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Conversation with a Rose-Croix (37)

Djinn History Continued (32-2)

New Year’s Eve

As Gabriel rose from the table he bent over to kiss his Djinn wife in a most tender manner and then kissed Sophie. Again Sophie felt the unbearable urge to be with him, but for some reason felt a closeness to Alliona. She shuddered off the feeling, wishing Gabriel a profitable day.

After Gabriel left, Alliona said, “Girls, time for all of you to return home to your families so to prepare for church and the feast for Our Resurrection Day. Make sure to wear your scarfs and mittens, as I do not want any of you to be sick. We will be busy the day after tomorrow with many parties at the inn and you all need to be ready. Now, come give me a holiday hug and then off with you.”

Wintry and the other girls came for a hug and wished Alliona and Sophie a Blessed Day and quickly disappeared into the winter landscape. Alliona sat back at the kitchen table, “Sophie, we will have the whole day to ourselves. I have much to teach you. More hot tea, sweetheart?”

Sophie replied, “Yes, please. You are a great mother, Alliona. I hope I can be like you when I have my little girl.”

Alliona smiled at Sophie and went to the iron stove so to make a fresh pot of tea and returned to her chair, “Sophie, let us continue with the history of the Djinn. Firstly, I don’t want you to think the majority of my people are demonic or hold ill-will toward your species. Most of the Djinn live in much the same way, as before the Resurrection. Even though, we were quite advanced in science, though technology never held much attraction for us. This is why we live in such a simple manner. We try to be useful to each other and so everyone works and many even go to church to commune with the Holy Family.

“It is true that we enjoy being together and sharing strong mead and tasty food. This is why my inn is the central gathering place in our village. Some days we fill with families with children and on other days just adults. Our Djinn men and women, when the children are at home asleep, do come to the inn so to enjoy our herbal drinks and a tryst. I think Gabriel told you that we are not a race who often marries and sticks with one mate–though, parents are very attentive to their children and give them first priority. At least one parent always stays at home with the children. It is rare for a Djinn to feel jealousy; unless, you were on of the Djinn who reverted back to the prescience days. But, the Djinn are very libidinous creatures.

“As a rule, we do not interact with your species, as we do not want to be taken to be differently than we actually are. Any way, why would we tempt our psychogenetics,” finished Alliona as she got up to pour the tea and brought two fresh cups to the table. She placed one cup before her seat and the other before Sophie. Bending over her gently kissed Sophie on her right cheek and whispered into her ear, “You are such a precious creature, honey. I wish you success in your journey to immortality and permanence with our Gabriel. I am finding my heart is full of genuine love for you.”

Sophie turned her full face to Alliona and kissed her on the lips, “I am finding my heart is filling with love for you, Alliona. It is such a warm and soft feeling. Thank you. I always wanted to have a sister and I think now I do have one. I love you, Alliona.”

Alliona smiling returned to her chair and continued with her story, “Some of the Djinn history has been recorded within your spiritual literature, though in language of another age. Your historians think that the story is human, when in truth, it is Djinn. The story concerns the one and only Djinn war after the Resurrection.

“Now, after stabilizing the Resurrection, Gabriel returned to our old universe so to find a way to recover his physical body and move it into your universe. He was gone for a very long time and we all feared that he had allowed himself to be trapped in the old universe and we had lost him forever. A funny thing, though. He did return to await destruction of the old universe for this was the only way he could remove his physical body when the Holy Family left for a new beginning.

During this time, the two factions of Djinn arose being utterly opposed to each other. This was before the human race was created. A great war arose and many Djinn were lost. At the darkest moment, Gabriel returned with the Lord’s Sister, Ariel, and the two of them raised havoc amongst the evil Djinn, while assuring our safety. This is why the Djinn address our love, as Lord Gabriel, Warrior Prince.

“Oh Sophie, you should have seen Ariel, the Lioness. She was so magnificent. She was tall, with the deepest blue eyes, and golden hair reaching her waist. She wore her hair, as two braids coiled upon her head Indian Naga. Her breast plate carried an image of the Egyptian goddess Sekmut on the front and back. I have never seen a more beautiful woman in my thousands of years. When she was in battle, flames came from out of her mouth and scorched her opponents. Wherever she fought, the brown ground turned red from the blood split. And in every battle, Gabriel fought at her side, as mercilessly as Ariel. His fury was so great.

“After hundreds of years, the majority of the leaders of both sides were dead and a surrender arranged. The details, I will tell you about later. She spent a very long time with us after the battle working with Gabriel to correct our situation.

“Sophie, the most amazing thing about Ariel was her eyes, Her right eye beamed Mercy and her left eye Justice. In battle, her helmet covered fully her right eye, with us, a golden patch covered her eye of Justice. After the Great War, she stayed many years with Gabriel and our family stabilizing our religion so that we would become a ward of the Holy Family who created this universe.

