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Conversation with a Rose-Croix (7)

Good and Evil (3)

November 30

Gabriel smiled, as he already knew that Sophie would soon ask about demons and angels. He answered, “It might take some time to answer this question fully, but we can begin. The easiest way to grasp the existence and functioning of the human collective psyche is to understand that a more descriptive phrase is ‘mankind’s common dream world.’ For the human collective psyche came into existence only after our evolutionary forebears, came to possess a suitably complex central nervous system. This central nervous system was able to produce aphysical images, which were stored in memory along with spatial and temporal relationships, so to manifest nocturnal dreaming. Soon, our forebears noticed during sleep and under the influence of hallucinogens, that they seemed to be living in another world.

“Though, not realized, individual dreams shared many common characteristics, because they arose from similar brains. Moreover, as all human brains were connected by the atonic energies, people’s dreams combined so to form a common dream world. Eventually, people discussed their dreams and mankind came to believe that dreamers were entering into a preexisting ‘astral world,’ not realizing that such astral worlds are manufactured by man’s mindbrain unit.

“One reason, people believed that the human collective psyche was preexisting arose from frequently encountering dead relatives seemingly living in various astral worlds.

“A second reason, people believed in a preexisting astral world because of the appearance of strange creatures during nocturnal dreaming, not realizing that many of these creatures had been manufactured during diurnal awareness as myths.

“A third reason, people believed in a preexisting astral world because of a psychoistic need to explain physical illness, madness, death, and social inequalities. Why did bad things happen to good people and good things happened to bad people? Based upon anthropological studies, human have an inherent necessity to objectify everything.

“Therefore, mankind has created out of the atonic energies a grand virtual world full of imagined demons and angels, mythical creatures, kesdjan bodies without a physical vehicle to contend with. The astral is full of every imaginable heaven and hell, all available for residency by discarnate kesdjan bodies. No wonder there is such confusion as to what happens after physical death! Everyone is partially correct for human desires and fantasies affect the atonic energies and such energies manifest what is seen and desired.

“The most amazing thing is that all of these astral entities and objects reside within the mindbrains  of susceptible persons believing in the actuality of the astral inhabitants. These mindbrains continue to provide atonic energies so to feed such imagined creatures and with sufficient time and mass of belief, the astral entities, including the vagrant kesdjan bodies, can literally infect the minds of such people.

“Once you understand the nature and operational links between the physical and the astral, you will understand how the astral can come to possess angelic and demonic layers. In a moment, I will explain who Satan really is and the problem mankind has created by bringing such an Image into reality in the world of the Kabbalistic qlippoth,” finished Gabriel.

Sophie said not a word.


Conversation with a Rose-Croix (6)

Good and Evil (2)

November 29

“Sophie, a final explanation, as too exactly how the human brain-mind creates the dream worlds, is still in the making. For our purposes this evening, the simplest explanation presumes that our personal virtual, or dream, realities are the result of the electrical activity of the nervous system creating an electromagnetic image of the body in space. This electromagnetic body image attracts the more ethereal, nongravitating, atonic energies. The atonic energies enter into our electromagnetic images, or our material selves, birthing our ‘living’ astral, or psychic, selves, which we call the kesdjan body. Your Order calls the atonic energies, the vital life force.

“For human beings, the atonic energy not only provides a partial independence from the physical body, but creates a condition of awareness of some aphysical presence associated with the physical body. This feeling of existing is because the fundamental Quale, Presence, enters into what we have called the ergoegotic operator. I know Michael has discussed such matters very thoroughly.

“It is because of the atonic energies that our individual electromagnetic-kesdjan bodies are interconnected allowing us to have a collective mind or dream space. This collective mind is aphysical in its construction and function, but is intimately connected to each physical mindbrain unit. Moreover, transfer of information is nearly instantaneous, as the distances between persons are minute compared with the speed of information transfer occurring at the speed of light, all of our individual mindbrains are in communication with all other mindbrains.

“This model aptly explains intuition and advanced, immediate knowing. It also explains how kesdjan bodies persist following the physical death of the body. Kesdjan bodies are your dream body, or awareness, and so can reside anywhere within the dreamtime when allowed access. As the kesdjan bodies are living bodies in the astral worlds, the kesdjan body continues to exist within the collective mind for some time after it is no longer connected to the physical body.

“Kesdjan bodies are mortal, but may feel as if they are immortal for time sense for them is now very rapid.

