Creation and It’s Energies (10)

From the above physical explanations of force and energy, we conclude that in order to accomplish any particular goal, we need to apply the right kind of force and energy to a process at the exact right time. Failure to understand this cosmic law means that you will not only not succeed in your plan, but your results may create the opposite situation. For example, if I want to bake bread I have to apply either radiant or convective heat energy; placing the bread in a hot air balloon and letting go will increase the gravitational potential of the bread, but it will not bake it; in fact, if the balloon rises high enough the unbaked bread will freeze. If I want my mechanical watch to mark accurate time, I have to periodically apply rotational energy to the stem so to tighten up the mainspring. Heating the watch in the oven will not accomplish the intended purpose.

A similar situation exists whenever we desire to do some inner work utilizing the psychic faculties. For example, if I am interested in astral projection then I need to learn what type of energy is needed to separate my psychic senses from my physical senses. Using the energy available to physically move my right arm does little good in moving my right psychic arm. So not only is energy the power to do work, but each kind of work requires the appropriate kind of energy.

Moreover, as strange as it may sound at first hearing, the laws of physics are not restricted to only simple or complex mechanical systems. For example, Newton’s Triad of Physical Forces can be utilized successfully as part of a model (the uncertainty principle and the hazards created by choosing how to make a particular observation are also quite useful) for how best to deal with the emotional interactions commonly occurring between macroscopically-size humans. In a sense, proper extension of the laws of physics can be used to create a physics of human relationships!

The truth underlying the above statements are easily recognized if we each take a moment to observe our lives. For instance, Newton’s first law states that all bodies continue with uniform motion until acted upon by an outside force. This law also applies to the classically- and operantly-conditioned mechanical behaviors and emotions of each one of us. For example, notice how very similar our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are each day; how difficult it is to change ourselves and the opinions of those around us, while requiring almost no effort to continue our routine behaviors; how confused and upset we become when too many people try to influence our actions at the same time; how we often experience uneasiness when our ‘velocity’ has changed.

This common feeling of discomfort arising in us whenever we are required to modify a major behavior is a good example of the psychological aspect of Newton’s third law stating that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nearly always, as soon as a force for change is applied to us, we begin active resisting. More usual than not, whenever we are attacked verbally by our significant other we begin to attack back. This law is hermetically-related to the common ethical injunction to ‘Do onto others as you would have them do onto you’.

Although energy is something we can generate, store and utilize to control physical bodies and accomplish personal and Cosmic Work, energy per se is not something we can “grab onto with our hands” like a piece of coal. Energy is only the word we use to describe and quantitate the processes which we observe whenever a body changes its composition, ie, when coal is being burned, or whenever two bodies interact such that their dimensional parameters change, ie, two billiard balls colliding. What science and mysticism have discovered and transmitted are the universal laws governing energy exchange, such as exists between the kinetic energy of a moving body being dissipated as heat energy because of friction between the body and the surface it is moving upon; or the conversion of the rotational motion of a hydraulically-driven turbine into the higher energy source, electricity; or the methods for meditative attunement so to experience Samadhi.

Even though we are unable to devise an experiment to reveal energies directly to our physical senses; this does not mean that energies are outside of our experience. For example, students of metaphysics are well aware of the ‘living’ photographs obtainable by Kirlian photography (probably due to electrical discharge through water vapor); the sensing of the motives and emotions of another through observation of the ‘heterodyne-colors of the aura’; the arising of pictures and feelings upon the screen of the sensitive energy whenever we hold an object normally carried by someone else (psychometry) or the retention of specific healing vibrations of homeopathic remedies of high potency, diluted so to be void of any remaining chemical matter (vibroturgy).

All of us have an innate and intuitive feel for the essential nature of “traditional and non-traditional” energies, even though we cannot explain this “sensing very well”. This “feeling” that we have for energies is one piece of evidence for the concurrent existence of a hidden world, a formative world supporting the physical universe. This world of energies is called Yetzirah in the Kabbalah; the alam-I arvah, the world of spirits or energies, in Sufism; and the world of the elementals, or nature spirits, of the alchemists. Even modern physics postulates such a world when it speaks of particles appearing spontaneously “out of the vacuum” when a photon of high energy radiation interacts appropriately with an imaginary particle and its antiparticle.

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