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EsoHomilies: The Making Of A True Soul (2)

The Why Of Man’s Existence (2)

All Souls Day or Day of the Dead 2016

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the fireplace and the Honey Mead, so Tristan began, “Dear friends, the first activity on the agenda is to arrive at a literary stop–that is a mental place where each of us understands the exact meaning of the words utilized. Otherwise, all of you will enter into your own ‘imagination place’ and be lost to the dark side. I think I shall call upon my dear friend, the March Hare. He is quite the stickler when it comes to words–and even knows a few.”

Tristan waved his hand and standing next to him was a two-foot tall, brown hare, with green eyes. Moreover, he was dressed in a red topcoat, white vest, and held an ebony walkingstick. He made quite the dapper gentleman.

First the March Hare kneeled before Morgana and she held out her right hand, the palm facing downwards. He gently held Morgana’s hand and lightly touched his hare nose to the dorsum. Morgana withdrew her hand and the March Hare stood up and bowed, saying, “Morgana, you seem to grow more beautiful with each and every passing year. And pull my tongue out and tie it into a bow, if I am lying!”

March Hare bowed to the ladies and winked. He then went to shake the hands of the gentlemen saying, “Nice to meet you,” with each hardy handshake.

Tristan explained to March Hare what he would like him to do. March Hare bends down upon his haunches and pushed hard upon the rock floor completing a nice, full-layout, back flip landing up his feet with a thud. “Sorry if I surprised you, but I needed to jiggle open the mental door to my carry-around, Red Queen, approved dictionaries of teaching words. Ok, Tristan, I am ready.”

Adjusting his vest and topcoat, March Hare stood up a straight as a hare could and began, “So the best place to begin any journey is at the beginning and not the end, or is it the other way around? No matter for the moment, I will touch bases with the Mad Hatter later and get back to you with his scholarly reply. In any case, we need to understand how we are going to restrict the definitions of certain words. So pay attention. If you are averse to me, I recommend leaving!”

“So here is how this lecture will go down. I shall say a word and then all of you will discuss the best meaning and then tell the answer to me. I will correct such when needed. Ready, set, go . . . ‘rationale.’”

All the visitors got together and discussed the best meaning–needless to say, the voices were louder than necessary. Finally, the spokeswoman faced March Hare and said, “The definition of the word rationale is ‘an internally consistent fundamental explanation of controlling principles of opinion, belief, practice, or phenomena.’”

March Hare replied, “Good job, this is correct. Let us continue.”

I shall skip over the remainder of the word list and simply provide the final definitions everyone in the room agreed to abide by and permission given to each other to correct them whenever they misuse a word.

The complete list

Aim is the ‘act of directing our efforts toward the attainment of a desired resultant or endpoint.’

Cause is ‘the way in which the circumstances came about so to produce the resultant or effect.’

Goal is ‘the resultant, target, or endpoint of an aim.’

Need is ‘a necessary duty or obligation, a lack of some object or cause which is considered a necessity for a resultant to occur, a desire or wanting something necessary so to succeed in satisfying such desire.’

Purpose is ‘the reason why an action is taken so to aim for a resultant or the intended or desired purpose as to why a process exists and functions. Purpose and Need are closely related.’

Rationale (or Reason) is ‘an internally consistent fundamental explanation of controlling principles of opinion, belief, practice, or phenomena.’

Rational thinking ‘means to follow the rules of cognitive reasoning in coming to the rationale.’

Why is ‘the fundamental reason explaining the existence of a process or an act. What purpose? What goal? What need is satisfied?’ It is the most general word listed upon this list.

March Hare had written down the word list, as it was derived, and handed the finished product to Tristan. He said, looking at his pocket watch, “Tat-tat, time for tea in Wonderland and so I must disappear for the now and the not-now. Tittles, one and all.” And in the blink of a lizard’s left eye on a very hot summer day, March Hare was gone.

