EsoBites: The Relationship With The “Master Within”

EsoBites: The Relationship With The “Master Within”

October 5, 2016

Today, I had an opportunity to read the latest issue of the Rosicrucian Digest and want to draw your attention to an article by Fr. Tom Ogazon entitled, “A Triangle of Love.”
In his article, Fr. Ogazon described meditation upon an upright Triangle. The upper point being the center of psychological gravity for an individual’s Relationship with the Master Within. The two remaining points located on the base he denoted as Detachment from Egoism and Compassion for All Beings. Moreover, Fr. Ogazon provides us with a meditation schemata.

Over the past half century, I have heard many members mention the term, the Master Within; most often, as a synonym for another term, the Inner Self. However, when questioned as to what is meant by either term, it seems such terms are used without full comprehension. I was pleased to read that Fr. Ogazon saw that what a member experiences is neither the Master Within or the Inner Self. Rather, what is experienced is a unique relationship (which is grown intentionally) between our human intellectual and emotional functions and higher nidus of reasoning and feeling.

By volitional attending to the cognitive and affective information exchanges between ourselves and a higher, transcendent source of ‘knowledge and being,’ rather than feeding our sacred image, we attain to a proper understanding helpful for the growth and refinement of our Soul-Personality and the accomplishment of Good Works.
Fr. Ogazon is wise indeed to realize that one commits a severe and dangerous error, if he or she places his or her preconceived notion, or personal sacred image of the ‘who and what’ of the source at the upper point. For, when such sin (missing ‘the mark’) is committed, a member innately endows his or her sacred image with his or her own egoism and so falls back into the forest of errors.

This is the primary reason the Order reminds us to be ‘walking question marks’ and listen, think, feel, and then act appropriately.

So, bully to Fr. Ogazon for his universally needed article. As to my personal experience, I forewent wasting psychic energies trying to define and describe the existence of presumed entities occupying the Upper and Middle Worlds. Why? Because I never could prove such entities as true or imagined. Rather, I found laws and forces available for conscious evolution and Good Works.

However, I do think it is educationally useful to discuss the concepts of the Master Within and the Inner Self as much confusion does exist.

Blessings, Michael

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