“She taught us the religion introduced by her brother, Lord Jesus. Not the corrupted verison, St. Paul was forced to construct so to preserve the Lord’s True Teachings, but the True Christianity. When we celebrate Resurrection Day, we are celebrating our true rebirth as four brain beings of your universe, Sophie. Ariel showed us the Way. When, we go to church, we go to show our love for the Holy Family and the gift of a meaningful life.

“Ariel showed much Love and Mercy to those of us who had kept the peace and allowed us to inhabit this portion of the universe and be protected from all evil. She banished the degenerate Djinn to your hell regions so to protect us. The Djinn who had gone to war for Good, all volunteered for service to the highest Angels of your human heaven.

“I once asked our Gabriel, why Ariel sent the warring Djinn into your species’ mind. He said it would help your species become conscious. Your natures were so violent and she knew of no other way to save you,” concluded Alliona.

All this time, Sophie listened with eyes wide open, sitting forward in her chair. Never once did she touch her tea. At last she asked, “The Djinn and my species are so very similar, Alliona. Do you think Ariel will have to come to us? Presuming, I attain entrance into the Society this life, our Gabriel said that we will create the earthly vessel for Ariel and she will come. Will she destroy my species?”

Alliona replied, “Sophie, if you are to be the earthly mother of Ariel, you will be honored as much as the Mother Mary of Lord Jesus. She will not arrive dressed in her chain mail and helmet. She will come in Peace first. For you see, dearest Sister, after the Great War, Ariel dressed as a normal lady Djinn. She spent much of her time with the women and helped with the births of many Djinn babies. She never demanded to be served or treated any differently than any other Djinn lady. Gabriel told us that this is how her innermost nature is–she is utterly wise on the inside and utterly loving on the outside.

“The reason the Djinn became Christian is because we saw the power of unconditional love flowing outward from Ariel. For her, every Djinn was either a son or a daughter. After awhile, one could not but help love her and want to do all that you can to help her. Oh Sophie, I do hope you will be her mother and then you will see what I mean. I think you already know some of what I am telling you, for Gabriel is very much like her in many ways. He called her ‘his baby Sister’ and she would smile. Sometimes she would take his head into her lap and sign beautiful lullabies to ‘her little Brother.’”

“Oh, Alliona, I do hope so. And I wish that I am able to spend time with you after she is born. She may be the Bitya, the daughter of God, but she still will be a little girl who needs all the love that mother and aunties can show her. Alliona, I would be honored if you would agree to become Ariel’s God-Mother,” replied Sophie.

“God-Mother to the Daughter of God, clever. I agree, sweetheart,” answered Alliona. “Let us put our warm clothes on and go outside and walk in the winter sun. There is more to tell you before Gabriel returns.


Conversation with a Rose-Croix (36)

The History of the Djinn (32)

December 30

Gabriel interrupted, darling, “I think you need to tell Sophie the full story, best you remember it?

Alliona replied, “I am sorry, but I was afraid the full story might hurt Sophie’s feelings?”

“Do not worry, Sophie is at least as advanced in spirituality as the Djinn were before their departure. I would like for her to be cognizant of the full history of the Djinn, briefly. OK,” insisted Gabriel.

“OK, honey. If you insist.”

Alliona started over, “In our old universe, the Djinn were a very advanced race of four brain beings. Because of our science, we had been able to eliminate our genetic defects and extend our life spans greatly. If you did not have a clock and watched the life of a Djinn from birth to death, it would appear much the same as in your species. However, there is a big difference. Although, an hour of your time is the same as an hour of our time, we succeeded in slowing down our phylogeny some 100 times. So rather than it taking thirteen or fourteen human years for a female to become reproductive, it required some 1300 or 1400 years. A normal Djinn life time was about 8000 human years. Once you got use to the delay, it was nice for things did not change so fast. Moreover, it allowed for a much more spiritual education of our children so they were consciously awake when they reached responsible maturity.

“At the time of the impending universal catastrophe, our race lived together peacefully and without greed and egoism. For a very long time, an Immortal had physically lived amongst us and was responsible for guiding our race to its elevated status. This Immortal was our Gabriel, Sophie. In the old universe, he was my husband and step-father to my two children.

“No, Sophie, I was not training to be an Immortal for our race did not have the capacity to do so. All we had available were a heaven and hell. It seems that universes capable of creating new Immortals are extremely rare and is one reason why your physical universe is valued.

“I was very much in love with our Gabriel, but I noticed something very unusual in myself. I noticed that deep inside, I felt a certain pride that of all the beautiful Djinn, Gabriel had chosen me and so I must be the most special Djinn female. I knew somehow that such a feeling was inappropriate, but I could not rid it from my heart. I was afraid to tell our Gabriel for I feared greatly that he would stop loving me and I would never have his child. I was so ashamed of myself and felt that I had failed our Gabriel. Somehow, I repressed the feeling so effectively that I forgot about it.

