Interlude: Conversation with a Rose-Croix (2)

November 25

The student found herself sitting on the rooftop of an old house in the foothills overlooking Damascus. The sun was setting in the west and the city seemed to possess a soft glow.

Next to her sat a man wearing high boots, deeply faded blue Levis, and a khaki cotton desert shirt. His sleeves were rolled up and attached to a strip of material sewn onto the upper outer sleeve of each shirt arm. His hair fell to his shoulders in ringlets and his eyes a pale blue. She could not guess his age, but his presence seemed to place him outside of time itself. Perhaps, JG Bennett was correct when he said that orthogonal to clock Time exists another dimension which he called Eternity

The man was sipping on black coffee which had been sweetened with sugar and laced with fresh lemon. There was a small glass table before them. On the tabletop rested a small plate of dark brown dates, an open box of Turkish Delight, a plate of lemon rind, a plate of sugar cubes, and a French press filled with the darkest coffee the student had ever seemed. An empty, blue and white, porcelain demitasse cup, matching saucer, and a gold coffee spoon rested next to the French press.

After, what seemed an eternity to the student for time had seemed to stop, the man spoke, “Hello, Sophie. My name is Gabriel Baal Eyt. I summoned you for I need your help.”

Before she could say anything, Gabriel reached over, picked up a lemon rind, rubbed it around the rim of the cup, and dropped it into the empty cup. He added a lump of turbinado sugar and poured the dark coffee into the demitasse cup. He gracefully picked up the cup and saucer and handed them to Sophie, “Enjoy, the coffee is sublime.”

Sophie reached with her left hand so to hold the saucer and used her right hand to lift the small cup to her lips. Tilting the cup ever so slightly, she felt the elixir contact the taste buds of her tongue and experienced the taste of a perfectly roasted and brewed coffee. After one sip, she replaced the small cup onto the saucer and returned the pair to the table, saying, “Thank you, very much. But, how did I get here? Where is here, anyway?”

Gabriel smiled, saying, “My dear girl, you are in Damascus. You are here because I need to tell you a few things concerning the future of esoteric wisdom for serving the needs of the coming Epoch. A great wickedness was born and has been growing in the west and is spreading so to infect all of Mother Earth. Man has turned from the inward search for his true home and now worships a false god which he has named Scientific Materiality, Mammon if you will. The old esoteric schools have been unable to redirect mankind. It is critical that a New Esotericism is introduced. It is this New Esotericism that I am going to share with you and which you will share with our Order.”

Sophie, a talkative person by nature, found her mouth empty of words. In fact, her mind was empty. Her body was empty. Her person was empty. There was no Sophie, but something was present and aware. Her mind asked, “Is this real ‘I’?”

Gabriel picked up the plate of dark brown dates and offered one to Sophie, “Take a date and chew it slowly and consciously and you will feel more comfortable. I am sorry, but I needed to show you something.”

Sophie followed Gabriel’s instructions and chose a date to eat. She took small bites and paid great attention to chewing and tasting its flavor and sweetness. After several bites the date was finished and she returned to a more comfortable state of mind.

Gabriel said. “Sophie, I just provided you with a taste of real ‘I.’ Strange, is it not?”

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