“The kesdjan body may appear to living persons under certain circumstances. For example, if a person grieves strongly for a deceased, loved one, his or her sorrow may attract the kesdjan body of the deceased. The kesdjan body will be able to utilize the brain and material self of its living partner so to be seen, touched, smelled, or heard. This process is involved in the rather rare experience of ethereal beings in real seances and haunted houses.

“Any questions, Sophie,” finished Gabriel?

“Only one question, how does this explain why some people report the existence of demons, angels and cosmically significant beings,” asked Sophie.


Conversation with a Rose-Croix (5)

Good and Evil

November 28

“Let me explain,” continued Gabriel.

“The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, did the intellectual world a great service by postulating the existence of a human, collective unconsciousness, or objective psyche. The collective he originally proposed evolved so to explain why certain mental archetypes appeared across many cultures. His explanation for such commonality within the personal unconscious was psychoneurological and secondary to shared genetics and social constructs. In other words, Jung was not implying the existence of a collective psychic mind, though many people think such. It was not until the end of his human life that Jung began to suspect that his opinion as to the nature of the objective psyche may have been overly limited.

“We have known for quite some time that all species of social animals possess a conjoint species mind represented upon the astral plane, or the middle world. The simplest examples appearing in the organized, nonlocal behavior of honey bees, termites, and ants. Part of the cooperative activity arises from chemical and motor messages and the remainder from an astral sharing of information.

“For the social insects, Sophie, nonlocal cooperation is likely the resultant of interactions of electromagnetic fields generated in situ by individual neural nets working so to reinforce goal-directed behavior and extinguish opposing behaviors. I doubt that the social insects can be said to possess a conjoint species mind which includes conscious content.

“Based upon work conducted long ago, we have found that human beings possess a very sophisticated conjoint species mind. The source of the human collective mind being, the resultant of the capacity of humans to create individual virtual worlds so to operate within. As my associate Michael has explained to those in the Order, all potentially conscious creatures possess a body in the physical and a mind in a shared virtual world. He has very aptly explained how humans have been able to create and possess, a single awareness, or dream worlds, present both asleep and awake.

“In other words, Sophie, over thousands of years the conjoint human man has created a dreamworld perched between the material world of bodies and the spiritual world of forms, true individuals, sacred images, and possibilities. For convenience, I shall use traditional terminology and call this world the Astral or Middle World.

“Though, I do not like computer analogies, one can picture the astral world as the internet whose structure and content are determined by billions of personal computers feeding into it. Moreover, the astral world is composed of a very subtle energy composed of quanta concerned with life and mental awareness. We have named such fundamental astral quanta ‘atons’ after one of the Egyptian names for the Sun.

“These quanta create a virtual duplicate of the organs of the physical body and manifest as the kesdjan, astral, or psychic body. This phenomenon is most interesting for it implies that thoughts are more than nebulous epiphenomena without reciprocal effects upon the physical body. Rather, material objects and mental objects coexist and are mutually necessary for human functioning. As the ancients have said, ‘Thoughts are things.’

“Moreover, this body shares a common awareness with the human body and is what acts in the dreamtime. Are you following, Sophie?”

Sophie replied, “I cannot explain what has happened to my mind, but everything you are teaching seems to sink perfectly into my mind and memory. It seems that when you teach, much more than words enter into me as knowledge. It feels like I am better than more, more efficient.”

Gabriel explained, “Sophie, by removing some of your limitations, I opened further your channel to the Noble Organ and so the depth and quality of your soul-personality are more than before. Your station, or stathmós, upon the dimension of Being is higher, sufficient for our current needs.

“But there is so much more I must teach you this special evening. I need to explain much more about the structure of the astral, or collective dream world.”



Conversation with a Rose-Croix (4)

Two Opposing Factions

November 27

Sophie remained in the arms of Gabriel for what seemed to her, an eternity. She could hear the steady beating of his heart and felt very safe. She had not felt safe for as long as she could remember for her childhood and early life had been far from normal. Funny, she thought, “It feels like all my past traumas, physical and mental, were slowly being absorbed from my heart and mind. I can actually feel the invisible scars covering my heart disappearing. Somehow, being in Gabriel’s arms is healing my past and closing off so many energy drains upon my souls. Truly, he is Rose-Croix.”

Gabriel withdrew his arms from Sophie’s back and helped her sit back into her chair. He again offered her a date to restore her mental equilibrium. He took one date himself and replaced the plate onto the table which he moved back to its original position and then say down himself.

He said, “Feels much better now, does it not? The Higher Love is the most powerful force in the universe and heals most anything. I need you to be strong for the Astral Black Lodge will become interested in you soon enough.”