“Little did I realize that by repressing my egoism, I denied information to our Gabriel, information which would have changed the future of all the Djinn,” turning to Gabriel, Alliona asked, “Honey, am I doing what you want me to do?”

Gabriel smiling said, “Alliona, you are doing fine. I am happy with you. You are the best wife and the universe you so desire shall one day be for you. I promise.”

Sophie could tell from Alliona’s face that she had been afraid to tell her many things, but her love for Gabriel was more important than her love for herself. Sophie thought, “I hope my love shall be as pure as Alliona’s, so mote it be.”

Relieved, Alliona resumed her explanation, “Back to our story. Actually, it was Gabriel who discovered that our old universe was expanding much too rapidly causing the background temperature to decrease too quickly. The temperature had dropped dangerously close to absolute zero and any large scale quantum fluctuation would cause an abrupt phase change and full deflation of our universe and the destruction of all indigenous life, Gabriel excluded.”

Sophie looked surprised and Alliona laughed, “Sophie, I was a physicist in my universe, not an innkeeper.”

Sophie was caught unprepared, “Alliona, I didn’t mean to be a sexist or something like that, I apologize.”

Alliona replied, “Do not worry about it. People change with the times. In any case, Gabriel found the anomaly I told you about, the connection between your universe and ours. Gabriel discovered that while he could not send his physical body into the connection, he could send both his higher being body, which the Immortals call the praetorian body, and kesdjan body through the connection.

“Gabriel returned and asked me to accompany him to the anomaly. We found that he was able to pull my kesdjan body through with his own. The experiment was a success. Moreover, we discovered that it would be possible to bring our Djinn virtual reality over with us. This is similar to your species’ dream world, Sophie. Clearly, we would no longer be physical creatures, but we would be living creatures. We also noticed that the new universe failed to possess any four brain creatures.

“Gabriel discussed the problem with our Sacred First. I think you know this Force by the Hebrew name Elohim, or the Holy Family. Based upon the information available, Gabriel’s plan was rational and should be commenced as soon as possible. The Sacred First foresaw no apparent problems as the new universe had created no four brain creatures who might be affected by the immigration of the Djinn. After discussion with our Elders and dissemination to the populace, a vote was taken and it was agreed to sacrifice our physical reality for a permanent dream reality in a new universe.

“It took Gabriel a few days to transport our race into your universe. When we first arrived we were enveloped by a total darkness, but slowly our conjoint Djinn Mind, our Kesdjan Mind, recreated a virtual copy of our old physical universe. However, we soon realized that by sacrificing our physical bodies we had attained to a kind of immortality. Our daily experiences seemed to flow at the same temporal rate, but no one was dying. All of this happening before your sun was born.

“Life was fine until we discovered that the human race had come into being in our new home world. Naturally, we took an interest, and found we could only interact with them by entering into their dream space. However, the interaction was most unusual as the human beings thought that the Djinn were true immortals and so divine. We were treated as gods, angels, demons, and mythical creatures and the humans started creating idols so to represent us. We also noticed that humans were affected by a most curious malady which they called suggestibility, or the ability to be spun so to think things which were not true.

“The suggestibility and idolatry of the first humans presented a strong stressor upon the unconscious aspects of the Djinn mind. Soon many Djinn began suffering from a mental disturbances causing a love of power and self-aggrandizement. Even though, our genetic engineers had deleted the genes responsible for such sociopathic behavior, it failed to remove the psychoistic habits related to such genes.  The Djinn had been infected by contact with the evolving humans.

“Though, I did not visit humans often, I was so sacred and so afraid to tell Gabriel for I knew that he may have been able to prevent what happened if I had just told him. But, Sophie, I was so afraid that he would leave me. I became despondent and cried whenever he was not around me. But, he found me crying one day and demanded to know why. I finally told me and he just took me into his arms and whispered the most loving words into my ears. He told me that he loved me and needed me. That I must be strong for the children. He felt so strong, Sophie. Finally, my despondence left my heart and his love for me flowed even ten times stronger than before. I remember him saying, ‘Alliona, I cannot ever stop loving you for we have shared too much time together. What happened would have happened even if you had told me in advance. Even knowing this, the transfer was necessary. Existence is always hazardous, honey. Come, make love with me as if you were getting the child you desire.’”

Sophie moved over and gave Alliona a big hug, “What a wonderful tale. I am thinking that our Gabriel loves you and I even more, because he loves us both. What do you think?”

