Conversation with a Rose-Croix (18)

Good and Evil (14)–The Meaning of Faith

December 11

The pair found themselves in an empty cavern. Gabriel said silently, “Before you experience another part of hell, I want to return to our last subject. Why the kesdjan bodies of deceased persons end up in either heaven and hell and the purpose served by both realms?

“But, to explain the latter, we must first explore the spiritual meaning of the term ‘Faith.’ And, my dear Sophie, the major reason people fail to find heaven at the end of the physical life, the first death, is because such persons failed to come to an understanding of the true meaning of faith.

“Previous, we discussed several ‘opinion surveys’ designed so to determine the source supporting the capacity for common people to develop firm convictions, sometimes bordering on delusion, concerning beliefs in the actual existence of entities and objects whose existence cannot be secondarily verified using factual evidence. Such belief systems are no different from those found in myths and origination stories. For instance, a belief in the existence of Satan, UFOs, succubi, angels, demons, Djinn and so on.

“As I discussed before, upon enquiry as to ‘why’ someone believes a particular belief, examiners have found that 5 to 10 % of those holding the particular belief base such belief upon personal experience, 30 to 35 % base their belief on the statements of friends and family, and 55 to 65 % base their belief on the statements of a person they consider to be an authority group legitimatizing, said belief.

“In other words, 90 to 95 % of persons accept a belief system without any personal evidence to support such belief system. Moreover, under authoritative and persuasive pressures such persons can be easily spun so to accept another belief system–even one contrary to the first.

“The human capacity to believe and to act under persuasion, without question and against common mores, explains why the human species cannot come to terms with its evolutionary violence. Why the common man and woman are susceptible to suggestions of race hatred and genocide by the controlling sociopaths.

“Based upon the recorded history of human brutality and hate over thousands of years and the psychological observations noted above, the following conclusions are evident:

“First, the belief systems expressed by nearly all people are blindly accepted and acted upon when derived from authoritative sources. What is true and good for oneself derives from what natural evolution and society has taught to be true. For instance, those natural actions which one finds enjoyable to the body and the psychoistic personas are good. For one should love those things that are most desirable to him or her and work so to obtain them fully. For seeking the good for oneself primarily, to love oneself first, is the truth shown to us by all of nature.

“The reason for such blindness being, that most persons have not recognized that they possess a tiny ‘soul-seed’ or a connection to true conscience and spiritual truth. Without acknowledging the truth of the Noble Organ connecting man to the Divine, men and women are restricted to knowing only the animal truths of the natural world, such truths having arisen from biological and social evolution.

“Second, the vast majority of persons claiming religious beliefs lack direct experience of his or her chosen deity, as they have never experienced the inherent Qualia of such Deity via the Noble Organ. The only experiences they know are those psychobiological states aroused by ritualistic activity and prosody of sound. Such only reinforce the dominant social belief of the group.

“Third, a religious system, adopted without access to spiritual knowledge, is NOT a religious system based upon critical analysis, but upon irrational concepts and magical thinking of ones social group. By it’s very nature it is a falsity.

“Whether or not, the existence of God, Heaven and Hell, or an Astral world can be physically verified, it is Rational for a man or woman to Accept, based upon his or her own experiential and rational enquiry, the hypothesis that God, Heaven and Hell, or an Astral world is present in the material universe. This is acceptable for such people come to a personal decision based upon personal study of many different views and actual experiences.

“The formation of a hypothesis by sound enquiry, even when based upon inner experiences which are internally consistent with normal psychoneurological processes, is NOT a belief. For by definition, rational hypotheses are founded upon good Faith, that is, the person has gained a personal feeling of confidence in the truth of his or her evidence. Moreover, he or she can see the altruism and benefit arising and action willed under such Faith.

“The teachings of the enlightened beings appearing upon earth over all of recorded history speak to the good of love and the good of truth. Moreover, experiencing the inherent Truth within, using Intellect and Wisdom, are what builds Faith. Experiencing the Good that ensues from putting ones Faith into action is Charity.

“Faith, Love, Good, Truth, Wisdom, and Charity are seen in the words and actions of Christ in the NT. He never asked people to believe his words because he spoke them, he asked people to find the truth of his actions within their own hearts and gain confidence (Faith) to become as he is because of their love of truth and goodness.

“So Sophie, based upon what is known, as to how humans think, feel and act, 90 to 95 % of the population, the ‘Believers,’ are headed for the hell realms (or simple annihilation) upon physical death. I am sure this is one of the reasons why real estate in Hell is so overpriced than in Heaven.

“Simple men and women see that the road to Heaven is paved in golden tiles composed of honest, inner Faith and Love of Good, and not the mud and dirt of unsound belief and falsity. I wonder how many people can actually put aside his or her evolutionary ‘self-love and greed for worldly goods,’ for the sake of God and God’s Work,” finished Gabriel.


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