Tristan turned to the guests, “I think most of you now understand the rationale underlying the ‘Why’ in the question, ‘The Why Of Man’s Existence,’ as it is most transparent. I could have used the word ‘Rationale,’ but, ‘Why’ is so much more mysterious and carries an implication that an event occurred or a process exists, which somehow satisfied an underlying need of some type. As we continue, you will find that the words, ‘need’ and ‘satisfying,’ are the key starting points as to our discourse.

I was satisfied to see that everyone here understood that the words, ‘aim,’ ‘goal,’ and ‘cause,’ were inappropriate, as such words inherently imply a casual agent or designer. The existence of a causal agent or designer is not required so to answer the questions posed.

The sole remaining word, ‘purpose,’ was proposed (a semantic funny) by the majority as a reasonable choice of starting word for the question. The problem with this word is that it straddles a boundary between and occupies two opposing meanings which must be objectified so to minimize any misunderstanding.

Generally, amongst theologians and many others, the use of the word ‘purpose’ implies that all things in the universe serve an aim or goal secondary to the intentions of God, Designer, and Grand Architect. While such suppositions may be true on a coarse-grained scale, such intentions cannot be well verified by external and internal studies. Moreover, the question of a Grand Architect is far beyond the explanation we can clearly find within the physical and psychoistic worlds.

It is possible to restrict the meaning of ‘purpose’ so to be compatible with scientific methodology. In scientific semantics, ‘purpose’ is equivalent to ‘rationale’ and the scientific utilization of ‘why.’ So for this series of homilies, put the word ‘purpose’ aside and think ‘rationale.’Any disagreement?”

The room was quiet, but Tristan could see that the semantic issue had been resolved once and for all.


EsoHomilies: The Making Of A True Soul (1)

The Why Of Man’s Existence (1)

October 30, 2016

Today, we start a new series of metaphysical readings. I imagine it would be quite right to call such readings, ‘homilies’ intended for spiritual rarefaction (removing the dross from ones soul-personality). Rejoice, dear reader, for I am going to write as simply as I can for the subject matter follows a direct path to a workable answer.

In fact, I shall assume my true form, as Tristan, Lord Protector of Nouseum, and transport all of you deep into dreamtime where resides Camelot and Merlin’s crystal cave. If you have not heard of me, as yet, read the posts “The Purpose Journey.” It is a story containing this story.

If you like, imagine that I have placed you into a little leather boat, or a coracle, well known centuries before King Arthur and his Knights of Table Round. The stream you are riding upon travels from the highlands so to empty its pristine waters into Dozmary Pool in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, UK. Dozmary Pool is the legendary home of Elaine, Lady of the Lake. For the enchanted sword Excalibur arose from such lake and given to Arthur by Elaine.

Being that I am prone to kindness at times, for your task ahead truly is impossible, I will give to you a golden circlet to place around your arm. This circlet will start to ring so to warn you that the path you tread will lead to nothing useful and so you must choose another or die without having made a soul. I know this path and I would give you more, but the old gods would have my soul, if I did anymore.

Child, if you choose to begin this quest, you must train so to become a warrior, a Knight of Table Round, male and female, or you shall fail and never be again. For upon your journey you will have many opportunities so to grow your soul-seed into a soul, a soul fit to be the scabbard for Sword Excalibur. For only a True Knight who has recovered Sword Excalibur can wield Sword Excalibur in Our Common Father’s Holy Name. God-speed aspirant.

I see the old gods are feasting and so not paying much attention, as usual, so I can place one more fact into your conscious heart. Sword Excalibur represents your finalized Will–a will fully resonant with the Divine Will of the One True God.

Soon you shall arrive at the shores of the Lake and it is a short and pleasant stroll to Merlin’s cave. A little gnome will meet you and guide you to the cave where all of us await in Merlin’s library so to begin our homily.