Alliona could only nod her head affirmatively and continued, “Eventually, the egoism of many of our species attracted them to the deeper human hell regions where a kind of correspondence was created between the damned and the Djinn. Subsequently, the Djinn learned of the deepest fears and flaws of humans and began to influence the human dream world. They took on the shapes of those in hell and came to be thought of as demons from hell. I am sure you can guess the rest of the story.

“There is some good news. A small group of Djinn reacted with repulsion when adulated and found themselves resonating with the angels in the lower heavens. Subsequently, they adopted the form of such angels so to serve as heavenly messengers so to counteract the work of the other party of Djinn. This is why both heaven and hell can influence your species. If the Djinn had not been available, there would be no such interventions and perhaps your situation would have been worse. Right, Gabriel?”

“You are right, my darling, as usual,” responded Gabriel.

Sophie began, “This lesson has been an eye-opener, indeed. It clarifies many things as to the human dream world, or astral planes. Thanks, honey. Alliona, I know you want a night with my future husband and I want you to have such a night. Perhaps, tonight is the night when you will conceive the child you desire above all else. The love you have carried for our Gabriel is so precious that I want to honor such. I give my blessings and hope to share in it from the distance.”

Tears suddenly began flowing copiously down Alliona’s cheeks, “Oh, beautiful and precious Sophie. You already possess the love and understanding of an Immortal. Such a gift is unheard of in my world. I love you as a real sister.”

Gabriel said he had business to attend to during the day and left Alliona and Sophie alone in the inn.


Conversation with a Rose-Croix (35)

Moral Travels in the Astral (31)

December 29

Alliona said, “I am sure you and Sophie are tired. I have a room for you two and in the morning we will discuss your request.”

Sophie was exhausted and fell asleep as Gabriel carried her upstairs. He thought she was likely uncomfortable in her concubine outfit and removed her clothing so to put a night gown on her. It was the first time he had seen her naked and was quite pleased, even for an Immortal. He removed his outer clothes and climbed into bed. Sophie moved into his arms and fell fast asleep.

Gabriel was up as soon as the sun peeped over the wintery horizon. Sophie was still asleep and so he quietly dressed and went down to the kitchen so to have some tea with the ladies preparing for the day. Gabriel greeted everyone, “Good morning, my beauties. I swear, you and Alliona are truly the prettiest Djinn in the whole Djinn universe.”

Alliona came into the kitchen a few seconds after Gabriel, “Darling, I see you have not lost your poetic nature. Such sweet words come only from you. I was hoping you would pay me a nightly visit, sweetheart. But, I am glad that you remain true to Sophie. She is a treasure and I wish you both all the happiness possible from a Djinn oil lamp. But, I do deserve a passionate kiss from those sweet lips.”

And a sweet kiss it was for both.

Gabriel turned to the kitchen maid, Wintry, saying, “My pretty, will you please take a pot of hot tea and some sweet biscuits to Sophie. Just put them on the table by the bed. Thanks, Wintry.”

Wintry was surprised that he knew her name and giggled, “Yes, milord. I will do it right away.”

Gabriel and Alliona sat down in the kitchen and she talked about her son and daughter. Gabriel had not visited for a century and so much catching up was necessary. Both kids had grown up to be responsible Djinn.

Gabriel took Alliona’s hands into his saying, “I am very happy for all of you, honey. I am glad that what had once been such a great worry blossomed into something useful. You always were a great mother, Alliona.”

Alliona smiled, “You do realize that I still love you, Gabriel. I always will. But, we were happy with each other and I shall never forget this for I know that you have continued to watch over my family all these years. I know Immortals are not like other creatures when it comes to love and relationships. I realized a long time ago that your love for me would never go stale or be diluted by other females you love. I know there is a universe somewhere in which we are married, have children, and I have all of your love. And one day, I will be in that universe with my Gabriel.”

“Alliona, you have always been an intelligent lady. What you just said is true, my love. There is such a universe waiting for you. And one day, you will find yourself in the kitchen of our home and calling the children and me to breakfast. I have always loved you as my only love and always shall,” replied Gabriel.

Sophie entered the kitchen as the conversation ended. She was wearing more appropriate clothing and did not need to pretend to be a concubine. She kissed Gabriel on his lips and Alliona on her cheeks. “Alliona, I really appreciate your sincere kindness and respect towards myself. I understand why my Gabriel still loves you and your children.”

Alliona was surprised saying, “Sophie, you really understand just how special Gabriel is? He is quite unique, even for an Immortal.”

“Don’t be too surprised, I was about to walk into the kitchen and heard you two chatting so I stopped to listen. I guess one of the best indications that a man really and truly loves you is that he can never stop loving you. This is the kind of husband I want,” replied Sophie, “and I must admit that I was not asleep when you undressed me, my love. Your hands felt wonderful. I was hoping you would make love with me, but you truly are an Immortal of your word. I love you one hundred times more than last night. There is nothing I would not give or do for you, Lord Gabriel.”

