Creation and It’s Energies (30)

Realize that modern man, like his ancestors from the many ancient great civilizations, remains at a critical point as far as the local future of the universe is concerned. Mankind’s place within the evolutionary scheme is such that the group and individual actions of its members are determining whether life continues to develop consciously on this planet or remains at the animal level of the reflexive and sensitive energies. Man has such power because he is the only creature proven to have the consistent capacity to put self-interests before non-self interests. To unconsciously destroy other life forms for his own pleasure without regard to the future. Mankind’s superb brain make him a very dangerous animal.

In both Islamic and Christian ontology, it is related that Lucifer, the closest archangel to the Creator God, was quite upset with man’s place in the creation. Lucifer felt, and rightly so, that when man was given the power to name things, that is was given the potential to be able to act independently of the good of Nature, the Creator God created a very dangerous situation for he allowed for the birth of evil. Prior to the creation of man, evil was not a part of the life cycle of animals since they remained unessentially unaware of themselves and could not place themselves before another.1

What Lucifer may not have realized is that the very essence of Creation concerns the separation of the ‘I’ from the ‘non-I’. That in order to create the proper conditions for a later physical universe, that the Unfathomable Source has to differentiate in a certain manner which could cause undesirable consequences, i.e., creation may fail. The fact that the very underpinnings of Creation are uncertain; that the possibly of failure is real, is mentioned in the ancient Hebrew literature describing creation when it says that 26 attempts preceded the present genesis. The world of man has arisen out of the chaotic debris of the past; there is not guarantee of success, for man runs a risk of failure, potentially returning to a state of nothingness. God is said to have said at the beginning, “Let’s hope it works this time.”

One can argue that although it took mankind’s personal and group efforts to bring forth active evil, that evil existed in potentia within creation from the very beginning. This is more than an academic matter since the unfolding of conscious evolution appears to require the presence of evil. By evil, I am referring to the quality of subjugating the interests of others to my own interests such that I do not take their needs into account equally as I do my own. In other words, evil occurs whenever self-aggrandizement becomes the prime motivator in our actions with other living forms. Imagining and acting as if I really have a permanent self is a very dangerous situation.

In a sense, the problem of Self versus Not-Self lay dormant within the consciousness of the Creator God until man was able to activate it. The Creator God has been plagued since the Beginning with trying to find a method to sift absorption from Self to Not-Self and one solution is to have man begin to consciously transform the higher cosmic energies so to return the Creator God to Wholeness, that is, were absorption is focused totally upon the Not-Self such that the Self is reabsorbed and returned to the Unfathomable Source.

The Creator God’s method for accomplishing this goal is to give man the potential for becoming a free agent within the universe, a person who is able to initiate actions independent of his or her internal or external environment. If sufficient men can learn to relinquish the self, allow the third death to occur, allowing the “Many to Become the One”; then, the Creator God can solve its problem. The method chosen is Holy Temptation of the conscious individual, one living in E4, by Lucifer. By temptation I am referring to the opportunities which arise when each of us has to choice between the needs of the false personality and the needs of the Higher Self and those of other persons. It appears obvious that only a free individual can be tempted to wrong action. Animals and automatic machines can only respond to their programming.

We will return to this subject later on, right now it is useful to continue with our subject of anabolic transformations of cosmic energies. You may have gathered from the examples given above, that anabolic transformations never occur independently and by themselves; they always require the action of a third energy or apparatus driving or catalyzing the transformation. This is probably the rationale behind Gurdjieff’s statement about the transformation of energies in his process of harnel-miatznel, “the higher blends with the lower so to actualize (that is to animate and bring into practical existence) the middle; the middle becoming the higher for the lower and the lower for the higher”.

The first example we will consider, demonstrating the laws controlling how energy recombines, concerns the anabolic transformations accomplished by the green plants of the world. Green plants and algae form the first kind of cosmic apparatus necessary for the transformation of living energies upon a wide scale. As suggested previously, the photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll occupies the bottom of the food chain and is responsible for forming the carbohydrate substrates essential for other living forms. Scientists estimate that green plants and algae annually produce over a 100 billion tons of carbohydrates. i.e., simple and complex sugars, made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. This transformation occurs by the overall reaction pathway shown in figure 27 as modified by inclusion of the appropriate energy notations.

Referring to figure 27, the fact that chlorophyll and the final carbohydrate are higher and more complex forms of the constructive energy E10 than are the simpler molecules is denoted by the superscripts + and -. In order to accomplish this transformation, sunlight of a specific wavelength E11 must provide the necessary directed energy (as photons) to for creation of activated phosphate compounds like ATP which drive the reaction. Heat is always a byproduct of such reactions since the entropy (defined as Q/T) of the universe must increase in every real exchange of energies.

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