Conversation with a Rose-Croix (19)

Good and Evil (15)-Heaven and Hell are Sequestered Within the Astral

December 12

Sophie finally replied, “Wow. If you’re correct, hell must not be so crowded as many choosing hell will only be there until their kesdjan bodies exhaust their accumulated energies. I think to be consumed by animal desires must rapidly exhaust such energies and the kesdjan body simply decomposes into its component quanta. In addition, by letting them choose to be in hell with their core loves isolates them from the human collective and so diminishes effects upon the living.”

Gabriel smiled as he was much pleased, “Good job, Sophie. I see you understand. The reason the Divine allows for a heaven is so to protect those who lived proper lives from those who did not. Although, life in heaven is not forever, being in heaven is most enjoyable and does make up somewhat for the hardships and unpleasantness of earthly life. Creation is fair when it is allowed to be so. Our Common Father is not happy that existence must be so brutal so to permit the growth of lasting soul.”

“But, Gabriel, are heaven and hell the sole possibilities for humans after physical death?”

“No, Sophie, there is a third path available for humans to pursue. Persons choosing this path possess a strong will and core love to fulfill God’s Plan for creation. This core love requires a near impossible effort so to develop a permanent higher being body. Such body exists independently of the transient physical and kesdjan bodies. I have discussed such men and women with you. I call them men # 5, 6, and 7. These are those who consciously choose to become spiritual warriors and Bodhisattvas. These are the individuals who reincarnate many times so to grow a higher being body.
“But, I think I need to save the third path for later. Since, my explanation my take some time, it will be more comfortable to return to Swedenborg’s tea garden,” said Gabriel silently and off they went.

Sitting back at their tea table, Gabriel said, “Sophie, If you informed normal people of my statistics, no one would believe you. So let me expand my description of the sequestered realms of the astral known as heaven and hell. I think I did mention that heaven and hell comprise a small portion of the human conjoint psyche, but are purposely sequestered from contact with that portion of the astral pertaining to living human beings. By this I mean, that neither angels nor demons are permitted to directly enter into the diurnal and nocturnal realities of living persons without the express permission of the Divine.

“The Divine, in its Endless Mercy seeks the Salvation of everyone who permits himself or herself to be freed of self-love and greed, and so provides angels to watch over people. People do not realize such, until something very drastic happens to them, and its seems a miracle that they survived. The reason the angels are so close to the living kesdjan bodies is to provide additional energies for those who want to open the link between the psychospiritual heart and true Conscience so to allow the Divine Qualia to more fully fill them so to manifest the good of love and truth.

“Thankfully, all demons are restricted absolutely to hell. As a safe guard, any demon attempting to escape faces an immediate second death, having his or her kesdjan body torn apart by the guardian vultures you met before. For if demons were let loose upon the world, mankind would be irreversibly converted to evil and subvert the Divine Plan. The remedy being, total annihilation of humanity and all the human creatures in hell and free in the astral. The only ones spared would be those in heaven and the divine warriors, or third path entities, who are truly immortal as they have made a higher being body, or true soul, and no longer require a kesdjan body.

“Heaven is sequestered for the protection of its inhabitants as they no longer possess any human qualities related to corporeal life. Such are those Jesus called the ‘meek.’ As they know nothing more that the Divine love and goodness of God, they are unable to defend themselves and would be devoured by the demons whose core loves are power, violence, killing, and greed. So God wills that no creature brings harm to his beloved children for as long as heaven exists.

“Heaven does not exist in eternity, Sophie, for angels do not possess higher being bodies, or true souls. So after immense periods of time, angels begin to fade away as his or her atonic quanta dissociate from each other and return to the pool of undifferentiated living energies. Generally, the kesdjan life span of an angel being proportional to how close his or her energy resonance corresponds to that of Christ. By this, I am referring to how much Divine Light accumulated in ones soul-seed, or kli (vessel), over a human lifetime of good works and good intentions.

“The life span of the kesdjan bodies of demons is proportional to the intensity of the self-love deposited into its kli, as the Infernal Light of Falsity and Evil,” continued Gabriel.

A little surprised, Sophie replied, “Gabriel, it seems rather unjust that the more evil a man or woman was in life, the more sturdy the kesdjan body. It sounds like a reward to me more than a punishment?”

“Not so, my dear. Those who sinned against God only a little, quickly exhaust his or her accumulated life energies and the kesdjan body dissolves. So they are not made to suffer for such a long time. The very wicked ones, those desiring to serve or replace Satan upon his Hell Throne, exist for aeons and must contend with other demons like themselves, always plotting, being at war, being captured and tortured by ones opponents, and so on without any reprieve. The only way such mental anguish can be tolerated is by going mad with hate. The lowest realms of hell are perpetual war where no one wins for very long. No one can be trusted, and everyone is an enemy.

“Moreover, each eventually comes to understand that even the Satans and Mammons in hell are mortal and will be nothing when the universe ends. They also understand that the guardian warriors are immortal and will remain with God and go into the next universe. The anguish of this knowledge is the ultimate punishment they chose to inflict upon themselves in their insanity,” concluded Gabriel, “but, there is more to tell you. Time for some tea and scones and chatter. Did you know that Michael has loved you since the first day you asked him a question?”


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