Astral Traveling Made Ridiculously Simple (22)

Method One:  Facilitated Hypnosis

The safest and most productive method for exploring your personal unconscious and the worlds beyond is co-exploration with a compatible practitioner of hypnosis. Such practitioner being learned the technique under the tutelage of a competent professional organization, such as the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (and its associated organizations). I strongly advise against lay hypnotists, as they are untrained as to proper handling of adverse events.

Moreover, your hypnotist must have sound training in matters of mysticism and occultism, as well as in astral traveling. Initially, it is best to have an experienced travel guide the journeys.

It is important to record the details of the journey. During the voyage, the guide will frequently ask the tourist to describe his or her surroundings and what entities are present. Immediately, the guide should comment upon the situation by recording the details of his or her experience. Other times, the guide will tell the trainee what the guide is seeing, hearing, and felling. Throughout the journey, such exchange should continue unabated.

This sharing of experience is most important for the training of the explorer. For the new tourist must come to realize that these journeys are more than dreams. Nothing serves to better ratify the success of these journeys, then having another person describe exactly what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling.

This kind of astral traveling, I classify as “the high road or ancient path to illumination.” It avoids contact with the confabulating and self-centered residents of the planes closer to the human unconsciousness. Moreover, these journeys are not involved with fame, power, wealth, or self-aggrandizement.

The high road journeys seek to interact with discarnate masters for educational purposes or for observation of psychic forces potentially affecting the future. These journeys are concerned about discovering how to best provide guidance for humanity’s transformation.

The only law followed by the Illuminated Ones is: “There is One Highest Law, and This Law is Unconditional Love, Love flowing out from the Godhead under Wisdom and Will. Man calls This Law, True Conscience. All Other Laws glorify the Highest”

After both parties return to normal consciousness, it is most useful for the new explorer to listen to the tape and note how often descriptions are in agreement between the two travelers.

NOTE: I have developed exercises for larger groups so to experience similar results.

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