Conversation with a Rose-Croix (9)

Good and Evil (5)

December 2

Sophie had a most surprised and shocked expression after hearing about ‘anti-souls.’ She asked, “Gabriel, how can this be true? I have never heard of evil souls?”

Gabriel had to laugh and replied, “Sophie, why do all of you believe that the spiritual forces working in our universe must be good, or godly? After all, there are no good or bad natural forces in the material world or within any creature. A tsunami or volcano has no preference for taking the life of a saint or a serial killer. Natural forces are without valences.

“Physical and psychological forces are just forces and act under natural law. In other words, if a person’s intentions arise from excessive egoism, then clearly this person is not prohibited by the Cosmic from utilizing coercion and physical force so to rule, as a small god and acquire wealth, presuming he or she has a sufficiently strong personality so to get others to cooperate. Thus, the strong oppress the meek and the weak, Sophie. It has always been so and will continue until Man evolves into a higher species.

“It can be no different with spiritual forces, my darling. For it was God’s intention, that each person is free to choose to do what he or she will do with the soul-seed and its agent, the neurological ergoegotic operator. Begin actions for making a working soul directed toward the Divine, making an anti-soul directed toward oneself, or do nothing with the soul-seed. An unpleasant rule, I would agree, but a necessary and inherently fair rule.

“So, if ones egoism and feeling of intrinsic self-worth are strong enough, he or she can activate his or her ergoegotic operator so to contact and draw down powerful spiritual energies. Remember, all energies are without valence and can be use appropriately or not. The valence comes only from the person using such energies.

“If they accumulate sufficient spiritual forces, they can even reincarnate and attain to a semi-permanence in the astral worlds. In doing so, they corrupt the soul-seed and it turns dull black. Those who choose good form a bright, white soul-seed. So now, you understand why there exist White Lodges and Black Lodges in every separate universe.

“When the material universe reappeared, God infused into the physical and the aphysical worlds the Divine Qualia so to provide an opportunity for each four-brain creature to form a vessel, or kli, out of the ptahonic energies by riding himself or herself of egoism. Moreover, God desired that every conscious species learn to work together so to create one unified and perfected Kli composed of the individual kelim, and so fulfilling God’s Wish that the universe chooses Altruism and Unconditional Love rather than Egoism and Self Love.

“This Divine Desire is the source for the human concepts of Atman in Hinduism and the Universal Soul in Occidental mysticism.

“So, dearest, now you understand the true hazard existing within every one of God’s creations. By giving freedom to a universe so to choose Altruism over Egoism, a Great Battle between Good and Evil, or Altruism and Egoism, will eventually come to be.  And each person must choose which side to fight for–as was taught by the great Initiate Zoroaster in the 12th century BCE.

“A successful universe evolves toward Altruism and God and the individuals composing the Grand Soul are either absorbed into God or move into the new universe as Guides. If the universe becomes mainly Egoistic, the conscious beings therein associated with the Black Lodge are extinguished,” finished Gabriel, “next question?”


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