Soon, everyone was seated in Merlin’s library facing myself, my beloved pregnant wife, Morgana, and a white bearded, bright-eyed, old codger, Merlin. It is safe to drink the honey mead on your armrest table–it will clear your mind and tastes wonderful. Sip and do not gulp–Merlin’s elementals are very strict as to manners.

The question, we shall consider for the next few readings, is “The Why Of Man’s Existence.” A general question, indeed, but linked to a more personal question, “The Why Of Your Personal Existence?” Entertaining either question (in your past pondering) is reliable evidence that you have awoken to, and acknowledged, the presence of an aphysical something hidden in your mind which is more precious than anything other thing in your mundane life–your physical and empyreal bodies, your self-centered ego-states, petty desires for sex, wealth, fame, and power.

In other words, you were sufficiently lucky to have succeeded in catching a ‘glimpse’ of the soul-seed provided to you by the Upper Worlds. I have talked about the concept of the soul-seed in many past readings and direct you to search for them. I said this series would be simple to digest, but I did not say you can be lazy.

Unfortunately, coming to the realization of the existence of something within which feels to be the ‘pearl beyond any price,’ is but the beginning point from which we must consciously choose to take our first step. It is impossible to look ahead for any guidance or surety of arriving at the destination as spiritual journeys are uncertain, though, others have shown us that such journeys continue beyond Maid Time herself, involve sacrifice of all that we possess and have earned, and we shall be despised, hated, and defamed by those who will resist us. After all, if you do not possess the inner fire and the warrior heart to finish the spiritual journey upon this sorry earth, how do you suppose you can enter into Eternity and Beyond?


EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (4)

EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (4)

October 29, 2016

The Hidden Paths of Non-Seeking and Non-Enlightenment (4)

I will now introduce you to The Curious Law of the Strange Mirror by providing it’s proper and officially descriptive name: The Curious Law of inverting all existential objects and concepts: upside-down, inside-out, left onto right, then into now, seen into not seen, positive vibrations into negative ones, and every other kind of parity operation you can imagine. Studying the proper description shows why the neo-esotericists call this consciously-intended, non-observational process, a Strange Mirror. And a most strange mirror, it beest.

Whenever a neo-esotericist works with applying the Law of the Strange Mirror, he or she initiates a supramental process so to open psychic access to hidden (nonexistent to us), potential, twin worlds in which everything is inverse and obverse to the other. For instance, in one twin-world, a potential electron has negative mass, positive charge, and opposing spin to its polar being sister having positive mass and negative spin. While time runs forward for us, it runs backwards for the twin, but the two worlds are NEVER out of sync.

The reason we cannot see such worlds, given our biased spatial and temporal dimensions, is that both the negative and the positive valence twin entities are fully 90 degrees rotated to each other and from our existential world. In fact, the appearance of our own world is dependent upon the interaction of these two worlds. Such interaction being mathematically modeled by two complementary wave functions which produce an actualization at a rather constant rate, much shorter than is measurable in the physical. We would call the twins, mathematically imaginary worlds.

Even more curiously, there is not just one twin pair, but an uncountable number of potential twin pairs all moving forward in their time. In other words, the twin worlds consist of two great ensembles of systems comprising all possible states that can actualize at the next moment of world time, some highly probable and some nearly impossible. Every time the rest clock of the Universe passes through a set period of time, one of the ensemble possibilities manifests in the psychophysical world we live within and we can experience it.

I am doing my best to avoid mathematics. However, I can tell you that the stochastic models used in Statistical Mechanics, though simplified, are correspondent to those I am discussing. I do hope my little brother, Kenny, will expand this argument one day when he can find the time!

The closest Quantum Mechanical model is the Everett-Dewitt many worlds model of non-collapse of the wave function–though, I find it only approximately useful. Worth reading for sure.

The reason that the Curious Law of the Strange Mirror is important is that we are unable to mentally affect which potentials will actualize shortly or later in the psychophysical world using the physical directly. The lower laws being inviolate.

