Sacred Templates For Awakening (1)

God Experienced Via Personal Sacred Mandalas

Today, we begin a new series of Insight Sermons entitled “Sacred Templates For Awakening.” Such templates being conceptual diagrams, or mandalas, depicting a myriad of ancient pathways proven useful for one’s obtaining, or uncovering, a soul and finalizing his or her journey from the finite to the infinite.

The desire for such journeys being seen in all human activities–from primitive social escapism (entertainment, sport, and addictions) to the austerities of the saints of all religions. Truly, observation, of self and others, invariably shows that none of us are immune from an evolutionary and compelling desire to escape from our current life situation, as we find our lives seeped in much unpleasantness and distastefulness (exceptions being rare over sufficient time periods).

Buddha, flatly stated, that normal human life is predicated upon dukkha, suffering, or innate unsatisfactoriness, but there is a way to rise above and be freed from such suffering. Christ called the end-state of spiritual freedom, the Kingdom of God Within. The bhakti, or devotional religions of ancient and modern Bhārata, or India, spoke of immersion with Brahman.

Serious study of human religiosity and spirituality over the past forty thousand years has aptly demonstrated that mankind appears to possess a psychobiological need to acknowledge the empyreal world (the virtual world we all act within is part of such entity) and the existence of something Divine Within, or behind, such world.

First, we find the shamanistic hunting cave painting of the Cro-Magnon cave paintings in Europe as early as 40,000 years ago. Later, figurines recovered from many sites, mistakenly named Venus figures, show the existence of a conjoint male-female fertility cult in the Mesolithic Europe (8000 to 5000 BCE), mistakenly labeled as a matriarchal religion (I will publish an article based upon sacred art showing the error in such anthropological myth). Finally, in the late fourth and third millennium BCE, we find the more sophisticated theologies of Sumer, Egypt, Indus Valley, and the Aryans culminating in varicolored theologies and practices of current world religiosity.

The immense variety of pathways leading to freedom or merging with God are best seen by studying the well documented history of pragmatic theology developed over many thousands of years and recorded in writings beginning as early as 2500 BCE (date open to argument).

Therefore, the purpose of this series of Insight Sermons is to create a sufficiently large set of road maps leading from an inherently unsatisfactory human existence to liberation, enlightenment, or communion with the Absolute or God. All that is required from you, the reader, is to find the road map most resonant with your particular character and temperament and begin to follow such map and see what spiritual school it guides you towards.

So in ending this introduction, please remember that the road map best suited to your worldly and spiritual needs was discovered and proven by ancient sages and seers MOST similar to yourself. As mankind is varicolored in character and temperament, so must be the road maps to the Divine–for the Source, be it Proper-Verb or be it Proper-Noun, has lovingly provided for each and every one of us a method of success. All we need do is to choose to begin the path and help shall be available whenever it is needed.

How The Old Man Found God’s Peak

When I was no more than three,
I saw in my dreams,
in a far away magical land,
a Mountain High,
Higher than the Heavens.

The peak was lost in the clouds,
so I could not see
more than forests and slopes.

Here and there, but not everywhere,
I saw single souls climbing fearlessly,
tightly clutching onto rock outcroppings
or scaling bark-covered trees,
sometimes slipping, but never retreating.

At the base of the Mountain High,
scurried innumerable people, like little ants,
seemingly obvious to Mountain High.

Such little ants were chatters indeed,
complaining about this or that,
blaming their neighbor or king
for his wrong action.
Blame, blame, blame.
Gossip, gossip, gossip.

As old man on Mountain High
glanced over and saw me in the sky.
Smiling, he said, “Come with me little boy.”
And he did take me by the hand.

“Child, I am old and shan’t reach God’s Peak in time.
But, I do have time to teach you my climber’s tricks
for I see you shall reach God’s Peak.”

“So, when such a Grand Day is reached,
look down again upon this Mountain Slope
and find me climbing once again.
I know I shan’t see you, dear Child,
but my wrists will feel your hands
pulling me up when I am too tired to move.”

And the Old Man and I climbed together
for many years and he did teach me as he had said.
One morning, my dear friend did not rise to greet the sun,
so I made him a pyre so to send his soul off.

Yes, I did one day reach God’s Peak,
and on that Day, I knew God as God knew me.

Each morning, I gazed down the Mountain High,
one day, I saw my dear friend climbing once again.
He was old with another Child by his side.

Now, I could see his great chain of lifetimes,
so many spent scaling Mountain High,
sometimes alone, but mostly with a new Child,
who he had helped reach higher than he.

That night, I appeared before the sleeping Child
clothed in the Golden Light of a Mahadeva.
“Child, the time has come for the Old Man
to enter onto God’s Peak.”

“If you push and I pull, we can do this.
One day, Child, your time to reach God’s Peak
shall come due. And I shall return to help you.”

The Child did push and I did pull
and the Old Man did reach God’s Peak.
At this very moment, he beheld me once again
holding his wrists, keeping my essence promise.

The Old Man did say, “Old friend, you did return
as you had promised so many lives long ago.”

“Yes, Old Man, I came from friendship and
as Father said it was time tor you to come Home.
For We saw that you would never return
for you always took a Child and
showed him how to climb even higher.”

“Do not fret, the Child knows there is such a Peak
and will meet with us when his work is done.
Come and meet Our Father.”


Tomorrow, I shall discuss why it is so important for people to solidify their personal sacred image of the Divine for the benefit of the world.

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