EsoHomilies: The Making of A True Soul (12)

The Why of Man’s Existence (12)-The Persona Menagerie (3)

Nov 12, 2016

“Tristan, you originally called such potential remorse generating situations, ‘yes – no’ situations. It seems to me that the ‘no veto’ is the conscious action and the ‘yes’ means nothings as it simply allows mechanics to continue. Subsequently, a conscious ‘yes’ must apply to choices which are being made so to prevent a remorseful action sometime in the future,” asked Michael?

“Such a clever lad, you are correct. As far as conscious decisions are involved, whenever a SERPA has been activated, all one can do, is veto the action. Unfortunately, this is a chancy situation for while the veto builds character, but is not a good way to remove selfish and undesirable personas. To accomplish a ‘cleansing of our personas’ requires consciously working toward removing an unwanted SERPA with its associated persona. Allow me to provide an example.

“When, I was young, I had a bad habit of interrupting people who were explaining something to me which I already understood and so did not want to hear it. I noticed that when I stopped someone many would stop talking. I realized that I had hurt their feelings and so one day decided to try and change this habit. At first, I forgot my aim and later remembered it after I interrupted. I did not criticize myself, but continued observing my mouth and one day I discovered that I stopped interrupting people and even learned a thing or two. I was happier and so were they. I have used this method of self-observation to uncover undesirable SERPA and extinguish the associated persona. After many years, I found that I was much kinder and much happier and now had only a steward present,” explained Tristan, “and the rest you know, Michael.”

None of the travelers had said a word during the explanation, but all had been enlightened. Tristan waved a hand and everyone found themselves descending back into their physical bodies.

The first one to speak was Morgana, “Honey, I am glad that you are teaching such concepts and practices to our little Eleanor in utero. It should save her much time after she is born for putting such practices into good use.”

Tristan smiled, saying, “Although me to finish this day with an interesting idea Michael told me the other day.”

“Tristan, I have noticed that everyone I meet comes to me with 100 points of merit. Some people lose very little points, some lose all of them, but none makes any extra points. The quantity of loss is never up to me, but up to them. If they engender a negative debt, I find that I have no more obligations to help them and they seem to disappear from my life. Much later in my life, I discovered that everyone comes into life with a set of life possibilities which seem to start being utilized in adolescence.

“The possibilities available to each person at birth depend upon heredity, birth conditions, social class, qualities of the parents, educational system, and chance. I call these the big three: heredity, shared environment, and serendipity. Moreover, after many lives of observation, I have found that most every person born uses up all of his or her possibilities for enlightenment and the flame in his or her soul-seed is extinguished. For such persons, the physical body dies first and the kesdjan body some time later.

“I have also seen that persons dying before they have reached the age of responsibility may reincarnate as they still have unused possibilities to discharge. As they are reborn at least once more, they actually have more hope than a once-arounder.

“Outside of the above two situations, very few people I know work sufficiently consciously so to create new possibilities for themselves before they physically depart life. I call such fortunate ‘working-upon-becoming-individuals’ Men and Women # 4. However, if one stops creating new possibilities prior to finalizing his or her cosmic pattern, he or she will pass away eventually, swallowed by Temu.”

It was late and Tristan dismissed everyone to his or her bed chamber for a sound and dreamless sleep. They had had more than sufficient dreaming for one day. Tristan helped Morgana from her chair and off they went.


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