Creation and Its Energies (17)


NOTE:   Figures and Notes

Generally speaking, as shown in Figure 9, energy divides itself naturally into three major categories of expression: material or physical energies such as light, sound, heat, chemical compounds; vital or living energies associated with animate objects; and cosmic or universal energies responsible for consciousness, creativity and divine compassion. Within each category, a further division into four subcategories occurs such that a total of twelve energy levels can be used to represent all forms of manifestation within our particular Cosmic Keyboard, Ray of Creation, our Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The fact that there are twelve levels of energy is an ancient doctrine appearing in many different teachings: in Buddhism, Sufism, Kabbalistic thought, Christianity and Hermeticism. The number twelve appears in many contexts: the twelve disciples of Christ, the twelve days of Christmas, the twelve months of the year, the twelve hours of the day and the night, the twelve houses of the zodiac and so on.

The classical Western diatonic music scale is divided into twelve, perfect fifths (range of 259.24 Hz) contained within the space of seven octaves (range of 28 or 256 Hz). Note that the fit is not quite perfect having a deviation of 3.48 Hz known as a Pythagorean comma.

Also this classification of twelve energies or emanations can be seen in the Tree of Life and in the degree progression of the Rosicrucians from Neophyte to the highest levels (Figure 10).

Figure 9

Scale of Manifested Energies

E1 Adaptive
E2 Cohesive                            Cosmic, Universal
E3 Directed Energies
E4 Dispersed

E5 Adaptive
E6 Cohesive                              Vital, Living
E7 Directed Energies
E8 Dispersed

E9 Adaptive
E10 Cohesive                             Material, Physical
E11 Directed Energies
E12 Dispersed

Twelve distinct levels occur in the Tree of Life: the first level is the Unfathomable Source of All; the second level contains the three forces of the Negative Existence–Ain or the Negative, Ain Soph or the Limitless and Ain Soph Aur or the Light of the Limitless; the ten Sephiroth from Kether to Malkuth. In the degree structure of the Rosicrucians twelve levels exist between the highest levels and the entry or probationer level of the Neophyte.

As shown in Figure 10, these degrees are grouped by a beginning point, an end point and four internally contained triads. The highest level equates symbolically to the Unfathomable Source of the Kabala, the upper triangle on the infinite plane encompassing the 12th, 11th and 10th Degrees is equivalent to the Negative Existence, the 9-8-7, 6-5-4, 3-2-1 triads on the finite plane equate with the Sephiroth descending from Kether to Yod, the Neophyte point equates to Malkuth and Qlippoth or the place of demons and the astral shell bodies of deceased men and women equates with the person who lacks a magnetic or spiritually active center. The first nine Temple Degrees plus the three Neophyte Atrium levels equate with the Kabbalistic Worlds of: Atziluth or the archetypal world of Pure Idea, Briah or the archangelic world of Creative Mental Patterns, Yetzirah or the angelic world of Formative Action and Assiah or the human world of Psychoism. The tenth or last emanated Sephira, named Malkuth, is the world of Materiality, including, matter, life and sensitivity to the environment (all mechanical and soulless).

Figure 10

Kabala and the Degree Structure of the Ancient Rosicrucians


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