Psychoism and the Astral (26-3)

III. Explaining the Merging of the Higher Being Body into the Unborn (3 of 3)

When the HBB is fully enlightened and attains its status of true I, this true I , presuming it so desires, is able to merge with the one temporal line (from our human perspective) connecting one universe to it’s prior and its subsequent. This line has had no beginning nor has any end as far as mystics can see or infer. It is the Unfathomable source and the Unborn and Uncreated.

The Vedanta practitioners would most likely equate the line to Atman and the other to Brahma.

This state is likely analogous to the final state of a fully enlightened being who no longer desires to be a Bodhisattva, full liberation and disappearance from the thirty-one realms of samsara, or parinirvana.

It seems impossible to tell you anything useful about reaching the Unborn for none seem to have returned to my knowledge.

For those following my blogs since they began in November 2015, you may remember that I discussed the ‘hoped for status’ for a universe when it deflates and reinflates after its allotted course of life. Such physical universes having been transformed so to compose a vast, unified conscious entity structured into a spiritual hierarchy. At the top of the hierarchy are the enlightened Bodhisattvas and below them a series of less conscious and less enlightened beings.

When a universe ends its functional life, this unified conscious entity, as a group, fractures into an uncountable number of fragments of new soul-seeds for the benefit of the new universe. The only beings who are permitted to remain intact are the Bodhisattvas so to form a nidus so to attract the fragments so to desire to seek enlightenment. An approximate metaphor which is perhaps useful to understand what I just said can be found in the concept of the “strange attractor” in mathematical chaos theory.

When a universe deflates, all of the prior material, atonic, and ptahonic  energies are reduced to their most fundamental forms so to be reused for the creation of more conscious beings in the new universe.

Unfortunately, the fate of the new universe is always unsure for any number or reasons, varying from physical catastrophes to “human” stupidity.   Moreover, some new universes end as failures and what was gained in the last is lost in the next. The primary reason being that the evolution of each universe suffers quantum and conscious uncertainty at the most basic levels. I have always marveled at the apparent correspondence between [1] the Heisenberg Indeterminacy Principle for the physical actualization of the wave-function and [2] the Indeterminacy seen with the aphysical wave-function for the actualization of one choice or decision over another for human beings.

For this Indeterminacy is what gives meaning and purpose to the conscious residents of each new universe–for without failure, success is no more than an illusion.

I cannot tell you much more, friends. However, I would suggest applying impossible effort so to attain to the state of a Bodhisattva before the end arrives. However, the end of the universe is likely billions and billions of years into the future, but, then again, advanced life upon this earth seems perilous at the moment.

THE END of this Series

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