The successes claimed by various practitioners and occultists claiming psychic powers which allow them to violate God’s physical laws is unproven at best. Moreover, when such events do happen, they are unknowingly done using the Curious Law of the Strange Mirror.

The surest method of intervention is to raise ones consciousness so to participate in one of the ensemble systems–which is nonexistent and can only be experienced using ones’ nonexistent sides, so to speak, so to place into the ensemble system an intention to unfold differently such that a more desirable event actualizes.

I am sorry this is so brief and so heady, but it is good for you to be shown such Law and how it is used. I imagine I have generated at least one internal inconsistency in my rush. Therefore, those who are interested may continue the study with our group and see what comes to pass.

I do want to gift you two most important ‘take-home messages,’ for the Curious Law of the Strange Mirror can be applied at many levels and in many circumstances. These are to be used now, the full Law will manifest later in time.

The first message is that the fundamental principle behind the Law is that your personal and group virtual realities, with their biases and beliefs, are NOT what you believe them to be. The actuality upon which your imago operators base the generation of your virtual perceptions and understanding is inverse and obverse to your virtual reality–for truly, your reality is inside-out, upside-down, left onto right . . . to what is actual. Remembering to apply the Curious Law will help you to awaken more intensely and more frequently. Stimulating belief, contrary to reason, is the most dangerous tool available to the Deceiver.

The second message is that new esoteric truths seep slowly and piecemeal into the world mind, as information tidbits provided by working Initiates. This is necessary as the foundation corpus must already exist within creation and be available whenever the Divine sends an Avatar. Avatars do not create new philosophies and religions, de novo, rather they use available information so to create a new way of thinking, feeling, and living. Moreover, Avatars must arrive at the proper time and place if the mission is too manifest.

So dear friends, we shall return to shallower seas and less dense jungles. For both locals are rich with nourishment and gifts for those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and have been taught how to forage and hunt.

Ciao, Michael

Poem 6

This one believes in true love,
that one has serious doubts,
but, I forsake such illusory concepts.

I have tasted the nectar of the Higher Above,
and have come to see,
how superficial, we use this word.

Love is rich in delights and meanings,
so full of shadings to reckon with,
and love renews itself form after form.

When hijacked by concupiscent love,
the demon-mother Az of ancient Iran,
gives a potion of forgetfulness for what is dearest.

One forgets to love the parent,
not to mention dear and true friends,
for lust and jealousy now reigns.

So beware, and learn quickly,
for life’s lessons not heeded
grow bitter, even beyond your end.

EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (3)

EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (3)

October 28, 2016

The Hidden Paths of Non-Seeking and Non-Enlightenment (3)

As you read onward, I caution you that the ‘unenlightenment’ concepts I am going to share with you are utterly impossible to explicitly describe in words or symbols. The reason being that we are not dealing directly with existence per se, rather, we are dealing with a methodology based upon observing manifest existence from a ‘third perspective.’ Allow me to explain in more detail, for without such explanation the Curious Law of the Strange Mirror will be incomprehensible.

As, we discussed before, the law of polarity or duality appears to hold in the material and psychic worlds, that is, opposites exist and interact with each other to form new patterns. The reason being that our observations are limited to sequential events happening temporally in space. Why? Because the spacetime our minds and bodies are embedded within is observationally two-dimensional –one temporal dimension transformed into space lengths (by multiplying orthogonal time by the speed of light) and one spatial dimension (the fact that space possesses three orthogonal axes is not relevant at the moment). Although, not dealt with herein, our observational spacetime is not that of Newton, but of Special Relativity Theory.

However, we learned earlier that all spatiotemporal events require three, not two, forces so to manifest a new happening. I called this the Law of the Tetrahedron. Immediately, we note that the Law of the Tetrahedron possesses another dimension so to observe events happening in the world, material or psychic. While, we use a third orthogonal spatial axis to draw an image, curiously, the new dimension is orthogonal (perched at right angles) to space and time. However, the new dimension is not spatial, but is temporal, or time-related.

