EsoHomilies: The Making of A True Soul (9)

The Why of Man’s Existence (9)-The Many-Views Problem in Spirituality

Nov 8, 2016

The meal was finished and Tristan decided to remain in the elementals’ kitchen so that they would hear what must be said. Tristan tended to be kind of all beings, physical and astral, for he understood that all lived in one Great Wholeness and needed each other.

Tristan began, “Lauren, I think you would like to ask a question. Please do so.”

Lauren replied, “Tristan, I do not understand why the intellectual models you present, which sound psychologically rational and pragmatic, are so different from models presented by other advanced Holy Selves? Where, I used your term for one having perfected his or her personality and attained to true Individuality. Why does Lord Buddha argue the doctrine of ‘no-self,’ Hindus the doctrine of Brahman and Atman, and the Swedish mystic, Swedenborg, the existence of several levels of Heaven and Hell? Surely, all cannot be correct?”

Tristan stood up, raising his mead goblet above his head, “Everyone, stand and toast our dear friend, Lauren, for her question is superb and fits in so nicely with our present concern.” All stood and offered a toast to Lauren and then sat down.

“Lauren, there are many reasons responsible for the existence of such drastic and opposing metaphysical and mystical viewpoints. The primary reason being that incarnating enlightened beings cannot fully fathom the true Actuality of this universe and describe such, to themselves and to others, without using some kind of language. Where language refers to every form of information transfer or communication, be such oral and written words, mandalas, alchemical symbols, mathematical expressions, music, or art. For language arises from the neural functioning of the human neocortex–a biological brain and its associated virtual mind. Moreover, it is an accepted premise amongst enlightened beings that ‘the higher fertilizes the lower to manifest the middle, but the middle cannot encompass the totality of even the immediate higher.’

“Gabriel and I recognize this limitation and so we do not claim infallibility of our teachings. Rather, what we teach is the most parsimonious understanding consistent with the knowledge base existing today. This is our rationale for basing everything we teach upon the most fundamental law of all laws, the deep ‘Law of the Library at Babel.’ Michael has written about this principle for compensating for clouded vision in his posts with the Rosicrucian Order.

“Applying the Law of the Library at Babel is a method of ‘signal-averaging’ data. Signal-averaging is done by allowing many people to honestly observe and report their personal findings, as to the results of such experiment. By combining all of the reports, all observational errors cancel out and only the message remains. Of course, the validity of the message depends upon the design of the experiment. Subsequently, our models differ from early models because we compare all of them and allow inconsistencies, which are not verifiable to disappear, so to see the underlying foundation. Which, we realize, is still only an approximation,” continued Tristan.

Ray asked, “Tristan, this Law of the Library at Babel sounds new to me? Was it used by other Masters from long ago?”

Tristan answered, “Ray, as far as we know, the Law of the Library at Babel is not known outside our esoteric school. The most likely reason being, our school adopted scientific thinking and experimentation some three centuries ago. Subsequently, we apply scientific methodology to all of our inner work exploring the astral and higher worlds. We have found scientific thinking most useful for bringing the divergent views closer together.

“The second major reason for such divergence is man’s tendency to place cognition and reasoning above feelings and conscience. Subsequently, the mental models created, say to questions of an afterlife, are colored or flavored by the general, accepted beliefs of the society such Master has been educated within. Different fundamental beliefs, different models of an afterlife and the Divine. Based upon the stability of such divergent views held over long periods of time, it is our reasoned opinion that cognitive models are naturally divergent and never complete. In and of itself, divergence is not a problem. The real problem is that political groups, religious or secular, will convert a theoretical view into a concrete, unchangeable view useful for social control and group dominance. I think history supports our conclusion without exception,” finished Tristan.

Dustin asked, “Tristan, why has no one else taught such ideas? If models are inherently incomplete, where can we find a reliable star so to guide our behavior and Work?”

“The ‘fallacy of cognitive modeling of esoteric concepts’ remained hidden to enlightened being, as its recognition and development required the findings of a sound neuroscience and psychology. As our school is much interested in the dynamic operation of the imago operators and how they construct our virtual realities, the idea seemed reasonable to pursue.

“As to the second question, I will explain this tomorrow. For tonight, Morgana and Merlin are going to do some Magick for your entertainment. So let us retire to the library and learn about Magick and the Dreamtime–where Magick is an actuality,” concluded Tristan.

Everyone arose from the dinner table and hurried to the library. After all, Magick is not an everyday thing in the material world.


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