Sophie, having finished her date, reached out and placed her right hand on top of Gabriel’s, saying, “Dear Friend, thank you from the deepest part of my heart for restoring me. Somehow, I have been reborn. I have not heard of an Astral Black Lodge. I know that the Order is under the direction of the Great White Lodge. Please, explain.”

“In every suitable universe, the Higher Being Bodies of several members of the Great White Lodge are sent so to guide development of the new universe. For in the beginning exists only geometry, undifferentiated energy, the Divine Qualia, and the Guides. There is no matter, no life, no structure, for all is dark and chaotic. The primeval darkness and chaos are lawful and are not to be misinterpreted as evil, as has been down by many philosophical schools on earth. The primeval darkness and chaos continued until leptons and quarks combined to form neutral atoms and photons were no longer in thermal equilibrium with elementary matter. When this occurred, some 380,000 years post deflation-inflation, the universe achieved transparency and ‘light revealed matter.’

“So the old esoteric adage, ‘Darkness pervaded the all before light came, but light arises not forth from darkness, for darkness is the absence of light,’ is essentially, but not completely aligned with modern cosmology. Modern cosmology has shown that in the first moments of a new universe the temperature is so high that neither quarks nor leptons can form. In other words, the immediate first quanta were restricted to those possessing no rest-mass and translating at a uniform speed equal to the universal speed of light.

“As the early universe was rapidly expanding its volume, the original energies cooled adiabatically forcing the zero charge, zero rest-mass exchange bosons responsible for gravitation and electromagnetism to separate. We believe that the separation occurred as the gravitational bosons possessed an integral spin of 2 and the photons an integral spin of 1.

“As the universe continued to adiabatically expand and cool, the remaining fundamental forces separated from each other because of spin and charge differentiation and the first nuclear synthesis machines, the stars, formed.

“From a neoesoteric viewpoint, we state, ‘Light has no beginning for light is but the first manifestation of ever-present fundamental information.’ I do not have time to explain this at the moment.

“Every universe is endowed with six fundamental and Divine Qualia: Knowing, Observing, Presence, Transcendence, Intending, and Caring-Compassion. Such Qualia being understood, as inherent qualities, or functions, seeded into the universe by God so that true consciousness may manifest. Without these six fundamental Quale, there would be no life and no mind.

“While, the first five Quale are neutral in valences, the last and supreme Quale, Caring-Compassion, or Love-Unconditioned, is Pure, Godly Goodness. Consequently, as Evil is not a permanent, fundamental Quale seeded into a new universe, as it cannot cross from an old universe into a new universe intact, it must be a quale created by ‘something’ resident in a physical universe. Such ‘something’ being by necessity, a living creature with a mind and intellect having arisen under normal evolutionary bioprocesses on a suitable planet.

“The best definition for evil being, ‘Evil is no more than the appropriating of the bounties of Nature for self-aggrandizement and devaluing of others.’ Self-aggrandizement manifesting as self-serving actions for increased power, wealth, or fame. Such self-aggrandizement is known as ‘selfishness’ in your language.

“Evil arises whenever the evolutionary drivers for survival, reproduction, and hoarding between knowingly appreciated by intelligent creatures having autobiographical memory and a sense of time. Creatures able to use said intelligence for selfishness rather than altruism. Creatures such as your species, Sophie.

“So the first teaching, Sophie, is that universes are inherently Good and Godly. Evil is not coequal to Goodness, as evil is an abomination of Goodness, for evil subverts the universal Good, or Altruism, so to serve only egoism,” finished Gabriel.

Sophie was silent for a moment, saying, “I have always felt that the Good-Evil twin concept taught originally by Zoroaster and later showing up in Mithraism and Christianity was somehow incorrect. Now, I understand and I shall remember this first teaching. It is ancient and it is new at the same time. I see why you use the term ‘neoesotericism.”

Gabriel replied, “Good. The evil of one man or one woman is not much of an issue, as it is undone by such person’s death, but the original evil from evolution has been multiplied many times over until it is a most dangerous force which can destroy your species and your planet.”


Conversation with a Rose-Croix (3)

November 26

Sophie replied, “Most strange, indeed. Will you tell me more, Gabriel?”

Gabriel nodded his head yes, saying, “But, this will come later. It is always good to begin at the beginning, rather than in the middle, or God forbid, at the end. Let me tell you how I brought you here and give you more details as to the why. OK?”

Sophie replied, “Yes, please go ahead.”