In other words, if we ignore the spatial dimensions for the moment, we represent the two temporal axes as a right angle on a plain sheet of paper. The missing spatial dimensions would extend out into the space above the paper.

If we reduce the three spatial dimensions into a single parameter, we can draw the three axes by extending them outward from a common origin (three-dimensional coordinate representations are found in any algebra book or online by searching for Cartesian Coordinate Systems). Let us make such a drawing now.

I want you to label the axis pointing up toward the top of the paper-Eternity; the axis pointing to the right edge of the paper and making a right angle with the Eternity Axis–Time; and the last axis pointing out at you and forming right angles with the first two axes–Space. Got it?

Imagine that you are a two-dimensional creature living on the flat area between the Space and Time Axes. What do you see? You see things happening in a sequential manner and at specific points in space. Nothing more.

Suppose you are a three-dimensional creature and may gaze down upon the flat plane of spacetime, what will you see? Much more, why? The reason being that the Eternity Axis allows one to look down and see that overlaid upon the primary Time Axis are a myriad of other time axes. By observing from Eternity, you see that even though time flows ahead in one direction, events actually ‘hop’ from one time line to another as the clock dost count ahead. Curiously, whenever an observation is made in two space, a different time line has dipped down into it so to replace the previous one–all happening without any knowledge of the two-dimensional observers.

The main point of the exercise was to show that happenings in our observable universe are NEVER seen in their fullness.

Now, I want you to draw a tetrahedron upon your paper and label the points separately with these words: thesis, antithesis, orthothesis, and synthesis. In philosophy, thesis, antithesis, and synthesis form a planar analytical triangle where: thesis refers to the beginning proposition, antithesis refers to a negation of the thesis, and synthesis is the third point which will reconcile the opposites so to form new proposition (point of a tetrahedron). This method of analysis is known as dialectic.

While, such tetrahedrons are useful for discussion of the Existing World, they cannot be used for metaphysical discussions. For all metaphysical discussions must include a new perspective, the perspective of Non-Existence. This analytical figure can be imagined as a pentahedron composed of four forces, or observational points. The missing dimension relates to ‘things’ which are nonobservables in our existential world.

If we ignore the new proposition, we can draw a tetrahedron with points labeled as thesis, antithesis, orthothesis, and synthesis. In this tetrahedron, Existence is the thesis, Anti-Existence is the antithesis, Non-Existence is the orthothesis, and the reconciling force or concept remains synthesis.

When, we use the term ‘Non-Existence’ in contemplating God, we are not referring to the catholic methods of either via positive or via negative to describe God. Such cannot work as both methods are existential concepts, comprising a ‘thesis / anti-thesis pair.’

What I have presented is extremely difficult to fully encompass so to come to even a simple understanding. I am sorry, but I know of no easier way. But, if you work so to manifest a partial understanding, you will have a seed so to understand the Curious Law of the Strange Mirror, which we will learn about tomorrow.

These lessons are offered to all, but few are ready. Non-Enlightenment and Non-Seeking are the headiest and most difficult of esoteric studies and are coming into the world at this time by necessity and the absolute terror of the human-earth situation. Gurdjieff and the Sarmoung Brotherhood hinted at such in the early 20th century, but, it enters into the 21st century as a new teaching.

Ciao Michael

EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (2)

The Hidden Paths of Non-Seeking and Non-Enlightenment (2)

October 27, 2016

Eventually, the higher states of true conscious presence require sacrifice of all things composing the lower ring of the esoteric ladder, including, egoism and eventually individuality itself (from the human, earthly understanding). In other words, all the Work tortiously conducted for the sake of individual enlightenment and awakening must be forfeited to rise ethereally.

