EsoHomilies: The Making of A True Soul (15)

Type II-Dreamtime (1)

November 15

Tristan was asked a number of questions concerning Type I reality. Eventually, everyone understood that we all truly exist mentally in a virtual world which closes mimics the physical world with our bodies. Such an understanding being important for delving deeper into the nature of mankind’s mental and psychic worlds.

“As we discussed earlier, enlightenment cannot be fully appreciated, understood, nor appropriately applied in mundane life until an aspirant has tasted the peach of immortality and the bitter pear of the human condition. The Buddhists often refer to this event as “entering into the stream.

“None enter the stream without partial purifying of the heart and mind, gaining a modicum of control over the instinctual desires, and learning how to apply super-effort to the Work. Such work, including, long and dedicated efforts aimed at ‘arriving at a psychobiological state of mind,’ named by the Initiates, Type III Reality.

“Entering into Type III Reality, if only for a few seconds, cannot occur until the aspirant understands (sometimes expressed as having ‘tasted’ or ‘smelled’) that his or her waking state Type II Reality is essentially the same reality operating during dreaming (in REM, NREM), fantasizing, and meditative states.

“Many psychological and metaphysical schools mistakenly teach that ‘waking and dreaming’ are distinct and separate mental states. Such understanding arising from the observations: [1] dream content appears very different from the events of waking life, [2] the ‘experiential’ laws of dreaming are at odds with the ‘natural laws’ governing physical existence, and [3] the apparent location of the observing function differs.

“While, the above observations are correct, in truth, they are of no significant relevance to an aspirant. The sole relevance being, the laws of the dreamtime experience cannot be applied to directly to physical action–on the pain of morbidity and mortality.

“Studies at the Institute have shown that the one relevant factor is that the operational capacity of the ergoegotic center, or working ego-state cluster, is much more extensive during dreaming than wakefulness.
“Now, we continue our investigation into the operation of the ergoegotic center during wakefulness, meditation, and REM (and likely in NREM) sleep. As you recall, the ergoegotic center, or working ego, is the central point of our personal psychological space; that is, the point through which certain Eternal Qualia enter into our mind-brain for expression in the physical world. Rosicrucians would equate this psychological center to the operational center of the Soul Personality.

“Deep introspective investigation into the elemental construction and functioning of our individual ergoegotic centers (and by deep I am referring to stretching ones awareness so to ‘hit’ the noetic limit of human experiencing–I call it the ‘Wall’) will demonstrate six eternal and unique Qualia support our aphysical Universe. One might say that the 6Q are the arm and five fingers of God reaching into our hearts and minds. I use the acronyms, ‘Koptic’ and ‘5Q+1’ to signify such Eternal Qualia. The first 5Q are direct Knowing, Observing, Presence, Intending, and Compassion (Caring). The last Quale is Transcendence, that is, that quality of the divine which allows us to begin and complete conscious evolution (nonmechanical and effort-driven).

“These Qualia are experienced in their fullness when an aspirant has succeeded in deconstruction of his or her socially-derived psyche by removing from immediate awareness all beliefs, all needs, all fears, and all labels defining the artifact called self. For the artifactual self is the vehicle utilized so to function effectively in the psychosocial world. Unfortunately, our education leaves us with the false belief that such self is our Soul Personality, rather than realizing that this vehicle was built around the ergoegotic center so to function in the physical world. In truth, the ergoegotic center is no more than the manifestation of the 5Q +1 via a psychoneural instrument.

“Keeping the above in mind, clearly, each of us possesses a single and individual ergoegotic center, clothed in many different memories and beliefs, so to exhibit many personas, or ego-states. What we experience as ‘self’ during all phases of Type II reality are no more than such ego-states arising automatically from interaction with our social environs.

“Often, the personas appearing during our dreamtime are seemingly unrelated to our daytime personas–at home, at work, at the Lodge. Such a difference separating wakefulness from dreaming. But, in truth, such personas are secondary to the fact that the ergoegotic center is a singularity and remains the same always.

“Tomorrow, we discuss the Quale of direct Observing and how to use it to prove the above. Blessings.”

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