Gabriel began, “Sophie, as I just told you, the world is in a very dark place at the moment–so dark, that my associates, most worried about the human predicament, asked me to intervene immediately. We do our best to avoid direct intervention, but now and then such is required. This is why you were chosen to speak with me on this delightful evening. Wait until the full moon rises tonight. I have always felt at ease in this place. It is November 1, 1913.

“My dear, you fell into a deep sleep this afternoon and so I was able to transport you to Damascus. It is not an easy task. I brought you here so I could answer your many questions about the universe, the three Worlds, and God. For the answers do exist and I shall give such to you this very visit.

“The world is in dire need of new models of existence, models which will create new and more functional interrelationships between the physical and life sciences and spirituality. Marrying science and spirituality, as a working couple, can do much to benefit man and the world. Maintaining a separation between science and spirituality shall eventually cause an end to life on earth, as we know it.

“Sophie, I have chosen you to bring this message back to our Order so that new esoteric knowledge can be integrated with the old for the hope of the future. The Rose-Croix has carried the shepherd’s crook and worn the shepherd’s sandals for billions of years. Cooperating with the demiurgic forces responsible for organizing this universe, we search for new planets ready to serve as evolutionary gardens for the Almighty.

“Whenever, we locate such a planet, we literally cast onto its surface the primitive living seed needed so to birth a lush biosphere over billions of years. A biosphere fit for the gradual evolution of ever more complex life forms. Now and then, a planet’s life forms attain to a complexity equal to that of human beings. Creatures sufficiently complex so to be able to intentionally germinate and grow another seed we provide. A seed from which an immortal self can be made, if the person so desires. We call this seed, the ‘soul-seed.’

“For immortal souls are necessary to fully complete Omneity’s Plan for this universe. Unfortunately, souls are scarce commodities and the Plan will fail, if we cannot make people understand that God needs more immortal souls to help.

“My friends and I were once, as you are now, creatures ready to consciously work so to grow and harvest one day, an immortal soul. For the attainment of an immortal soul is the sin qua non for becoming a Sacred Individual. Even more, dear child, my friends and I have awoken into the Unborn and so we exist both within and without Time and Space.

“Mankind is facing extinction. Such extinction, a surety, unless a sufficient number of men and women recognize and overcome his and her genetic propensities for a self-love and hoarding. Until a sufficient number of men and women are properly educated and esoterically trained, men and women capable of assuming the shepherd’s crook and sandals, we have carried for so very long, men and women will be no more.

“Potentially, conscious creatures, such as men upon the Earth; eventually, must band together, as a single conscious humanity, so to assume the role of the Earth’s shepherd. This is the Law and it cannot be changed. This time is quickly approaching and mankind is not prepared. I am speaking to you for you are going to be both messenger and innovator. I will do what I can, but, I cannot directly intervene for I am not longer of your Earth.
“Sophie, you are my little sister, and I must work with you for the benefit of all. Do you accept this chore,” finished Gabriel? Gabriel rose from his chair and moved the table away from the two of them.

Sophie stood up, going to Gabriel, she kissed him on his left cheek. Gabriel placed his arms around her back and kissed her on her forehead. Sophie laid her head onto his left chest. Moon Maiden was above the horizon, smiling, as she knew what Sophie’s heart had said to Gabriel’s heart, and their promise was sealed by the moon-shadow on the mud wall.


Interlude: Conversation with a Rose-Croix (2)

November 25

The student found herself sitting on the rooftop of an old house in the foothills overlooking Damascus. The sun was setting in the west and the city seemed to possess a soft glow.

Next to her sat a man wearing high boots, deeply faded blue Levis, and a khaki cotton desert shirt. His sleeves were rolled up and attached to a strip of material sewn onto the upper outer sleeve of each shirt arm. His hair fell to his shoulders in ringlets and his eyes a pale blue. She could not guess his age, but his presence seemed to place him outside of time itself. Perhaps, JG Bennett was correct when he said that orthogonal to clock Time exists another dimension which he called Eternity

The man was sipping on black coffee which had been sweetened with sugar and laced with fresh lemon. There was a small glass table before them. On the tabletop rested a small plate of dark brown dates, an open box of Turkish Delight, a plate of lemon rind, a plate of sugar cubes, and a French press filled with the darkest coffee the student had ever seemed. An empty, blue and white, porcelain demitasse cup, matching saucer, and a gold coffee spoon rested next to the French press.

After, what seemed an eternity to the student for time had seemed to stop, the man spoke, “Hello, Sophie. My name is Gabriel Baal Eyt. I summoned you for I need your help.”