Everyone laughed when Sophie said Lord Gabriel. Sophie sat next to her husband to be and breakfast was served with fried eggs, home fries, bacon, pickles, and warm bread with butter. After breakfast, Alliona said, “Sophie, now I shall honor my promise to Gabriel and tell you the nature of most of the Djinn folk–us excluded.
Alliona began her tale, “The Djinn were created a very long time ago by the same Demiurgus which created your universe. We had physical and kesdjan bodies just like the four brain creatures of your universe. After a very long time, some Djinn discovered that our physical universe was so old that it was going to collapse upon itself and all of us would be no more. Looking for a solution, we discovered that a small connection existed between our universe and your universe which would allow our kesdjan bodies to move into your universe but not our physical bodies. So all us left our dreamtime and became resident in your dreamtime. Our old universe did collapse and with it our bodies.

“Therefore, the Djinn live within the conjoint four-brain species minds of your universe. Within your dreamtime, we reproduced our old world using the atonic energies. You and Gabriel are existing within the Djinn dreamworld at this moment. Pretty neat, eh?”

“Wow, I really thought Gabriel had brought me to another physical world. Your world is so real, Alliona,” exclaimed Sophie.

“That it is, my child,” replied Alliona. “Unfortunately, moving from our original universe into your universe was not totally innocuous. We discovered that our species now possessed a semipermanent life span. Our children would grow into adulthood and then change very little over thousands of years of living. We were not immortal, as we could die from injuries or illness or even grief. But, when we died it was the end–by transferring to your universe we lost our heaven and hell.

“Realization of the finality of our kesdjan bodies resulted in a focusing of the Djinn mind upon our ancient animal desires. In time, many of the Djinn, male and female, found great delight in interacting in the human dreamworld. Moreover, the Djinn were jealous that humans had a heaven and hell and so they decided to work with hell so to prevent humans from enjoying heaven.




Once, some time ago, an old priest of Karnak, decided to take up fishing. So to prepare himself, he asked a young temple scribe to bring him sufficient twine so to weave a strong net. Day after day, the scribes and temple priests watched the old Hierophant transform the common twine into a very tightly woven matrix of knots and small squares. As he worked, he skillfully attached shiny pieces of well-polished bronze and colored strips of cloth to his growing net. As he continued to weave his watery tapestry, his dextrous movements made the bronze sparkle and reflect the ever-bright rays of Ra onto the temple pillars, seemingly bringing the multicolored hieroglyphs to life.

The old priest hummed softly to himself as he stitched his net. He was happy. He told the others that he was making a special net to catch a very crafty fish that no one had ever heard of before. The old priest told the young priests that he had a wonderful dream about such a fish and the fish told the priest to come find him. That this fish swum in the murky brown waters of the Nile, hidden from the eyes of normal men and women, was no surprise to the old priest. For common people see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear. But, a man or woman with an open mind, clarity of vision, and a sinless heart, would find such a fish.

After the net was complete, the old priest hired a boat to take him out every morning so he could cast his net into the living Nile and slowly pull it back into the boat so to inspect his catch. He found Nile perch and other common fish. Being a wise old man, he threw back many of the larger fish and kept only a few middle sized ones for the temple kitchen. He knew that if people kept only the largest, the remaining fish would grow smaller and smaller over time.

Every evening, the other priests asked him about his day and about the fish. No, he had not found it yet, but, all was fine. For rare and precious gifts do not come freely or often. The old priest was happy.

The old priest fished every day for many years, bringing back interesting fish and items he had retrieved from the flowing river. He never lost hope or complained about his fishing. He kept his net in perfect condition and even made some new ones for some of the younger priests who liked to float on the Nile, away from the noisy city, and fish.

One night, the old man dreamt again of this wondrous fish. He had just emptied his net of its prize fish, throwing them all back with a prayer and blessing, when standing upon the surface of the river, the old priest saw his great fish. The great fish said to the old priest, “Old man, you have fished for me for so many years, and have yet to find my watery home.”

The old man just smiled, “Yes, Lord Fish, I have risen with the Sun God and came home with the Moon God and fished for you many a day. Perhaps, my net never encircled you, but, I have learned so much about this river. It inhabitants, its currents, its reeds, I know its sweet voice. For me the river sings the sweetest of melodies.”

Lord Fish replied, “I have watched over you, old man, each and every day you fished. I have seen your kind ways and respect for all of this grand creation. Is there a gift I might give to you?”

The old priest looking pensively at Lord Fish, replied, “Lord Fish, you are a sly one indeed. But, I think I did catch you finally.”

Lord Fish chuckled, “So you found me, did you old man? Tell me how this can be so?”