The seeking of enlightenment is directed towards the perfection of the human personality by a long process based upon consciously working so to observe the sundry egostates composing our ‘personality clusters.’ I utilize the word ‘clusters’ purposely, as the standard human belief that each possesses one, unified personality is a false belief, reinforced by modern psychiatry and its ongoing efforts to force complexity into simplicity (some eleven or more personality adaptations of variable intensity).

While, it is true that each person tends to display one of three broad, patterns, or clusters, of perceiving and reacting to specific life events (odd/eccentric, dramatic/emotional, and anxious/fearful), such being consistent with evolutionary adaptation, such disorders are often not clinically more specific. Over the years, I treated many persons showing clinically significant personality pathology (harmful, not useful, maladaptive, exaggerated and so on).

However, using carefully constructed psychometric tests, I found, even though, individual personality types tended to group within one primary cluster type, significant maladaptive traits existed within specific subcategories of a non-dominate cluster. Subsequently, I found that utilizing the psychometric test pattern in its full form was clinically most expedient.

The sole importance of psychiatric classification of personality types in an esoteric school is threefold. The first is to prevent the entrance of sociopaths (persons without a normal moral conscience). The second is to prevent the inclusion of persons whose maladaptive symptomatology will be aggravated by impeding their grounding to normal reality. The third is to decide upon which method of instruction is best suited to a seeker’s temperament and character.

When, the instructors in an esoteric school speak of personality, they are referring to particular ‘personas, masks, or identities’children introjected into their personal unconscious minds during maturation so to learn behavioral patterns useful in specific social situations. These personas are attached to well-delineated complexes associated with specific autobiographical memories, physiological states, desires, cognitions, affects, and motor actions. I call such complexes, ‘state-dependent action patterns associated with specific autobiographical memories and learning which automatically arise when properly stimulated.’ More simply, these are ‘stimuli-driven evaluation with response patterned actions,’ or ‘Serpas.’

Such stimuli are generally from the external world, but they can also arise internally secondary to the many desires evolutionarily bequeathed to each one of us. Desires motivated by survival, reproduction, sexual pleasure, power, wealth, fame and so on. In truth, we are a grand cesspool of self-aggrandizing and hoarding behavior predicated on selfishness and not altruism (though we clearly do possess the later).

Most of the time, we automatically respond to such desires so to evoke well-learned Serpas, as standard men and woman are fully programmed as to how they respond and how they behave–deny it or not–it is the truth. Generally, we are only partially conscious in times of high danger, highly novel situations, or when someone claims we are not and we pay a smidgen of attention to our situation.

For instance, let us imagine that a book case fell over behind you onto a wooden floor and made a very loud sound. Everyone would look around to see where the noise came from and what caused such noise. If I asked anyone of you, “What happened? Why did you look around?”

Each one would respond, “I heard the book case fall over onto the floor. All the books are scattered everywhere. It is a mess.” Moreover, everyone else would say the same.

However, this is not true. What happened is that a loud sound impacted upon your ear drums and you exhibited an automatic startle-response, or a protective Serpa. This response was 100% automatic, physiologic, and driven by your brain. A true answer to my questions would have been, “Michael, I experienced a startle response which showed that the source of the noise was caused by the bookcase falling over onto the floor.

I do hope all of you will think upon the above and see that it happens similarly with other stimuli. Moreover, many of these Serpas are associated with a particular persona. This can be discovered by self observation of your body states, mood states, desires, and cognitive states present at that moment. With practice you will discover that these personas, or egostates, arise, are sustained, and then decay away in a manner similar to surface ocean waves. Egostates do not arise acausally, but come into view under rather well-defined life situations.

The reason I took time to explain such is that self-observation begins as a process of ‘not doing,’ or ‘not controlling,’ or ‘not looking ahead.’ Self-observation of your body-mind complex must be non-emotive, nonjudgmental, and non-forceful. It is the application of bare attention or minding. It is a method of ‘non-seeking’ for it is concerned with ‘seeing’ what the creature does in different environments. It requires emptying the mind of preferences such as ‘yes-no, like-dislike, pleasant-unpleasant.’

