Conversation with a Rose-Croix (6)

Good and Evil (2)

November 29

“Sophie, a final explanation, as too exactly how the human brain-mind creates the dream worlds, is still in the making. For our purposes this evening, the simplest explanation presumes that our personal virtual, or dream, realities are the result of the electrical activity of the nervous system creating an electromagnetic image of the body in space. This electromagnetic body image attracts the more ethereal, nongravitating, atonic energies. The atonic energies enter into our electromagnetic images, or our material selves, birthing our ‘living’ astral, or psychic, selves, which we call the kesdjan body. Your Order calls the atonic energies, the vital life force.

“For human beings, the atonic energy not only provides a partial independence from the physical body, but creates a condition of awareness of some aphysical presence associated with the physical body. This feeling of existing is because the fundamental Quale, Presence, enters into what we have called the ergoegotic operator. I know Michael has discussed such matters very thoroughly.

“It is because of the atonic energies that our individual electromagnetic-kesdjan bodies are interconnected allowing us to have a collective mind or dream space. This collective mind is aphysical in its construction and function, but is intimately connected to each physical mindbrain unit. Moreover, transfer of information is nearly instantaneous, as the distances between persons are minute compared with the speed of information transfer occurring at the speed of light, all of our individual mindbrains are in communication with all other mindbrains.

“This model aptly explains intuition and advanced, immediate knowing. It also explains how kesdjan bodies persist following the physical death of the body. Kesdjan bodies are your dream body, or awareness, and so can reside anywhere within the dreamtime when allowed access. As the kesdjan bodies are living bodies in the astral worlds, the kesdjan body continues to exist within the collective mind for some time after it is no longer connected to the physical body.

“Kesdjan bodies are mortal, but may feel as if they are immortal for time sense for them is now very rapid.

“The kesdjan body may appear to living persons under certain circumstances. For example, if a person grieves strongly for a deceased, loved one, his or her sorrow may attract the kesdjan body of the deceased. The kesdjan body will be able to utilize the brain and material self of its living partner so to be seen, touched, smelled, or heard. This process is involved in the rather rare experience of ethereal beings in real seances and haunted houses.

“Any questions, Sophie,” finished Gabriel?

“Only one question, how does this explain why some people report the existence of demons, angels and cosmically significant beings,” asked Sophie.


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