“Well, Lord Fish, over the years I came to know your name, and knowing your name means knowing who you are. You are the spirit of this great Nile, you flow day and night, you feed the people and give them water, your floods bring the black soil for food. All my life, I searched for wisdom and understanding. But, what I found was nothing compared to what this net has brought me, Lord Fish.”

“Now, now, old man. Tell me, how, twine strung into a tapestry made only of square holes, brought you what you sought?”

“Lord Fish, we all are born and educated to believe that what is most valuable is what is rare and hard to attain. But, my net taught me that such worldly wisdom is not worth so very much. The real treasure lives in that which is too powerful for the net to capture and retain. Wisdom and understanding are the water which brings life to all creatures living within it.”

“Old man, are you satisfied, at long last?”

“Yes, Lord Fish, I am.”

“Then old man, come swim with me in the ever-living waters, waters murky only to those who fail to see what is true and always present.”

And with that, the old man left the temple and was seen no more–though some of the young temple fisherman could hear him singing in the flow of the great river.

Conversation with a Rose-Croix (34)

Moral Travels in the Astral (30)

December 28, 2016

In a photonic minute, Sophie found herself standing outside the entrance of a most unusual dwelling built into the side of a hill. The land was covered with deep snow and a strong wind was blowing through the surrounding trees. She saw that both she and Gabriel were dressed in furs which rejected the chilling winds rather well.

The pair stood upon rough wooden planking laid parallel with the hill face. In front of them was a double door with brass fittings. Two rows of frosty windows flanked the door allowing Sophie to see within. Sophie walked over to one of the windows and rubbed the frost off with her sleeve. The room was filled with long tables and benches upon which both men and women sat. They appeared to be Orientals. The men had shaved heads except for a long braid in the back. Everyone was dressed in furs. The tables were covered with mugs, bread, cheese, and some kind of meat.

Gabriel took Sophie’s hand saying, “Sophie, the persons inside are Djinn. They can be most unpleasant so please do not say very much. In addition, they are very sexual creatures. An old friend of mine owns this inn and we are going to visit with her. These Djinn know of me and will be respectful. For your safety, I shall tell them you are my concubine.”

Sophie, somewhat upset, replied, “I am not your concubine, I am your fiancé. Why are you saying this?”

Gabriel said, “Marriage is not popular with the Djinn, and only very high status males have concubines. Pretend that we are role playing. I need a favor so do as I ask. Anyway, you know I love and adore you, concubine or wife.” Gabriel ducked just in time.

Opening the door, the pair walked into the room allowing the wind to disturb the guests. Gabriel removed his beaver fur hat and he was immediately recognized by a few older guests. They stood up and motioned the younger guests to do so. In the back of the room stood a large brick fireplace with a hot fire burning. A rather pretty lady turned around and said in a most dignified voice, “Hail, we are honored to have you visit, Lord Gabriel. It has been a very long time since we last visited with each other. Everyone, please toast Lord Gabriel, the Immortal. Clear a table for him and his concubine.”

A table was quickly cleared and the guests returned to their conversations. The lady having spoken approached Gabriel and pulled him to her for a sensuous kiss. “Hello, darling, it has been a long time since we spent time together. I have missed you, particularly, on such winter nights. Why are you here,” asked the lady? “And who is this charming human creature? She is simply beautiful, darling. My name is Alliona and I own this establishment. Sit, let us get acquainted.”

Gabriel introduced Sophie to Alliona saying, “My dear, this is my beloved Sophie. She is from a planet far away from here and is my concubine and my student. She is doing her very best to produce and bear a wonderful girl child for me. As you know, I am fond of children.”

Alliona opened her arms and moved so to give Sophie a warm welcome hug, “It is a pleasure to meet you, my darling. Lord Gabriel and I have been intimate friends for many years. Once, I was in a very bad situation and he rescued me and helped me get this establishment. In addition, he was a good friend to my son and daughter. I do not know what would have happened without his kindnesses?”

Alliona helped Sophie remove her bulky coat so she could sit at the table. Sophie noted that she was dressed in very tight, chocolate, suede-leather pants with knee-high fur boots. Her torso was covered by a very finely woven cashmere blouse dyed brilliant red. She was aware that she hadn’t a bra underneath her blouse. Overall, she felt quite naked. She thought to herself, “I guess this is how concubines dress?”

She sat down quickly so to be less exposed. Allionia sat down next to Sophie and so Gabriel was forced to sit across from them. Before seating himself, Gabriel told Sophie in her ear, “Remember, you are playing a role. You will see why in a little bit. You are my eternal love.”

Alliona waved her hand and three large mugs came to the table filled with spiced, warm mead. Raising a mug, Alliona said, “Welcome to my establishment, dear Sophie. Let us toast your health and your future daughter.” The three lifted their mugs and drunk.

