As a supplement to Beyond Western Medicine, we are going to begin an eight part series on spiritual medicine, or medicine dedicated to helping people complete their conscious evolution.

So today, I am going to introduce you to a new world view; a view which is likely drastically different than your current world view. Please understand that I have no interest in converting you to this particular world view; for simple belief and faith will not raise your being one iota. But, I do ask you to contemplate this new world view and honestly determine whether or not it better represents your life and world. Some of the knowledge I will communicate will sound familiar; familiar enough that you might mistakenly come to the conclusion that you already understand. This will occur because I will be utilizing several well-known concepts and explanations and rearrange them, just a the stage director removes from storage, refurbishes and reutilizes the same set of stage props for the current production.

My goal is simply to provide information that you can use, if you choose to do so, to move yourself beyond any self-imposed limitations and restrictions as to your functioning world views. It is possible that theses efforts are going to be misinterpreted by some of you, such that this discussion is going to be perceived as a threat to maintenance of your current world view–be it traditional or alternative, western or eastern, material or spiritual, causing such persons to become irritated and closed to my real message. But that is really of no interest to me at this point of time.

Before we can actually delve into the subject soon to be at hand, it is necessary to digress for a moment and discuss how we have been taught to create and maintain a world view which is consistent and acceptable by our parents, our relatives, our friends, our colleagues, our mentors and most importantly, by those specialists chosen by society to educate use during our formative years. If you will gaze back for a moment onto some of the experiences comprising significant moments of your tender years of schooling, you may notice how our educational system, our psycho social upbringing, our religious training are all designed so to cause us all to excel and take great pleasure in that unique and original activity of sleeping mankind, “practicing the cognitive skill of mutual exclusion of possibilities.” Or in other words, “if it is not your stew pot, do not eat from it.”

We are taught in school to be primarily analytical, to learn to focus onto a single view point, for only a single view point can be correct in the scientific world of Descartes and in the houses of most religious hierarchies; hence, by the act of cultural exclusion, based upon whatever arbitrary rules have been chosen by the elders of our society for separating one biased viewpoint from all others and labeling it as “the absolute truth”. In other words, we have been taught to view the world through the converging lens of a societal bias. Continuing to practice the action of exclusion, may be temporarily useful for quieting the “still small voice within calling us to a state beyond the material existence”, but is the one act which will keep man a servant of materiality. Moreover, exclusionary activities are the primary cause for our past, current and future inabilities to show true compassion towards persons outside of our own selves, families and cultures.

In order to develop a deeper understanding of man and his purpose within our Universe, or at least of our planet Earth, one has to consciously rebel against his or her educational background and the unconscious practicing of the skill of exclusion. Instead, each must learn to open up and begin viewing the vast and wondrous variety of human interpretations of the several worlds available for human contact and experience as equally valid attempts to understand the purpose behind each and every life form. If you can truly understand what I am saying, you will see that the converging lens no longer fits, nor did it really ever fit, the developmental needs of mankind. Instead, we need to view the world through a fish-eye lens, a lens which is inclusive of all the light impressions it receives, a lens constructed upon the sound acceptance that all sincerely held world views are legitimate expressions of the fabulous and infinite energy fields surrounding us–material, vital and Cosmic. Believe me, if you can see and experience what I am trying to communicate to you today, you will no longer be the person you were only several minutes ago, but will have tasted the sweetness of a higher infinity.

to be continued

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