Creation and It’s Energies (50)


I am attaching a true to form pdf so the Tables and mathematical symbols are visible.Pdf Chapter 9.1 Tables


The Existence Of Scale In All Things

If you take a moment to gaze about and reflect upon the structure and order that is present everywhere, you cannot but be impressed. Everywhere we see hierarchical order and scale, spatially and temporally. Spatially we see increasing order and complexity as we move from the quark to the atom to the molecule to the cell to man. Temporally we see increasing order and complexity as the seed sprouts roots and stems growing into a mature plant ready to produce germ cells for a new cycle of life. No matter where we look or turn, universal order is seen within the manifested cosmos. Of all possible human observations, the presence of order is perhaps the most sure guide to the possibly that the universe is inherently an intelligent structure.

A relative ordering of objects by physical magnitude, size, proportion or number of interactions (i.e., from smaller to larger) is an example of scale. Scale is apparent within all categories of classification, be they cosmological or social. Examples of the principle of scale is seen in figure 34.

As demonstrated in figure 34, it is relatively easy to devise sequential and orderly classification schemes for many systems. This is due to the fact that order and scale is a nature component of our universe.

One of the notions of scale taught by Gurdjieff was that the ray of creation could have lateral octaves, such that the do of the lateral octave began at the sol of the primary octave. This concept is seen in figures 35a and 35b where we combine a series of octaves such that a relationship of ‘microcosmos’ of notes re, sol, do exists between the sun, man, cell, molecule and quark-lepton.

Scale In The Natural World

I am going to now discuss the hierarchy of natural structures present in the physical universe. Although nature provides an enormous variety of physical structures, most of them are distributed about the universe in easily recognized packages. While the details of individual systems of atoms and stars vary depending upon specifics of motion and initial boundary conditions, gross features of both atoms and stars, such as lifetime, size, mass, are determined primarily by simple physical constants.



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