Sophie took a rather long draught of the spiced mead and then put down her mug, “Alliona, this potion is really tasty. I like it, thanks.”

Alliona replied, “I am glad you like it. But, you must eat when you drink for it is quite strong and the herbs may have an unusual effect upon you.” At that moment, a waitress brought sour bread and cheese to the table and some cold cuts of meat. Sophie was hungry and took a piece of bread and cheese.

While, the three of them ate and drunk, Sophie listened to Alliona tell her story of Gabriel, her children, and herself. Sophie found the story rather romantic and full of adventure. Both of them were laughing at their remembrances. Sophie was somewhat surprised as she did not feel jealous or angry. She was feeling very mellow and relaxed and happy to be Gabriel’s concubine. She loved him so very much. She looked over to Gabriel and he winked at her.

Gabriel looked at Alliona, “Darling, I would be pleased if you would explain to Sophie how the Djinn interact with humans so encourage indulgence in worldly pleasures rather than working on making a soul. Most humans still believe that demons are fallen angels or persons damned to hell. Foolish, eh?”

Alliona replied, “Let me think about your request for a moment, Gabriel. OK, Since Sophie is your student, I will help you. Gabriel, you have a keeper here, don’t lose her.”


Conversation with a Rose-Croix (33)

The Law of the Higher Tetrad (29)

December 27, 2016

Gabriel continued, “The Law of the Trinity is simply an operational cut of the underlying, Superior Law of the Tetrad. As I mentioned previously, Creation is only possible by restriction of a portion of the Infinite so to create a transfinite phase space. When I speak of the Law of the Tetrad, I am discussing concepts most difficult for normal human reasoning. It must be understood by the higher rationality available through the Noble Organ. But, here goes.

“Imagine a bipyramid in your mindspace. Label the uppermost point, the Unfathomable, and the lowermost point the Unmanifested Holy Spirit. Place the following upon each of the four horizontal points of the bipyramid, Father, Mother, Daughter, and Son. These four points representing the true Holy Family, denoted in the Old Testament by the plural term ‘Elohim.’ This is the reason God and the Elohim are mentioned in Bereshis 1:27, though with some confusion.

“The Holy Family represents the four divisions of the Divine manifested as the Elohim. The Unfathomable and the Divine Family are aeternum et omnipraesens. The Elohim are not God the Absolute, but are a fourfold division of God’s Will. This pyramid can be pictured outside of Creation. Using terms from the Kabbalah, Kether can be considered the spacetime beginning point through which the Elohim manifests our universe via the Spirit of God, or the Holy Ghost.

“Sophie, I think you can understand why the less informed writers of early religious texts, Christian and Egyptian, saw God as tripartite rather than tetrapartite. For the Law of the Tetrad is complete outside of Creation and not within Creation, wherein the Law of the Trinity rules. I do need to tell you that the Tetrad does appear in the Kabbalah as the Tree of Life is divided into Four Worlds. So sufficient hints have been available for some time, honey.

“The most conspicuous evidence of the Holy Family is found in the near universal preference of nuclear families in the earliest humans groups and later civilizations. Such gender-balanced arrangements were an evolutionary necessity for our species and remain the most efficient family group for a viable society.

“The Gurdjieff Law of Three and Seven are seen in the descending heptatonic musical scale, that is, seven distinct notes to an Octave. Hidden within this scale is the melodious Fifth. The descending Perfect Fifth ends on the Note F, if the octave begins with C. There are four intervals in the ascending Fifth, do-si, si-la, la-sol, and sol-fa symbolizing the Divine Tetrad. The Law of Three is recovered as the melodious descending Fourth which begins on the Note F and concludes the descending Octave with lower C. The Fourth contains the three intervals fa-mi, mi-re, re-do. The descending scale is typical of most ancient music which saw Creation moving from a higher to a lower frequency, refined to gross, or light to heavy,” finished Gabriel.

“Wow. You just blew my mind overturning everything I was taught in my Christian upbringing. You were correct, Gabriel, I am sure I do not understand what I was just told. But, the idea that the Divine Form of the Elohim is as a Holy Family is fantastic. For if we are created in the likeness of the Elohim, then so must the human family. It is an error to portray the Divine Form without both male and female gender. I think you are correct Gabriel, the Church Fathers of the 4th and 5th centuries were biased against females and so what they created is blasphemous,” said Sophie.

Gabriel responded, “I do not know if the Church error will be corrected before Ariel arrives. She is humanity’s last hope, honey. She will be a sweet child, but a full-grown Warrior and will carry a Flaming Sword if need be. It is not Christ who returns for the final battle for mankind, but the Lioness Herself. I will tell you more, later. Now, we travel. Take my hand, Love. We are off for more adventure.”


