The Institute Version of the Lord’s Prayer


Our Sustainer, our Source,
Who liveth within our hearts eternal,
sacred is Thy Name,
for in Thy Name all of existence arises and passes,
returning to Thee at the end of ends.

Provide us this day,
life-sustaining nourishment,
both material and divine.

Forgive us our ignorance in action,
our misunderstandings, our aggressive moments,
encouraging us always to make peace with our neighbor.

Help us disregard the voice of the Tempter,
not matter how sweet and melodious it sounds,
by reminding us that we are your Children and not His.

For Thy Home is our home,
Thy Goodness our goodness,
Thy Knowing our knowing,
Thy Being our being,
Thy Observing our observing,
Thy Intending our intending.

For it shall come to be, someday,
that Earth is as a Heaven,
ruled by Mercy and Justice,
forever and forever.

4 thoughts on “The Institute Version of the Lord’s Prayer

  1. That’s wonderful Mike!! . Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. May I add the following:
    Thy Kindness our Kindness,
    Thy Forgiveness our forgiveness,
    Thy Suffering our suffering,
    Thy Transcendence our transcendence,
    Thy Everlasting our evrlasting,
    Thy light our light,
    Thy healing our healing.


    1. Hello dear friend, hope you are well. Thanks for the additions, I think such prayer can be recited in any language and with any attribute of God and have the same special effect upon the reciter. I am quite sure that the Koran must contain an admonishment cautioning it’s readers never to place an image, thought, belief or idea between your heart and the heart of Allah?

      blessings, your dear brother Michael


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