Teleomedicine (Part 8–End)

Parents and educators can contribute both positively and negatively to the proper development of the four lower selves through which the existential will is exercised. The positive contribution is in providing appropriate age and developmental stage specific sequences of challenges to properly guide the child’s movement through the four lower selves. As the child moves through the transitional stages between each lower self, specific behavioral patterns and responses sets will become apparent to the teleomedical educator signaling the possible need for an outside intervention so to maintain normal psychical development. Once the Material Self has acquired sufficient strength to develop spontaneously, attention must be focused upon training of the new powers arising with the Reactional Self.

Proper development and expression of the feelings are all-important at this stage and the educator and parents must note the details of how the child emotes. Emotional development must be softly guided, for no child should be forced into a common mold. The basic developmental problem of the Divided Self lies with the existential will. Knowledge of the character is required in order to adapt educational methods to the needs of the adolescent. The uniqueness of the human being in the existential mode is in the pattern of character, which can be discerned by those persons having the necessary insight even before the Material and Reactional Selves have taken shape. Between the ages of nine and thirteen, the Divided Self requires particular care so the child moves it center of gravity from the lower to the higher. If all goes well, this phase is followed by the transition into the True Self, which comes with the awakening of abstract reasoning and sexuality. At the best, several years are required before the developing Self can acquire and stabilize the proper “I-feeling”, a state where the young adult can assume responsibility for his own existence and realize that he or she has an obligation to play a special part in the Spiritualization of Existence by the conscious transformation of energies that link the Vital and Cosmic Worlds.

In a sense, what is being developed and nurtured by the teleomedical educator is the Will of the child. The transformation of the expression of the Will is in actuality simply the transfer of authority from the lower selves to the Personal Individuality. This might sound simple enough until we realize that the Will cannot change of its own accord. Will can only act, authority is nothing in itself; it only becomes something when it can be exercised. Will in the abstract is nothing at all–will is only observable when it manifests through the influencing of a concrete happening. In other words, the secret of effective will development is learning that we cannot work directly, but must consciously place ourselves in situations that make our developmental work possible.

Following a successful transition to the stage of the True Self, where a man or woman is utilizing the conscious energies of the lower spiritual world to observe and work upon his or her future development, he or she faces the Terror of the Threshold–his own Egoism; for Egoism occupies and poisons the very center of the selfhood. For a successful transformation beyond the True Self, the teleomedical society must find methods of working with a will that is corrupted with egoism so to achieve the destruction of egoism which is the condition required for the union of the essence of the higher worlds and the existence of the lower. Egoism is the denial of any Reality except one’s own existence and the rejection of any will other than one’s own. Egoism is violation of the first Commandment of the Old Testament, “Place no other gods before me.”

The casting out of egoism is recognized by all religions as the primary condition for liberation from existence, yet few achieve it. One reason is that the work skills used for the earlier stages of self-development are quite useless. Obedience, discipline, self-knowledge and even understanding which bring man to the center of his own will are powerless to evict the egoism. Here only humility and unselfish love, formless contemplation and an emptying of the self of its possessiveness can open a way for the higher laws to act upon the existential person, converting egoism into Individuality.

The problem for the seeker of Individuality is:

To be reborn, the ego must die,
To die, one must attain to the Unborn.

The teleomedical society must reintroduce into contemporary society the techniques of the illuminated Masters of the past useful for removing egoism. Gurdjieff offered an important tool for removing egoism by teaching, “learn to bear the unpleasant manifestations of other.” What he meant was, rather than just putting up with the unpleasantness of others or be reactional, learn to profit from such persons by using them as a mirror for our own egoism. See yourself inside each and everyone of these unpleasant egos. Each and every manifestation consciously accepted is a dagger in the heart of our own egoism. Egoism may have more heads than the Hydra and does not die after being wounded; but it is clearly exposed and therefore weakened.

The final overthrow of egoism is called “self-naughting.” Nearly all persons who have passed through this experience report a moment when Egoism dies and Individuality is born. This is death and resurrection in an objective sense, for the Individuality rises again in the Self as an immortal soul and so invulnerable to the events of the material and spiritual worlds. If the transition proceeds successfully with the presence of a proper higher being body, the Resurrection Body is complete and from now on the Individuality is able to exercise direct authority over the soul and the functional powers in the fulfillment of the Destiny allotted to it.

The Complete man is free to choose his or her own path and is not obliged to fulfill his or her Destiny. If he chooses, he may agree to surrender his Personal Individuality and enter into the higher transconscious worlds and consciously work on helping Mankind as a group evolve a World Soul.

So in closing, I want to thank you for your attention to this lesson. We will speak more of this in the future.

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