Creation and It’s Energies (15)

Science has found that the vibratory rates of audible sound range for humans from 20 to 20,000 Hz, or cycles per second. The vibratory rates of visible light are in the range of a quadrillion Hz, that is ten raised to the 15th power or a doubling of two fifty times. Psychic phenomenon are taught to occur at even higher rates of vibration near the upper end of the scale of manifested energies, rates represented by two raised to the 60 or 70th power. Even physical bodies in motion have waves associated with them. That all moving bodies have wave properties was predicted in 1924 by de Broglie, using an equation relating a particle’s momentum p, energy E, frequency v and wave length l, i.e.,

                             p = E/c = mc**2/c = hv/vl                                 (13)

or rearranging,

                                 l = h/p (14)                                                         (13A)

This relation was experimentally verified by observing diffraction patterns of electrons in 1927 by Davisson and Germer.

Since all natural phenomena are vibratory in essence, it is possible to arrange the gamut of these various manifestations into an ascending scale utilized by the ancients showing how positive vibrations manifest from zero to incredibly large numbers as shown in figure 8.

Notice how this scale is divided into eighty octaves based upon successive doubling of the number 2. The postulate that the universe contains an energy band of frequency up to 280 power is mentioned in several mystical schools. For example, the Babylonian philosophers stated that the mystical number forty arises by dividing the degrees of the circle, 360, by the number 9. The number 9 represents the perfect geometric figure, the circle. The circle, and consequently it’s symbol the number 9, depicts anything without beginning or end, the omnipresent, the omnificent, the omniscient, the ideal of harmony and proportion. In fact, the ancient Persians used the number nine to construct the complete ‘octaves’ of their musical scale, i.e., C, D, Eb, E#, F, G, Ab, A#, Bb, C. Although this modification was a significant step in uncovering the ‘fundamental or natural’ music scale of the universe, they either were not aware of or choose to hide schools classified the number nine as being neutral so that there would be an equivalent number of even (2, 4, 6, 8) and odd (1, 3, 5, 7) numbers. One possible explanation for this the relationship between their musical scale and other phenomenon of nature such as the arrangement of elements in the periodic table of the elements.


Figure 8

A Cosmic Keyboard

Figures 1 – 18


In the Egyptian mystery schools the number 42, more properly interpreted as two and forty, referred to an immeasurable quantity which can never be attained–an apparent infinity. It is interesting that the modern mathematical symbol for infinity uses two conjoined horizontal circles. In the mystical schools the two circles of forty represent the duality of expression of the All. The visible world joined with the non-visible world at the single point of contact. The number forty is seen throughout Judeo-Christian literature. The flood lasted forty days and forty nights, Moses went upon Mt. Sinai for forty days and forty nights and Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days and forty nights. The Egyptians taught that forty days and forty nights were required for the ka, or soul, to depart from the body. Also the number of nomes, or provinces, of ancient Egypt varied between 38 to 42.

The Zervanite sect of the Zoroastrian Church of the Sassanian period of the second Persian Empire (second century A.D.) taught that Time consisted of two domains: one boundless without end, Zurvan–infinite Time (irreversible, entropic time), and the other, one whose autonomous sway lasts a long time, Zurvan–finite Time (reversible cyclic time).

Even the uncertainty principle contains a notation for the two circles, i.e., the quantity 4pi radians, dp dx > h/4pi.

Interestingly, the large number 10**40 occurs frequently in several cosmological relationships concerning mass, length and time. For example, the total number of protons contained within the physical universe is (10**40)**2; the number of galaxies within the physical universe is equal to the number of stars in an average galaxy or (10**40)**1/4; the average number of protons in a star is (10**40)**3/2.

The ratio of the current size of the physical universe to its size at the smallest moment of conceivable time, the Planck moment, is given as 10**27 / 10**-33 or (10**40)**3/2; the ratio of the standard dimension of the physical universe to that of a proton is given as 10**27 / 10**-13 or 10**40.

The ratio of the average lifetime of a star to the time required for light to traverse a proton, the Compton wavelength, is 10**40; the ratio of the current age of the universe to the Planck moment is (10**40)**3/2. Moreover, the inverse of the gravitational fine structure constant is 10**40.

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