Conversation with a Rose-Croix (32)

The Law of the Trinity (28)

Boxing Day

Sophie interjected, “Darling, considering my vision and breast feeding of our little girl, she must be a very powerful intending agent, eh? She is making my life most unbearable by creating my insatiable desire for you, Gabriel. How can she do this?”

“Actually, Sophie, the child does not exist as yet. What is acting as the intending force at this moment is an attractor pulling us from the future. This attractor was created by the conjoint efforts of our Society more than a millennium ago. For more than one thousand years, this thought form has been attracting the energies for the reincarnation of Divine Consciousness to the human world. Soon, all will be prepared, Sophie. Your desires will be filled, honey. We will marry and create the physical vessel for the Incarnation of the Divine Energies,” answered Gabriel.

“But, I do not understand. Was not Christ the Incarnation of the Son of God brought into the world via Mary’s womb? The Trinity becoming flesh? As decided by the Ecumenical Councils at Nicaea and Ephesus,” blurted out Sophie?

“The followers of the Christ misunderstood the Law of the Trinity. Rather than seeing that the first emanation of God consisted of the Divine Qualia, they only perceived the sacred images associated with Love as the Father, Wisdom as the Son, and the vaporous Holy Spirit. Remember, much of the Christian dogma was arbitrarily decided by vote in several Ecumenical Councils beginning in 325 CE with the First Council of Nicaea, later in the First Council of Constantinople in 381 CE, and finally at the Council of Ephesus in 431 CE.

“As the Credo of the Christian Church was determined solely by the result of voting by the attending Bishops, some 300 years after the crucifixion of the Christ, it is not necessary accurate. From the Society’s point of view, the view of Nestorius (c 386 – 451 CE), the Patriarch of Constantinople, is closer to the truth, but it is incorrect also.

“The Society teaches that the physical vehicle, Yeshua, was the natural son of Mary and Joseph, both members of the Society. Both Mary and Joseph prepared Jesus so he would be able to accept the Christ Consciousness when baptized by John at the River Jordan so to begin the conversion.

“This is why in Matthew 3:13-17 it is written:

‘13 Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan, to be baptized by him.
14 John would have prevented him, saying, ‘I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?’ 15 But Jesus answered him, ‘Let it be so now; for it is proper for us in this way to fulfil all righteousness.’ Then he consented.
16 And when Jesus had been baptized, just as he came up from the water, suddenly the heavens were opened to him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.
17 And a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved,[d] with whom I am well pleased.’

“Yeshua had been well-prepared, as a vessel of discernment and volition, so to accept the Light of Our Common Father and be an Incarnation of the Sacred Image Itself. As Divine Consciousness is not an entity, it is incorrect to believe that Yeshua and God were two ‘persons’ in one vessel. Rather, by receiving a spark of the Divine Qualia into himself, Yeshua was transformed into the Divine Image in the likeness of the Elohim. Yeshua was Homo dei, or God Man. The Chapter Genesis was the beginning, the Alpha, and Jesus was the ending, the Omega. This, Sophie, is the correct understanding.

Sophie replied, “Gabriel, I am being to understand. First, God appeared to humans as the Emanation of Father, or Yahweh. Humans failed to improve and 2000 years later, God appeared as the Emanation of the Son of God, Yeshua. Still, mankind was recalcitrant. So God is to appear approximately two millenniums later as the Emanation of the Daughter of God. Moreover, as Yeshua also called himself the Son of Man, our daughter will be called the Daughter of God and the Daughter of Man.”

“Yes, Sophie, whenever, Divine Consciousness instills Itself into a human being, the resultant can be called ‘Christ Consciousness.’ For ‘Christ’ is simply a biblical title meaning ‘the anointed one.’ For Yeshua was anointed with the Divine Qualia of God.

“But, this time, the Divine Consciousness will descend onto a female so to complete the intended Work of Yeshua, the Christ. Sophie, the name of our daughter will be Bitya. The meaning of this name is the Daughter of God. She will be called the Ariel, the Lioness, just as Yeshua was called the Christ when he attained the station of Home dei.

“The traditional description of the Christian Trinity, as Divine Human Forms, is grossly incorrect per our information. Remember World 3 with its three forces existing without time and space, aeternum et omnipraesens. Each of these forces can be experienced as in the likeness of the Elohim. Love as the Father, Yahweh, Wisdom as the Daughter, Ariel, and Salutariness as the Son, Christ.

“The multidimensional Geometry of Infinite Space being the Divine Mother, who bears the Energies of Manifestation from the Trinity. It is the Divine Mother who is the invisible Comforter, Holy Ghost, Spirit of the Trinity. She is the hidden fourth point of the Divine Tetrad. Her name is Ester, the hidden star,” finished Gabriel.