Creation and It’s Energies (40)

Solator: The fourth state of consciousness, the note Sol, consists of ordinary sleep. Ideally, one should not spend time in this state since sleep should be entirely passive, without ordinary dreams. Sleep is designed to be a time when the mental, emotional, instinctive and moving centers recharge their energies for use in waking states of awareness. In restorative sleep, a man should not be cognizant of or respond to events occurring internally or externally.

For most men, sleep is utilized inefficiently. Instead of allowing a period of relief from mundane existence, one surrounds himself or herself with reactive dreams, psychic functions working without direction and rarely with purpose. Purely subjective images, echoes of past experiences, echoes of vague sounds, sensations or smells of the present or far-off echoes of a deeper level of life; all passing aimlessly through the mental center, leaving only faint memory traces at best. These common dreams waste psychic energy useful for accomplishing conscious work during the day.

Following conscious work and spiritual development, as the result of the Law of Scale, higher levels of the fourth state become available. These higher levels occur when ordinary sleep is graced with Work-related dreams, dreams during which one receives information from the Celestial Masters useful for activities of the third state of consciousness.

The fifth state of consciousness, embodied in the note La, occurs whenever a man or woman becomes fully aware of the personal self–the true and individual I of the soul personality. Three qualities are associated with this state: independent will, free attention and permanent self-consciousness. Normally, men are aware only of the possibility of this state in moments of inner awareness, moments when everything we believe and feel come into question, forcing us to look deeply within, responding to the very best of our ability and understanding. These moments are the sweet Voice of Our Conscience pointing us in the right direction. Oftentimes these urging are bitter to the taste and full of remorse and suffering; but always are given through Love.

Between the sixth and seventh states, between the Cosmic notes Si and Do, exists another interval which must be crossed. This crossing occurs as the result of another octave of expression called the Octave of Post-Mortal Life. This octave begins with a lower Do in which the photonic elements, the supersubstantial particles of vitality, the atons, of a lower animal or a poorly developed man separate permanently, returning to undifferentiated Being. The ascending notes of this octave represent levels of increased conscious functioning similar to levels of the Great Octave of Mortal Life. In the higher notes, the personal and spiritual elements of self are sufficiently developed through Love to maintain cohesion of the atons without the intervention of the physical body. This state is called heaven by traditional religionists. Time is usually spent asleep, exploring life-like universes or attending esoteric school. a man is fully conscious in this state only after attaining to state seven during life on earth. Such entities can manifest even upon the mortal plane.

The seventh state of consciousness, the last Do of the Octave, is the state of universal presence, objective knowledge of Creation and a feeling of universal being. This state is that of the God Self and manifests by powers of attention, will and consciousness unknown to any but the most accomplished Spiritual Masters. In this state man has a permanent I. The illuminated man understands what the Universe is, how It works and why It exists.

Only one who has attained to the fifth state can have flashes of the seventh state and be able to remember them. An ordinary man, brought to this state through artificial means, remembers nothing when he returns to his usual state of awakened sleep. He thinks he only “lost consciousness for a time”. When conscious memory is attained, this is the true state of Cosmic Illumination.

Brother N. N.: Solator, if I may interrupt your wonderful discussion for a moment.

Solator nods affirmatively.

2 thoughts on “Creation and It’s Energies (40)

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and actions during the day, Presley. It is a very long process. Do you know any Rosicrucian actors and actresses? Good ones. Doing fine here, just busy finishing up the book. Need to create book out of the Purpose Journey–I like this story. Take care, friend.


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