Before she could say anything, Gabriel reached over, picked up a lemon rind, rubbed it around the rim of the cup, and dropped it into the empty cup. He added a lump of turbinado sugar and poured the dark coffee into the demitasse cup. He gracefully picked up the cup and saucer and handed them to Sophie, “Enjoy, the coffee is sublime.”

Sophie reached with her left hand so to hold the saucer and used her right hand to lift the small cup to her lips. Tilting the cup ever so slightly, she felt the elixir contact the taste buds of her tongue and experienced the taste of a perfectly roasted and brewed coffee. After one sip, she replaced the small cup onto the saucer and returned the pair to the table, saying, “Thank you, very much. But, how did I get here? Where is here, anyway?”

Gabriel smiled, saying, “My dear girl, you are in Damascus. You are here because I need to tell you a few things concerning the future of esoteric wisdom for serving the needs of the coming Epoch. A great wickedness was born and has been growing in the west and is spreading so to infect all of Mother Earth. Man has turned from the inward search for his true home and now worships a false god which he has named Scientific Materiality, Mammon if you will. The old esoteric schools have been unable to redirect mankind. It is critical that a New Esotericism is introduced. It is this New Esotericism that I am going to share with you and which you will share with our Order.”

Sophie, a talkative person by nature, found her mouth empty of words. In fact, her mind was empty. Her body was empty. Her person was empty. There was no Sophie, but something was present and aware. Her mind asked, “Is this real ‘I’?”

Gabriel picked up the plate of dark brown dates and offered one to Sophie, “Take a date and chew it slowly and consciously and you will feel more comfortable. I am sorry, but I needed to show you something.”

Sophie followed Gabriel’s instructions and chose a date to eat. She took small bites and paid great attention to chewing and tasting its flavor and sweetness. After several bites the date was finished and she returned to a more comfortable state of mind.

Gabriel said. “Sophie, I just provided you with a taste of real ‘I.’ Strange, is it not?”

Interlude: Conversation with a Rose-Croix (1)

Interlude: Conversation with a Rose-Croix (1)

November 24  [What I write here applies to every true esoteric school]

Friends, I decided to begin a new series of episodic posts memorializing a conversation between a pupil and an actualized Rose-Croix. It seems fitting to do so as the 18th AMORC cycle of world activity is drawing to a close as of August 12, 2017, as the Work given to the Egyptian Great Cycle has been completed.

Whenever, a Great Cycle is completed, the Order must rekindle itself, or be reborn, as is the Phoenix by voluntarily building and entering into a Grand Funeral Pyre. For the Light, Life, and Love composing the central flame burning upon the sacred hearth of each esoteric school must be given to the physical world via a material organ. The material organ is like a wondrous lantern upon whose glass panes gradually accumulate soot from the outside world. As the lantern cannot be cleaned, the brightness of the flame entering into the mundane world dims with the passing centuries.

An obvious question ripe for the asking is, “What is this gathered soot?”

Simply, the soot is nothing more than false ideas slowly interjected into the Teachings, on carbon atom at a time. The soot remains upon the glass as the majority of the members fail to notice that the lantern glass is not adequately transmitting the burning Flame within. Such ignorance arising from the fact that most students are insufficiently awake to protest such loss of luminosity.

Subsequently, the only solution is for the Order to be reborn from the ashes of the prior Great Cycle. This, I have discussed previously in my posts.

So we stand perched on the temporal period between the close of an earlier Great Cycle and the rebirth of another. All is fine, yes? No. Everything in the universe is stochastic and no possibilities of much importance are guaranteed. The Order may appear to have been reborn to sleeping eyes, but if it is only an illusion, the damage is permanent.

The Order can only be reborn from a strong membership, not necessarily large, but fully dedicated. A rebirth requires the concerted visualizations and conscious efforts of the current members, as a unified group. The rebirthing plan is in order, but needs the commitments of our membership NOW.

The number of Rosicrucian students who attain membership in the innermost Order, the Invisible Order, is much less than you can imagine. It is rare for a Master to acknowledge his or her personal existence during the life of a Great Cycle, though such is not unheard. However, as the rebirthing of the Order into a Great Cycle is opposed by many astral forces, a Master(s) will tell certain highly advanced students of his or her incarnation(s) so to aid in the rebirthing.

Fortunately, such a manifestation is present at this very endpoint, as our times are most troubled secondary to an abrupt arising of dominance of the Dark forces with the advent of technology. I have been asked to share a conversation between an unnamed student and a Master named Baal Eyt.

The title ‘Baal Eyt’ is found in the ancient Hebrew language and translated into English means ‘Lord of the Appointed Time.’