What is Real ‘I’

Based upon deep introspection using the technique of negation, or ‘not this–not that,’  removing all mental processes, all concepts, and all labels–asking myself the question, “what is the intrinsic nature of ‘I’ provides an answer.  The only two innate qualities impossible to get rid of are simple awareness without any ‘I am’ and a feeling of a continuity with a beginning point in the past and immortality into the future.  The ‘I’ is the continuous line connecting your heart from one life to the next and around each life you rebuild a Higher Being Body.  My discovery concerns that which the Buddha would not talk about.  There is no eternal self in samsara only mental functions.

If you can understand this poem, you are true Rose-Croix.


Liberation requires the death of self,
and such death, must, in lovingkindness, be done.
Death of self is not by knife nor arrow,
nor poison, suicide, nor accident,
death of self is in mind alone.

Kill this self with realization crystal-clear,
kill this self with meditation most deep,
seek and find when all this began.

For immortality is the petit liberation,
I had a beginning, but now no end.
Immortality is only forever, post-beginning,
so why keep the beginning?

The grand liberation is without beginning nor end,
and such is found by awakening within the Unborn.

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