Creation and It’s Energies (27)

As you will recall, much of our analysis of Creation and its energies is based upon the Hermetic Principle, ‘As above, so below’. Therefore before we leave the first of the cohesive energies E10, let us see if we can uncover any useful scaling properties for the elements of the periodic table (scale occurs when one can arrange the members of a set by an intrinsic property of the set such that the set becomes either an ascending or descending series, e.g., by atomic number or by increasing or decreasing vibratory rates). Inspection of figure 20 shows that the number of elements corresponding to each row group (see summary in figure 22) include: the hydrogen-helium row which has 2; rows 2, 3 and 9 which have 8; rows 4, 5 and 8 which have 18; and rows 6 and 7 which have 32. The existing arrangement of the elements demonstrate a series of three specific lengths: 8, 18 and 32 units. These lengths are all close multiples of the fundamental length, 8, giving a total of four members of unit length one (if we treat the He row as a complete unit), three members of unit length two and two members of unit length four.

Figure 22. The Scale of Arrangement of Elements of the Periodic Table
Row Number Number of Elements Unit Length Equivalent
1                                              2                                               1
2                                              8                                               1
3                                              8                                                1
4                                            18                                                2
5                                             18                                               2
6                                             32                                               4
7                                             32                                               4
8                                             18                                                2
9                                               8                                                1

It is interesting that such an arrangement makes one think of the intervals between the semitones of a musical scale. The question is, can a correspondence be made between any known or new musical scales? Would such a scale represent the ‘music of the spheres’ sought for by Pythagoras and the alchemists? Would such a scale be useful by itself or when combined with light and odor of the proper corresponding frequencies for optimizing the healing vibrations of music in chronic physical and mental illnesses?

Answers to such questions is deferred to the next Chapter of our story–Music of the Spheres.

The second member of the cohesive energies is the reflexive or automatic energy, E6. This energy is best described as the energy of habit formation since habit is the cohesive which binds together the behaviors of all multicellular creatures, from sponges to man. While the normal drives displayed by living creatures, i.e., hunger, procreation, self-defense and so on, arise out of the vital energy; the organization of how these more primitive urges can successfully manifest arises out of the reflexive energy. This energy is transmitted from parent to child during the inoculation of appropriate behaviors for the child. The reflexive energy is manifest in the seemingly purposeful and intelligent behavior of the social insects.

In terms of the scale of consciousness mentioned previously, the lowest examples of this energy level (a simple combination of material particles and atons) corresponds to what is called physicochemical consciousness. Physicochemical consciousness manifests in the sensorial, stimulus-response patterns of simple life forms such as the bacteria and protozoa. These unicellular organisms respond quickly to perturbations in their immediate environments. They are attracted to organic chemicals required for metabolism and repulsed by chemicals harmful to their continued existence. These trophic effects are totally automatic or reflexive such that consciousness in these units of life is constrained to the physicochemical mechanisms adapting them successfully to their niche in nature.

Significantly more advanced forms of this energy occur in multicellular animals and plants. Given sufficient neural tissue such as occurs in the higher animals, an entity can eventually become aware of its environment and its own bodily appendages. The nervous system in these cases is able to combine many sensations into a specific mental picture arising within the brain of the beast. The relative degree of performance capacity with this consciousness is dependent upon the absolute amounts of tissue forming the associative portions of the brain, the cerebral cortex. It is here that conversion of sensory vibrations into pictures occurs; and with pictures, realization is born. This is the containment matrix for worldly memory or simple recollection. Higher animals, such as dogs and cats, are aware of their external worlds and their own independence. However, this consciousness is not cognizant particularly of itself. Simple consciousness exists solely in the present; concepts of time are absent or rudimentary.

At its lower evolutionary beginning, this consciousness is primarily associated with the reflexive energies; for higher animals, including man, it merges into the next higher level, E5, the sensitive energy. This is a good example demonstrating that many levels of energies make up a single creature.

All the instinctual, associative processes occurring in ourselves are really but functioning of the reflexive energy. If you stop and honestly observe your behaviors, you will find that your feelings, thoughts and actions are but automatic responses to your internal and external environments.

The highest member of the cohesive energy is the unitive, Cosmic energy, E2. This energy flows out from the abode of the God of Compassion and Divine Love. This is the energy of the seraphim, angels one rank below God who express the gift of pure Love with its associated lights, ardor and purity. Although people do not perceive this to be true, all worldly processes come under the action of unitive energy. Divine Love, as potentially manifest in man, is the redemptive power by which the lower grades of creation are able to return to the Source. The unitive energy is the state which join us in true brotherhood, in which the many perceive they are one.

The essence of the Rosicrucian teachings expresses how best to deal with this energy, “Do what thou will, for Love is the whole of the Law.”

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