Conversation with a Rose-Croix (15)

Good and Evil (11)

December 8

Sophie awoke feeling rested and in clarity. She felt as if she had slept for some eight hours. Sophie’s first thought upon awaking concerned her dream and how real it felt to her. She did love Michael. Gabriel was correct as usual.

It was still dark when she awoke. After washing her face she returned to the roof. The moon and stars were in the same position as when she went to asleep. Gabriel was standing near the edge of the roof and looking out onto the surrounds. He heard her footsteps, “Sophie, nice to see you rested and content in your heart. Come over here for I want to show you something.”

Sophie walked over and stood to Gabriel’s left.

Gabriel asked, “Sophie, when you gaze from the roof what do you see?”

Sophie replied, “I see buildings in front of this house and many lights. Why do you ask?”

“I ask you so you will learn about the law of correspondence. Allow me to explain. If you turn around slowly for 360 degrees, you will see many houses of different sizes and many crooked streets and alleys separating them. Some houses have roof gardens like this one and some do not. Some houses are large and some are small. Some have many windows and some not so many. Some are brightly lite and others less. They all have front doors. Some have courtyards and some do not. Some have a single floor, and others have two or three.

“However, regardless of detail, Sophie, each one is recognized by its basic structure to be a house. Each serves the same purpose for every house is a place for people to live, have lived, or could live. Each, large or small protects the furniture and people living inside from intruders and inclement weather.

“When we visit a house, we find that each has a kitchen to prepare food for the inhabitants. There is a hearth of some sort which burns coal or wood so to cook. There is a place to sit and eat nearby. There are pails for water and shelves to store grain and legumes. Each is the same in purpose and basic form, even though wide differences may exist as to design.

“Now, Sophie, think about all these houses, joined together by so many roads and alleys, composing neighborhoods, and these neighborhoods comprise an ancient city existing for several thousands of years. This city is similar in composition to many ancient and existing cities. Each city was built so to enhance survival and the lifestyle of its dwellers.

“If you think of nations, though they differ in certain belief systems and mores, they serve similar purposes using similar designs. It is not incorrect to conclude, that kitchens, houses, cities, and nations correspond in function and basic purposes. When I am in a kitchen in Damascus, or in England, I see how houses, cities, and nations correspond to each other in kind though different in degree. Do you understand, darling,” asked Gabriel?

“I understand, Gabriel. Michael spoke about how cells, organs, creatures, and life upon Earth are similar in kind though different in degree. Michael is really smart, isn’t he?”

Gabriel answered, “Michael is a genius, Sophie. He has moved through spiritual levels very quickly for his level of intuitive understanding is incredible. I think someday, he will surpass me, Sophie. Our Common Father chose him a long time ago, did he ever mention this?”

Sophie said, “No, Michael doesn’t brag very often. He never brags as he always tells me that God asked him to help and so he gives credit to God. He says, ‘Sophie, when you do well, be proud for one day only. For on the second day, your new skill or understanding is now part of the job God wants you to do.’ You were right, Gabriel. I do love Michael deep in my heart.”

Gabriel smiled and replied, “I am glad, Sophie.”

For some reason, seeing Gabriel’s joy for both of them was as if the Sun Absolute had awakened so to increase the light it sent to Mother Moon. For just a moment, Sophie saw that Gabriel was a real angel.

Gabriel smiled once more saying, “Yes, Sophie, I was a man a very long time ago and in a very different universe. I reincarnated many, many times, and one life, I attained permanence. Though, I never found myself in heaven, at the end of our time there, I found I was an angel and would survive the end times. Someday, you and Michael will be an angel like myself. An angel who forsakes heaven for the good of the many. Though many are called, few are chosen to serve.

“Enough about kitchens. I have something much more important to show you. We are going on another astral journey so sit down and follow the instructions I gave you earlier.”

Sophie did as she was instructed and soon the pair found themselves back upon the purgatory plane of Swedenborg. In front of them stood a handsome angelic couple. The male angel introduced himself and his wife and gave Sophie some information as to the sanctity and joy of spiritual marriage.

After some time had passed in conversation, Gabriel said, “Sophie, each and every angel in heaven has human form for this is the form of your species. Watch as your new friends return to the society of angels they enjoy being with. You will see that from this distance the angels’ society assumes the form of a rather large angel. Do you see it, Sophie?”

“I do Gabriel. I do see the big angel,” answered Sophie.

“We are going to move far enough away so you will see that heaven itself, though composed of many different angel societies takes the form of an even grander angel. Do you see, Sophie?”

“I see, Gabriel, I see. It is like the kitchens, houses, cities, and nations. I see why the Elohim in Genesis said, ‘We create mankind, in our image will he be.’ It is incredible, super, magnificent,” replied Sophie.

“Good, remember this, Sophie. This observation is most important for understanding the human dreamworld. Come, I am going to take you closer to the hell realms so you will see that hell also assumes a humanoid form. Not beautiful and inviting as with the angels, but hideous and repulsive with the demons.”


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