Psychoism and the Astral Worlds(3)

Disclaimer:  This is a psychiatric article investigating ‘occult’ experiences.  To be useful such reports must contain explicit description of the mental states experienced. It is not intended for psychologically immature persons, but for consideration by mature parties. Part IV returns to explanatory comments.

Part III. Conscious Sleep Paralysis And The Experience Of Sexual Attack

Over the millennia, a compelling body of literature has been written describing nighttime encounters between human beings and an unrecognized species of intelligent creature. Based upon the reports, these creatures are not demonic, as they are not repulsed by Holy Water, the Cross, or Holy Incantations. Nor is the smell of sulphur present.

Presuming, such rapes and seductions are committed by animate creatures, not normally perceived by human beings, the most likely entity is the djinn (see Islamic metaphysics). Two alternative possibilities to be considered are manifestations of incarnate or discarnate astral bodies or overly vivid hallucinations which are mistakenly presumed by the dreamer to manifest in physical reality and so experienced such. We shall discuss this later in this paper.

As you will see, such descriptions are quite graphic as to detail and clearly felt real to the persons experiencing such nocturnal surprises.  The resilience of the vividness of such personal memories are of major interest.

Below is a typical report of a violation by an incubi of a sleeping young woman from15th century England. Such are lurid descriptions, but such portray the ‘reality’ of such experiences. I have chosen not to edit such, other than explanation of old words).

“For reasons unknown to myself, I didst awake sometime after midnight and didst findeth myself falsing (lying) on my back with mine own nightgown didst drawn above mine own breasts. Tis beest a dark and moonless night, mine own cubiculo didst seemeth did light with a diffuse dim yellowish light. Whither, didst did such arise, I didst knoweth naught.

I didst did tryeth to pulleth down mine own gown, but didst findeth, I couldst nay moveth mine own head, mine own arms, ‘r mine own legs. I didst caterwaul (cry) for my mother, but words didst fail to leaveth mine own tongue. Mine own corse (body) wast a-tingling and I didst feel ‘twere a-bouncing upon the bed–but, movement wast nay present.

A great terror didst arise within mine own heart, as I didst sense an odious presence in the cubiculo, a presence which didst nay intend me well. I didst smell a faint odor of animal amidst the smell of a sir (man). Two hands clasped mine own ankles strongly so to spreadeth wide my legs and expose mine own virgin groin. As mine own head layeth on top of two pillows, I couldst see above the hands a faint torso and head, visible and not visible. The head hadst long hair, goat horns and short beard. The creature wast comely.

The bed did bendeth as this creature didst did lie his torso upon mine own bed and betwixt mine own ankles. The creature didst release mine own ankles and beganeth to advance his head upward running his wet tongue ‘long the inside of my legs.’ I didst scream, but the cubiculo didst remain silent, but for the rapid breathing of the sir creature. I didst will mine own muscles to shoveth this vile creature whence, but to nay avail.

Then, he didst rudely arise from betwixt mine own inner thighs so to covereth mine own loins with his . He didst guide his hardness so t’wast at the entrance of mine own hollow and so didst force his way inside so to breaketh mine own maidenhead. It didst taketh me like the brute creature he beest, yelping as he didst spill his seed, and, then. didst vanish into the air like an apparition.

Mine own motor ability, thence didst returneth and I anon didst feeleth defiled and dirty. I didst behold the mine own bed wast nay with bloodstains or semen emissions. It didst seemeth too real to beest a dream. Such demonic visits hast never hath hath returned and so I hast never toldeth another, as I wast so ashamed of myself.”

A description of a seduction of a young man by a succubus is described below and is from a similar time period:

“I hadst been at the inn with mine own cater-cousins and didst becameth enamored with a red-hair’d wench who is’ t spake English with a Frank accent. The mistress didst seemeth to beest of valorous (fine or good) upbringing and wealth. The lady didst did have a most wondrous chuckle and a most gentle touch and wast well didst educate. Yond mistress name wast Lilith. The mistress and I didst malt-worm many a glass of hearty ale.

Mine own cater-cousins hadst hath returned to the castle and this mistress tooketh me to yond (that) mistress cubiculo. The mistress didst pull off mine own robes and I didst drop onto the bed on mine own back. The mistress stripp’d nak’d and didst possess large red nipples yond this mistress didst lodge into mine own that from which we speak so to beest suckled strongly. Rudely, the lady straddl’d me so situate my mine own member into yond mistress hollow. The mistress didst cometh again and again as I wast still hard for many hours. At last the mistress tooketh mine own semen and I didst passeth out from exhaustion.

At which hour, I did awake I dist findeth yond I wast in the barn falsing on some hay and a ragg’d dress didst lie beside me. I didst find I wast did cover in nail scratches and hadst a lacking valor (terrible) headache.

The wench wast nay a Frank mistress, but a succubus who is’t hadst drawn much life out from mine own corse. I didst dress and wenteth to the Priest to confess mine own sin.”

Reading such descriptions, there can be no doubt that both participants experienced the rape and seduction, as being an actual physical event. An unshakeable belief in the actuality of these kinds of experiences is common, even though, no physical evidence is present collaborating a physical attack.

Based upon much data from hypnotic studies, such experiences seem to occur primarily in persons, commonly characterized in the medical hypnotic literature as ‘fantasy-prone individuals.’ Extensive hypnotic research has demonstrated that fantasy-prone individuals are capable of displaying negative and positive hallucinations, which are resistant to modification.

A negative hallucination is defined as the visual disappearance of an actual physical object or entity present in the room from the awareness of the hallucinator. Clearly, the object or entity is processed by the individual’s visual system, but the CNS fails to back-project the sensory data onto the object or entity, hence, being ‘invisible.’ Other persons continue to see such object or entity.

A positive hallucination occurs whenever an individual, employing endogenous visual memory, generates and projects into his or her physical environment a self-created object or entity into his or her physical environment so to interact with such as an actual physical entity. Under normal conditions, none of the experimenters will see or feel the presence of such imago.

A most curious thing about such positive hallucinations is that the experimenter has a most difficult time trying to convince the subject that what he or she sees is not real. as the individuals brain will change the image so to correspond with the normal requirements of physicality. Such events qualify as delusions in psychiatric circles.

Subsequently, unless there are physical signs of sexual or physical abuse in the dreamer, a cautious investigator must ascribe the experience to overly vivid and lifelike hallucinations in a person who is still asleep, but believes himself or herself to be normally awake.

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