Conversation with a Rose-Croix (4)

Two Opposing Factions

November 27

Sophie remained in the arms of Gabriel for what seemed to her, an eternity. She could hear the steady beating of his heart and felt very safe. She had not felt safe for as long as she could remember for her childhood and early life had been far from normal. Funny, she thought, “It feels like all my past traumas, physical and mental, were slowly being absorbed from my heart and mind. I can actually feel the invisible scars covering my heart disappearing. Somehow, being in Gabriel’s arms is healing my past and closing off so many energy drains upon my souls. Truly, he is Rose-Croix.”

Gabriel withdrew his arms from Sophie’s back and helped her sit back into her chair. He again offered her a date to restore her mental equilibrium. He took one date himself and replaced the plate onto the table which he moved back to its original position and then say down himself.

He said, “Feels much better now, does it not? The Higher Love is the most powerful force in the universe and heals most anything. I need you to be strong for the Astral Black Lodge will become interested in you soon enough.”

Sophie, having finished her date, reached out and placed her right hand on top of Gabriel’s, saying, “Dear Friend, thank you from the deepest part of my heart for restoring me. Somehow, I have been reborn. I have not heard of an Astral Black Lodge. I know that the Order is under the direction of the Great White Lodge. Please, explain.”

“In every suitable universe, the Higher Being Bodies of several members of the Great White Lodge are sent so to guide development of the new universe. For in the beginning exists only geometry, undifferentiated energy, the Divine Qualia, and the Guides. There is no matter, no life, no structure, for all is dark and chaotic. The primeval darkness and chaos are lawful and are not to be misinterpreted as evil, as has been down by many philosophical schools on earth. The primeval darkness and chaos continued until leptons and quarks combined to form neutral atoms and photons were no longer in thermal equilibrium with elementary matter. When this occurred, some 380,000 years post deflation-inflation, the universe achieved transparency and ‘light revealed matter.’

“So the old esoteric adage, ‘Darkness pervaded the all before light came, but light arises not forth from darkness, for darkness is the absence of light,’ is essentially, but not completely aligned with modern cosmology. Modern cosmology has shown that in the first moments of a new universe the temperature is so high that neither quarks nor leptons can form. In other words, the immediate first quanta were restricted to those possessing no rest-mass and translating at a uniform speed equal to the universal speed of light.

“As the early universe was rapidly expanding its volume, the original energies cooled adiabatically forcing the zero charge, zero rest-mass exchange bosons responsible for gravitation and electromagnetism to separate. We believe that the separation occurred as the gravitational bosons possessed an integral spin of 2 and the photons an integral spin of 1.

“As the universe continued to adiabatically expand and cool, the remaining fundamental forces separated from each other because of spin and charge differentiation and the first nuclear synthesis machines, the stars, formed.

“From a neoesoteric viewpoint, we state, ‘Light has no beginning for light is but the first manifestation of ever-present fundamental information.’ I do not have time to explain this at the moment.

“Every universe is endowed with six fundamental and Divine Qualia: Knowing, Observing, Presence, Transcendence, Intending, and Caring-Compassion. Such Qualia being understood, as inherent qualities, or functions, seeded into the universe by God so that true consciousness may manifest. Without these six fundamental Quale, there would be no life and no mind.

“While, the first five Quale are neutral in valences, the last and supreme Quale, Caring-Compassion, or Love-Unconditioned, is Pure, Godly Goodness. Consequently, as Evil is not a permanent, fundamental Quale seeded into a new universe, as it cannot cross from an old universe into a new universe intact, it must be a quale created by ‘something’ resident in a physical universe. Such ‘something’ being by necessity, a living creature with a mind and intellect having arisen under normal evolutionary bioprocesses on a suitable planet.

“The best definition for evil being, ‘Evil is no more than the appropriating of the bounties of Nature for self-aggrandizement and devaluing of others.’ Self-aggrandizement manifesting as self-serving actions for increased power, wealth, or fame. Such self-aggrandizement is known as ‘selfishness’ in your language.

“Evil arises whenever the evolutionary drivers for survival, reproduction, and hoarding between knowingly appreciated by intelligent creatures having autobiographical memory and a sense of time. Creatures able to use said intelligence for selfishness rather than altruism. Creatures such as your species, Sophie.

“So the first teaching, Sophie, is that universes are inherently Good and Godly. Evil is not coequal to Goodness, as evil is an abomination of Goodness, for evil subverts the universal Good, or Altruism, so to serve only egoism,” finished Gabriel.

Sophie was silent for a moment, saying, “I have always felt that the Good-Evil twin concept taught originally by Zoroaster and later showing up in Mithraism and Christianity was somehow incorrect. Now, I understand and I shall remember this first teaching. It is ancient and it is new at the same time. I see why you use the term ‘neoesotericism.”

Gabriel replied, “Good. The evil of one man or one woman is not much of an issue, as it is undone by such person’s death, but the original evil from evolution has been multiplied many times over until it is a most dangerous force which can destroy your species and your planet.”


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