Proper seeking and reformation come much later. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be more specific as to the matter at hand? We shall see. If all goes well, I will discuss “The Curious Law of the Strange Mirror.”

EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (1)

EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (1)

October 26, 2016

The Hidden Path of Non-Seeking and Non-Enlightenment

A long time ago, a teacher complained to me that she found it to be a great waste of her time to share esoteric knowledge with people with little aptitude for seeking enlightenment. While, I do think this statement is generally true, I disagreed for a very simple reason and most economic reason.

I replied to my friend that I find it difficult to accurately determine whether or not a newbie has the proper aptitude and cognitive skills for making a permanent soul-personality and attain to a Man # 5. Moreover, as I do not want to put aside any potential Illuminati, I will begin to share whatever I know with whoever wants to listen. My essential nature is that of innovation and so am obligated to share my spiritoscientific models with others–it costs me little more than my time, but the interaction is of great benefit to myself, as discussions and questions are most needed so to better formulate new concepts and possibilities.

Useful knowledge needs to be shared amongst others so to grow and refine such knowledge. Sacred knowledge may be lost secondary to many mundane catastrophes, but, a teacher’s share of such knowledge is never diminished by sharing. Sacred knowledge is either stable or growing as far as an awakened individual.

With the above caveat held firmly in your mind, I am going to introduce all of you to a brand new neo-esoteric concept, a most radical, most contrary, most awe-inducing, most unbelievable concept which is the antithesis of all the ancient teachings. Being the antithesis does not mean that this neo-postulate rejects the ancient pathways–but, they are inefficient and most difficult to pursue in our times.

It is a truism that previous esoteric schools have taught that enlightenment and awaking must be sought after with great devotion and one-pointedness as the path is steep and slippery. Esoteric schools have always sought aspirants, which tradition calls ‘seekers,’ with strong bodies, hearts, and minds. It is no different with modern esoteric schools, such as AMORC and the Traditional Martinist Order, to name but two.

However, as a contrary ‘sort of fellow,’ I have a propensity to respectfully question what is stated to be firmly established, most especially, whenever I contact a system commonly teaching from earthly authority and insisting that seekers identify with the earthly school and its egregore. Such methods are useful for early progress upon the footpaths leading to the access road to the actual way, but true awakening requires help from Beings who actually know and understand and are ready to guide those seekers from below.

While, it remains true that seekers must apply super-efforts upon the journey from the mundane, realm of everlasting annihilation into the empyrean heavens living within Eternity rather than Time, the perceived Goal of the journey always controls. If you understand enlightenment and awakening as the perfection of human qualities and concepts, no matter how pure and wonderful, then you can rise no higher than the most refined regions of the upper world. In fact, the highest any seeker for enlightenment can attain is to a personal relationship with the Sacred Being Image which has guided them always. For enlightenment simply means ‘bringing into the light that which was previously hidden by darkness, or ignorance.’

Enlightenment is restricted to a full appreciation of the physical, psychoistic (astral or empyreal), and spiritual worlds. Enlightenment desires a full comprehension and relationship with the totality of existence, as to entities, interrelationships, beginnings, and endings. A fully enlightened Being understands, consciously and conscientiously, the fullness of the Creation, as to what can be accomplished and why it must be accomplished. Such a ‘person’ resides upon the esoteric level of his or her Sacred Being Image.

A worthy goal, indeed. For such enlightened Beings work with the just men and women (upon the many earths) so to encourage and prevent humanity from falling away from its Cosmic function for transhumanizing the psychophysical universe.

However, it is possible for an enlightened Being to liberate himself or herself (I am speaking of gender and not physical sexuality) from Existence so to seek Non-Existence and the Absoluteness of God. Earlier, I discussed this distinction and refer new readers to the past discourses.

The methodology to accomplish such an unimaginable feat is to learn the art of ‘not-seeking’ for ‘Non-Enlightenment.’