearts and not our minds”

So let me share a life event seen from a Spiritual point of view:

Friday, 17 August, 2012


Sail thee well, dear and wondrous friend,
for today, with saddened hearts and most caring souls,
we lay your body, most royally in your dragon ship,
to rest in peace upon your great cloak of wool,
steel sword in hand and heraldry shield upon your breast.

A zephyr, strong and fair, is rippling the skin of the Waddenzee,
water crests breaking into droplets,
suspended for a time in airy embrace,
wind blowing northward towards the Cloud-hidden Isles
of Arthur’s Avalon and the Great Norse Tree,
resting place for all mighty heroes, now and of old.

We have set your sail so to fill with wind,
and tied your rudder so to sail Northward true,
and placed upon your vessel’s dragon-headed prow,
a great lantern, with flame burning brightly
upon a wick fueled with the oil of love,
to light the seaways and banish devils all.

Today, you sail from one set of friends to join again with others,
give them our best wishes and greetings,
for all are remembered still.

Sweet friend, free at last of earthly bounds and burdens,
we shall miss your happy smile and cheery words,
our tears of sadness will flow for quite some time,
but, please remind us in such moments,
that one day, we all shall be together, once again.

As for myself, dear friend, our friendship remains alive,
for in my dreams, beyond these worldly atoms and geography,
we still shall speak and share a good joke or two.

Watch over all of us, dear friend, until we meet once again.

Sail thee well, dear and wondrous friend.
I guess, I would opine, that the continuing love we create within our hearts, must comprise a portion of the daily meal supporting our friends and family in the Beyond.