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Discourses of the Good Doctor (21May1987)



Part I:  Herein, I discuss the nature of the psychic or astral self as taught for many centuries by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.  Our purpose is twofold . . . to show you how to self-verify such astral self and how to use such self for experiencing the Cosmic Mind . . .


Discourses of the Good Doctor (1988)


Mystical Marriage Discourse

Marriage, as with the word love, means different things to different people.  Some regard marriage as an institution endowed by church or state to legitimize sexual expression and perpetuate the human species.  Others picture marriage as the natural progression of human needs for psychological security and meaning in our society.  For the mystic, marriage represents a deliberate union of two soul personalities for much spiritual growth and heart-to-heart companionship.

Tidbits For Your Path To God (1)

POEM 5  29 June 2014

In our world transient,
whatever arrives, eventually passes,
both troublesome moments, and equally,
tidbits of happiness and joy.

Life’s Sea is not a deep one,
so resist making it so,
avoid indulgences in betrayal,
hurt feelings and lost banknotes.

Hurrying and scurrying like
little field mice scattered about.
Exchanging the One authentic life
for seven Bollywood imagined lies.

Warm happiness and dark sadness,
flimsy cloud patterns soon to pass.
Instead, look to the Higher Above
search for guidance, rune stones, and omens.

Life is not about living society’s dream,
life is about being authentic and human,
feelings are to be felt not tinkered with,
some days are really bad,
some days are really good,
use them all for your soul’s sake.

Discourses of the Good Doctor (09.16.89)




The Rosicrucian Teachings represent an ageless body of Truth stretching far forward for the mists of prerecorded history.  Each and every generation of sincere students add yet another thread distilled from the crucible of life’s experiences to the golden cord binding together the Brethren of the Rosy Cross.  As a student progresses, he or she is introduced gradually to the universal Cord of Light, Life, and Love. . .

The Discourses of the Good Doctor (15 Aug 1983)

August 15, 1983

On Being a True Rosicrucian

How many times have we been asked, “Are you a Rosicrucian?”  How many times have we blithely exclaimed, “Yes.”  But, have we ever stopped to ponder what it really means to be a true Rosicrucian, an honest student of the mystical path?  Until, we have fully analyzed, meditated, and contemplated this question, we cannot claim to be a true Rosicrucian.

On Being A True Rosicrucian

The Discourses of the Good Doctor (Sep 1988)

SE Regional Conclave 1988 Discourse

Today, we explore a very small portion of the R+C studies.  In particular, we shall discuss the significance of a very simple experiment given in the early part of the First Atrium Monographs, the experiment of gazing into the candle flame.  This experiment is one of the foundation stones of the whole R+C philosophy.

The Mind Within – 1988

The Discourses of the Good Doctor (1)


The Discourses of the Good Doctor [26 Dec 1987]

I have not been able to locate my original documents, as to the evolution of ethnic diets, so I shall begin downloading a number of metaphysical discourses I wrote and presented to members of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. Although, such discourses are congruent with the Teaching of the Order, the actual content is my own and so may provide a different perspective.

The is no particular order to such discourses.

This discourse is a retelling of an ancient Chinese Teaching Tale about using the treasures hidden deep within ones subconscious mind, your inner toolbox so to speak.  To be fully effective in life one must forge an efficient working relationship between the conscious, reasoning mind and the tools and knowledge already residing within your unconscious mind.

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